Porter | Ten Months

My baby is not a baby anymore, people! (How big is Porter? Sooooo big!)



He felt much better today and I think he's headed in the right direction after whatever sickness hit him hard. He was well though for a monthly photoshoot but it didn't last long. Still cute;)

Communication/Tricks/He understand what we say: Waves, claps, so big, blows kisses, points and dances all on command. Actually the dancing thing happens when he hears music or sees his siblings running around like fools. Says 'dada' and actively looks for Nate, or will say it when he first sees Nate. If I ask, 'Where is daddy?' he will stop, look towards our back door, and say 'dada' in a perplexed voice. He did this today when Nate was sitting across the table from Porter, so who knows?

Loves Henry's beard.
Porter and Henry

Short arms!!
9.5 month Porter, on floor, chubby belly

Attempting the back carry in the Ergo one day. Sort of liked it.
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My little nugget baby.
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Sometimes Porter mumbles 'mama' but it's usually  directed towards any inanimate object, or when generally disgruntled. I know he loves me but MAN, would it kill a baby to recognize and verbalize that I'm his mom like he can do for his dad? Hmpf. Says 'hi' and 'bye-bye' while waving and I'm officially calling 'hi' his first real word. Uses that one appropriately and it's beyond adorable when he will say it to random strangers in a store. Shakes his head 'no' as soon as he throws food on the ground, learning this is not something he should do....yet not caring enough to stop. Signs 'more' by clapping enthusiastically in his high chair but I've forgotten all of the other baby signs that we were so great to use with Truman. (I won't pretend we signed with Cecelia either, sorry kids number two and three).  Just starting to cry when Cecelia takes something away from him, really asserting his opinions about what he likes and doesn't like.

Soccer practice fun.
Soccer 5-4

Greatly enjoys watching cartoons with big brother.
Porter and Truman watch TV

One thing Porter doesn't like? Mobility. Porter is SO not mobile, it's sort of starting to worry me. But I also selfishly LOVE the fact that my baby will sit happily in one place, since we all know a mobile baby is 1000x harder than a happily immobile one. Porter will roll and lay on his stomach but he's not barrel rolling everywhere, sometimes gets stuck on his tummy and then gets angry about that. He will not get up on all fours. He will not army crawl. He does not pull to stand. He mostly just sits or lays on his stomach, and he can scoot around while sitting, too. It's interesting because third babies seem to get the reputation to be super mobile early, trying to keep up with their siblings. I think Porter is not motivated and highly content to sit still, knowing his siblings will bring him toys and his mommy likes to carry him and snuggle the baby of the family. He likes to stand if we help him get there and I don't think he's 'low tone', so I'll continue to tell myself that every baby is different and I should enjoy my slow-to-move baby as long as possible. I'll of course talk to my pediatrician at the next appointment, too, but I think he might say that Porter is his own person and not to compare my kids. SO HARD though.

Obsessed with swings.
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Immobile baby in the Missouri grass.
Immobile baby loves being in the grass

Note the crossed ankles and clapping. And why is there always a laundry basket in all of my pictures??

Sleeping is still one of Porter's most prized talents, although he's waking a bit earlier for the day around 6am instead of 7am. But he still clocks about 11 hours at night with bedtime around 7-7:30 so I cannot complain. His morning nap is usually a quick 30 minutes and the afternoon nap rocks my world at 2-3 hours. NICE. I know. I love this category now, even more so after I read about Cecelia at ten months waking anywhere from 2-4 times at night and NOT napping. (shudder).

Fat belly.
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Oh, hi. I'm trying to crawl but not really.

Eating is another one of P's specialties. Food and formula are his favorites. He's drinking less in bottles and amping up his solid food intake, but still probably drinks about 24 oz in formula plus three meals in real food. He thinks he is an adult and still really prefers to feed himself, but will tolerate Greek yogurt via the spoon and occasionally applesauce or pureed baby food. Lori says that at daycare Porter gets really really angry if the bigger kids are eating something he can't have (like popcorn) and he is highly driven by food. He would seriously be content to sit in his highchair most of the day, shoveling food into his mouth-- a boy after my own heart.

Porter loves blackberries

Loves those bottles.
porter 9.5 months

Scary sister smile.
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Hmm, bananas are so boring, mom.

Superficial matters: Besides the simple fact that he is the CUTEST? 18 month clothes fit now, and I have a mix of 12 month, 12-18 month, and straight up 18 monthers in the rotation. Kind of boggles my mind because 18 month sleepers always look gigantic compared to 12 months for some reason, but they fit my long boy. He was about 21 pounds a few weeks ago, but apparently he lost at least one pound being sick (probably just fluids, but still sad). So he's not ssuper fat but he's sturdy and plump and...perfect. Size 4 diapers, size large ears, growing more hair, big blue eyes. STUNNER. Little stud muffin. I'm under his spell, I can't help it.

happy porter 9.5 months

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Two teeth. He only has two teeth! The other kids had six each by now, and I swear to you that Porter's top four teeth will all come through in a matter of days. They look painful and swollen are just taking their sweet time up in his grill.

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He still doesn't take a nuk, but someone else does in this house.
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Comparing sibs: 
Cecelia's 10 month post: was army crawling, crawling on all fours, pulling to stand, had six teeth, fantastic nurser, horrible sleeper, and loved solids.

Truman's 10 month post: was just starting to army crawl, had six teeth, winding down with nursing, just starting to sleep, and was hit or miss with solids.

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I mean...

Loves to pick his sister's nose.
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And wear hats with big brother.

So Porter is officially my slowest motor guy, my best sleeper, my earliest to wean, and has the least amount of teeth. HE HIS OWN MAN, guys. He's probably the smiliest and possibly the sweetest, too, but that might just be my obsession for this baby speaking.

Luckiest mom.
Mom and kids for her birthday

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Meh, whatever, ma.
kiss face porter

No seriously, I'm madly in love with you, Porter. What a privilege to watch you grow and to be your mom. Ten whole months of this life with you. I'm not sure how this is possible but I'll do my best to embrace the passage of time instead of cursing it. Because you are way too much fun to waste time being sad.

Love you, Porter P.


  1. Wow he looks so grown up! Too fast!

    My daughter crawled at 11 months and didn't walk until 18 and it was honestly a blessing. She caught up quickly on gross motor, she was just chill and focused on fine motor for a long time.

  2. He has the sweetest little face! My favorite has to be on the swings. That scrunched up face is priceless!! :)

  3. He is totally adorable! I wouldn't worry about the lack of movement. My daughter is two weeks younger than Porter and is crawling, standing, etc but has a fraction of the verbal/communicating skills that he has. My parents a teachers educator tells me that when babies are having a motor skill break through everything else takes a backseat and the same goes for verbal. They just can't do everything at once.

  4. My little boy was very unmotivated in the mobility department, and against all the advice from his pediatrician / grandparents / basically, the world -- I worried about it, too. He was much later in all areas of physical development compared to his older sister, but he did eventually learn to walk (as in, just last week ... at 17 1/2 months). Crazy / maddening for this mama, for sure. I think some kids are just happy and content and less motivated than others. So, don't stress! I'm sure Porter's just fine. He's definitely adorable!

  5. Let's get Lily and Porter together for a playdate and they can just sit in high chairs and eat while the other kids move around and play ;)

  6. He has the funniest expressions :)

  7. It's so fun to see Porter updates because my daughter was born on the same day. :) It's wild, though, because she was a 25-weeker (1 lb. 3 oz.) so of course she's much further behind. Like, 12 pounds, wearing size 3-6 months and size 1 diapers behind. :) But she'll catch up in the next few years and it will be fun to see how she compares to other kids her age.

  8. My goodness, he is adorable! How do you get anything done with that much chunky goodness to look at! I absolutely love this age! Mim and Porter sound so similar - the clapping! Oh I die.

  9. So, maybe this makes me a bad mom, but my daughter was also not so interested in mobility around 10 months. It was also clear she had the muscle tone to do it if she wanted. I may or may not have laid out a line of puff treats (she loves food, and really loves puffs) and put her at one end. She scooted across the floor on her butt and ate eat one. And from that day forward she has been in motion (crawling within a week or two, walking just before a year). So in short, I motivated my daughter to do something with treats, just like I trained my dog!


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