26 weeks | Baby #4

26w5d is practically 27 weeks, but I'll do the post now anyway! I can't bring myself to combine weeks yet, but it could very well happen for this baby. I'm sure he won't care either way.

This was taken right at 26 weeks, actually. Again, because you care.
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I had my OB appointment today and it went well, drank the nasty glucose drink and will hear back only if it's abnormal. Ute is measuring on track, baby's heart rate is145, my weight gain is 19 pounds which is spot-on for both Cecelia and Porter's pregnancies. I guess time will tell through this final trimester if I keep packing them on (like with T and C) or if things level off significantly (like with P) but I don't feel huge yet. BP is good, too, and now I'll go back every two weeks until 36 weeks when it's weekly. Holy moly.

This morning before work, before I had a million hot flashes and had to ditch the cardigan. Also, this post contains a ridiculous amount of belly selfies.
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Post-hot flash, at the OB. Dresses are my jam lately, just so you know.
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I didn't have a chance to tell my OB that I started listening to the Hypnobabies CDs and reading the home study workbook, but I'm going for it. I am all for trying to reign in the anxiety, pain, and worry that comes with labor for me and aiming for the most peaceful, calm, enjoyable birth possible sounds divine. Trying really hard not to feel like a skeptic, because I do believe the in power of positive thoughts. I don't want to earn bragging rights for going without an epidural at all, but mostly want to experience a peaceful and quick birth on this last go-round. So really, meditating for 30 minutes a night is a win-win situation because I usually pass out and feel incredibly relaxed within a few minutes.

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Also, we picked a name!! I mean, I'm 99% sure we picked the name. I literally could not take going back and forth between two names for this child and ended up going with Nate's preferred pick. It feels awesome to identify this baby as more than 'baby' and naming him makes it even more real. Hearing the kids call him by name will never get old, either. This is really happening!! I guess there is still a small chance my indecisive hormones will get the best of me and we will change it to something else, but I doubt it. Yay for a name!

Comments from the public: 'You look so cute pregnant,' came from a nurse at work today, completely out of the blue. Thank you, dear nurse! 'You don't even look like you're going to have a baby,' came from my OB, which is awesome because she does not sugar coat things. And also, she just saw my weight gain;) 'Is this your first baby? Your FOURTH? Good lord, you look good for having four kids,' came from my lab tech during my glucose blood draw today. She is my new best friend, and I invited her over for dinner and a movie later. 'Oh, THERE is your belly, you really are pregnant,' came from both Truman and Cecelia's teachers this week. I'm not sure if I've popped or it was just wearing my coat unzipped that caught them off guard.

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House updates: it looks like we might be able to sit in front of the board to get all plans officially approved at the end of this month! That means we could potentially break ground in May and this makes us really happy. I mean, fingers crossed that all goes well with the structural engineer, then the board, and the appraisal. We are moving right along with the addition, and perhaps we will have a new roof by the time baby comes. YES!

Comparing pregnancies: with Porter I was working away on his nursery and felt hungry constantly. With Cecelia I was busy painting every single wall in this house, and was hungry constantly. With Truman I was freaking out over shrunken jeans, was reading baby books, and had basically completed the entire nursery. Sigh. I do feel satisfied with the progress we are making in the attic, taking more toys and clothes and JUNK to Goodwill. This will be how I prepare for baby: spend my nesting energy on purging everything we own, in order to have it cleaned out for the messy addition. Works for me!

This little guy remains quite active and will kick me with a 360 degree round-house kick. Literally, kicks to my cervix, my ribs, my belly button---he is doing cartwheels in there and I love it. I'm not sleeping great some nights and considered buying a pregnancy pillow one night when I laid awake for 2 hours. But some nights are heavenly and I am seriously paralyzed, I sleep so well. I still have that strange acidic taste in my throat and I CAN actually achieve 'belly is full' status, but mostly I'm pretty ravenous anyway. Exercising consists of chasing three kids and working part time, but also I do enjoy walks on the treadmill or outside with Henry dog.

Truman, Cecelia, and Porter are already so sweet to this child. My favorite moments are when Truman kisses my belly goodbye most mornings before school. Cecelia tells me that she loves her baby brother (this one, not Porter as much, depending on the day) and can't wait to hold him. Even Porter will get in on the 'gushing over baby bro' action at times. I still can't believe he is going to be a big brother and no longer our baby. I have a feeling he will rock that title better than expected!

That's pretty much it for this week. See you in about two days, third trimester!


  1. You really are the most adorable preggo.

  2. It's so funny how hypnobabies makes you just pass out! Good luck! You can do it and if not, just get an epidural. It will still help with pain management and calmness.

    1. Yeah, but of my three epidurals, only one has actually helped with pain and calmness (Truman's). The other two were not very helpful and it was still stressful and the opposite of calm. We will see this time around!

  3. Because Isaac's birth was not so great, I had a ton of anxiety going into Miriam's birth. I used hypnobabies and it helped a ton. Whether or not you get the epi, I think just having a few other management techniques will be really helpful!

    1. I agree!! I know I've always wondered why I didn't mentally prepare more, while in the middle of labor. This time I will be more equipped!

  4. You DO look awesome! These people are not messing with you, you do pregnant well! :)
    I did a combo of Hypnobabies and Bradley Method in order to achieve an unmedicated birth. My reasons were the same as yours. The fear clearing was HUGE (Hello, Anxiety, you cruel, heartless beast!). The other part was basically being lucky that my body was ready and willing. I wish you all the good vibes on that.

    Other thing: I crowd sourced a "snoogle" pillow from my mamas on FB. BEST DECISION EVER. Seriously. You won't regret it. I am 31 weeks now and so annoyed that I didn't suck it up and get one during my previous pregnancy! So treat yo'self, girl! And who knows, maybe you can borrow/use someone's for free.

    1. I love hearing about other moms who like Hypnobabies!! And the snoogle? Must google it ASAP, I mean I DO have a birthday coming up.... ;)

  5. How do you keep up with cleaning? And any tips on going places with all three kids ? I just had my third boy and adjusting to the chaos.. and I still want to try for a girl haha so I love to see that your adding to your bunch!I feel you on the epidural my first epidural was the only one that helped the other two I got too far along and it was already time to push before they started working. I wish I could try without, it totally is a mind thing because I go in scared already and so focused on wanting my epidural it gets in the way of me focusing on relaxation. I wish you the best this next time :)

    1. Oh, going out with all three kids took awhile to master. And by 'master' I mean that I honestly don't care as much anymore about looking totally overwhelmed in public;) Or just looking outnumbered, I guess. It gets so much easier with time, I promise! If you just had your third baby and are adjusting, you are GOLDEN---I mean, Porter is going to be three years old this summer, so it took awhile to get to the stage of leaving the house without sweating.

      Totally a mind thing for labor! Also physical of course, too, but if I could somehow get my body to relax and have a magical quick birth, I'd be elated! It's worth a shot, at least.

    2. OH, and CLEANING! That crazy inner-desire to have a clean house had to take a back burner for the first year of each baby's life. But after that, I just can't take it anymore. I hope my standards lower and don't return after the fourth kid, but I don't know. Also, don't be fooled by pictures---my home is 'picked up' but not necessarily 'clean'. I am a big fan of picking up the crap each evening and wiping down kitchen counters, bathrooms, and vacuuming at least weekly...but the 'real' cleaning stuff just has to wait until I want to burn the whole house down in a fit of rage. I'm only partially joking. But I do tackle the housework a little at a time throughout the week and then will have some focused cleaning on the weekends (after coffee, when I have a co-parent around!).


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