Mothers Day, Real Life

Mothers Day is one of those occasions that always makes me pause, makes me reflect on what I've been given, makes me look back while looking forward.

I always miss my mom on Mothers Day, wishing we lived in the same state so we could go to brunch or give each other hugs. And yet, I'm grateful to have my mom in this life. My heart aches for my friends who have lost their own mothers, and immediately I feel silly for 'missing' my mom. She really is incredible and I love her more every day if that's possible. Becoming a mother myself has amplified our relationship, now that I completely understand her unconditional love for me. She's done so much for me as her daughter and for my kids as their grandma. I sent my mom flowers for Mothers Day and can't wait to see her in a few more weeks and there really aren't adequate words for my mom so I'll leave it at that.


Plus, I have a mother-in-law who is unbelievably supportive and kind. I told her tonight that I'm so glad she is Nate's mom, and how lucky am I to marry into this family? I've always teased Nate about being a 'mamas boy' and it's no wonder he loves his mom so much. Lois is pretty phenomenal and another role model for me. Our kids have the best YaYa around.

Last year on Mothers Day (didn't get a picture with her this year, but oh--so much can change in a year!)

Then there is Memaw---eighty-something, healthy, full of energy and positivity and support. She's actively involved in our lives and my kids are blessed to know their great-grandmother in a way most children will never experience. Memaw is the ultimate matriarch in our family. She makes us all want to be better people. She's a teacher, a leader, a supporter, and truly the best grandma I could imagine. And she has a way with words as evident by this birthday letter to me. Needless to say, I had to blink away the tears.

Memaw's birthday letter

And me? Not only do I have these strong role models in my life, but I get to hear the sweetest little voices call me 'mama' every day. Being their mom is my favorite part of life. It's hard and messy and more challenging than I thought possible, but it's also better than I thought possible. These three kids have molded me into the person I am today, teaching me about life, about myself, and about priorities. 'Thankful' doesn't begin to describe how I feel about being their mom.

Motherhood is a wild ride, isn't it?

My Mothers Day weekend was a wild one, too.

All Photos-547

Friday night we all went to Truman's Sweetheart Dance at school. Porter lasted just 20 minutes with Nate but I stayed with the big kids until the end of the event. It was a freaking blast which totally shocked me, since I was bracing myself for pure chaos. A DJ, a silent auction (where we won 2 hours of babysitting from Truman's teacher--he is going to FLIP OUT!), a Photo Booth, snacks, and sweaty/happy children everywhere.

All Photos-501

lolololol. Oops! Sorry, not sorry, P.
All Photos-497

Have wanted a photo in front of this brick wall on the playground. Might not be the last one, either.
All Photos-494

This boy has my whole heart.
All Photos-491

Both of them in their Easter outfits from 2014 <3
All Photos-488

Heart eyes for my five year old, handsome dude.
All Photos-481

Saturday morning Nate and I went on a seven mile run at the Lakefront. It was chilly and windy but getting into these longer runs always feels somewhat luxurious, like a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted or wished away. Cecelia requested that I snuggle with her in bed after her nap. We had a neighborhood birthday party that night, wine and Lost after the kids went to bed.

Today was Mothers Day and I told Nate I just wanted to sleep in until 7:00. Somehow all three children heard my pleas and nailed the 'sleeping in' concept. But Porter woke up fussy and with a temp, which it seemed like he was starting the night before. All morning I tried to convince myself that it's just a random bug, or teething, but I had to consciously refrain from letting my worries get the best of me. Sudden fevers freak me out, make me feel helpless, and cause my brain to work on overdrive with worst case scenarios. Porter seemed happier with Ibuprofen, but his temp was 101.9 without it. He napped fair, didn't eat much today, and tried his best to be his happy self. I hate seeing him sick and pray tomorrow is a better day.

This morning, Cecelia and I went to get coffee and cinnamon rolls. We decided to skip our annual tradition of going to the zoo because it was raining and 43 degrees. Plus with Porter not feeling well, I knew it would be a stressful trip for all involved so we stayed at home. The big kids built a fort with Nate in the basement. I did laundry and cuddled my baby. More coffee. More playing inside. A quick trip to the mall alone, then I brought Jimmy Johns home for dinner where Lois joined us with Happy Meals for the kids. Apple pie for dessert. Yes, today was a pretty good day even though I was worried about Porter.

(Note Truman is crying in the background.)
All Photos-536

The cherry on top of the day had to have been when Truman did NOT want to eat the rest of his lunch. It wasn't like we asked him to eat a plate full of broccoli or anything (turkey and cheese cracker sandwiches, actually) but he was really not into it. And then he gagged on a bite of it and subsequently puked all over. I ran into the sunroom as Nate was changing Porter's filthy diaper, grabbed barfing Truman and hauled him into the bathroom....where he *almost* hit the target. He felt totally fine after and this is not the first time that boy has gag-puked before. Nate tried to clean up the vom but then ran out of the room screaming, 'I've gotta get out of here!' and he coughed and dry heaved and blinked his watery eyes. Looks like a job for MOM on this one, huh?

So yes, I cleaned and absurd amount of puke up from various parts of the house today. I guess I needed to scrub our floor anyway. I spent a lot of my time fretting over why my baby has a fever, picturing the worst but *knowing* it's probably nothing horrible. I missed my mom but am counting down the days until she and Memaw come for Cecelia's birthday. And besides 'sleeping in', I requested a picture with my children which was completely successful. As Nate likes to say, 'Kids don't give a sh*t about Mothers Day,' which was announced as all three were crying simultaneously today. What a day, man!

Nailed it!
All Photos-530

Cecelia was extra sweet today though, and she seriously makes me laugh like none other. She was in a fantastic mood 99% of the day which is probably some sort of record. Spending Mothers Day with my little lady for three years---I love being her mom, no matter what her mood.
All Photos-552

All Photos-539

And oh, Truman worked so hard on his Mothers Day gifts to me this year. He brought them home from school on Tuesday and I had to swallow a big lump in my throat when I saw how proud he was of everything.

All Photos-508

Truman's Mothers Day bookmark and flower pot

Truman's drawing for me on Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day poem Truman 2015

My favorite thing lately.
Mother's Day questionnaire 2015 tru

I'm so glad he made me a mom. Six Mothers Days with Truman as my boy:
All Photos-550

He also made me a heavily decorated cookie at the grocery store, brought home mums (ha, mums for mom, clever!), Nate bought me the best toffee in the world, and I got plenty of hugs and kisses from Cecelia and Porter.

All Photos-506

All Photos-554

So, Mothers Day was full of real life messes and worries and failed plans for activities outside of the house. But it was also full of joy and humility and gratitude.

All Photos-553

Six years of Mothers Days and life is pretty freaking good.
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  1. Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like you had a good day, minus the puke cleanup. I love the decorated cookie and handmade gifts from Truman- those are the best! Hope Porter is feeling better!

  2. Laughing at the 'kids don't give a sh*t about Mother's Day!' :)

  3. Ohhhh Truman :) Seriously hilarious. How dare you force him to eat CRACKERS!!


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