Eight Years

Today is our eighth anniversary. This means I write about how lucky I am to have married Nate (and into his wonderful family) and how life has certainly changed since our wedding but oh, how it's so much better now.

Which is all true, so no need to expand on those thoughts, really.

But it is sort of nuts to think about our wedding day. It was a different life time ago, both Nate and I have agreed, but it still makes me smile to remember the excitement in 2007.

There was much unknown for the future laid out before us. I think I sort of expected to move to Wisconsin, for Nate to go through grad school, for both of us to work, and then have children. But I couldn't have known exactly what our life would look like eight years later, although I think my twenty-six year old self would have been pleased.

Together for nearly thirteen years, married for eight, and still writing basically the exact same anniversary post of bewilderment and contentment and happiness.

I love doing this crazy life with you, Nate. It's more than I imagined---more happiness and also more challenges. Just more of everything and I love looking back on our eight years of marriage.

0493 20070527HORNUNG IMG_3652-Edit

First: San Diego trip to celebrate.

Second : Chicago trip to celebrate.
nate threw down gang signs

Third: we are parents, no trip! But baby Truman!

Fourth: back to Chicago for a quick getaway. I remember going through my miscarriage here but we still managed to have fun.

Fifth: out to dinner and the next day Cecelia was born!

Sixth : out to dinner and no new baby the next day;)

Seventh: out to dinner and a new baby a few weeks later.
Camera Roll-356

Eighth: we are both working long days today, preparing for visitors to arrive for Cecelia's big day, and we hope to get a dinner out together sometime soon. Perhaps some wine after the kids go down tonight, laying on the couch, and watching a Lost? Sounds perfect to me.

Here's to the next year and to the past eight. (cheers!)


  1. Happy anniversary, Goolias! (which also means I've known you for over 8 years and that's just craziness to think about.)

  2. I love watching the changing hairstyles in each picture - yours being different every year and Nate having less, ha (much like my husband). We celebrate 11 years this October, and I just can't believe it. I still feel like I should be a 24 year-old newlywed instead of almost 35 with 2 kids and a mortgage and having been gainfully employed for 12 years. Ha! Anyway, happy anniversary! Here's to many more!!


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