28 + 29 weeks | Baby #4

4.22.17 | 29w0d

I skipped a week, but with a Day in the Life, I figured I captured the important stuff anyway.

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Hi, Hank! Still no stretch marks but the belly is looking mighty veiny lately.
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I've noticed that not nearly as ravenous this week and can actually think about things other than food, so that is a win! I had an appointment yesterday and am up 20 pounds, ute is measuring right on track, his heartbeat was at 140 bpm, and I got my tDAP shot. I did talk to the NP about my scary-low numbers with the 3 hour glucose test (my OB was out of town), and she said she's never seen a 46 for the final number. She agreed that is really scary and crazy! I guess I just wanted to let her know that perhaps they should offer juice/crackers at the end of the test, or do a quick glucometer finger poke to see if the reading is scary-low, or SOMETHING. I'm glad it's over and that I don't have diabetes. And I'm officially going to see the doc every other week now. Crazy town.

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This past week we went to Chicago with the kids for two nights, since it's their spring break. It was an awesome trip and very much worth the exhaustion that comes with a whirlwind trip like that. We took the train there and back, which completely blew Porter's mind. All of the kids say the hotel pool was a highlight, and all five of us shared a room which wasn't as horrible as expected. We hit the Shedd Aquarium for about four hours, then to Maggie Daley playground which was the COOLEST, and ate lots of delicious food. When we returned on the train Thursday, we were all pretty wiped out but Nate and I both worked for a bit before sitting in front of the Design Review Board for our suburb. Biggest news? Our plans for the house addition PASSED! Whew. We were a little nervous because you just never know how the board is going to respond to a huge project like ours. The architect came with us and even made a 3D model to present to the board, plus our blueprints. We are now obsessed with this house model, and Cecelia thinks it makes for the perfect Shopkins house;)

Never been happier in his whole life!
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Big city kids!
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The non-maternity tankini I bought at the end of last summer. Hope I don't stretch it out completely!
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A favorite pic from the trip:
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Shedd was amaze.
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So was the playground. WOW.
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Had to do it!
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Porter and the house model;)
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Back to the pregnancy: I sleep fair at night but still wake up pretty often. I've been listening to my Hypnobabies tracks before bed, sometimes in the evening, and often in the middle of the night when I can't fall back to sleep. I'm getting more and more excited about labor and delivery this time! To clarify, I'm not hardcore about going without an epidural but my focus is just to remain calm, relaxed, and let my body do what it knows how to do. I'd really really like to avoid Pitocin, even though I've had it for 2/3 births and it was 'fine'...just because I think I will mentally handle contractions without Pit so much better. Originally I was all, 'If I'm overdue this time, I'm getting induced the next day.' But now I'm thinking it's best to stay mentally sane and chill, letting this baby come when he is good and ready. Mostly I just want to stay positive and not have mental breakdowns before, during or after labor. Is that too much to ask? ;)

I'd say my energy level is still pretty high, but I do wear out quickly. We walked 7 miles each day we were in Chicago with a stroller, and sometimes with two suitcases. THAT about did me in, but I was proud that I kept up just the same. The weekend before that one, we went on a huge 8 mile bike ride which was also sort of awful but good at the same time. I'm finding that I can take walks outside and be active without issues, but I do need to rest after.

Baby boy, who we are calling by name more often (but it still feels kind of foreign and odd!), is an active little guy in there. He gets hiccups all of the time which is kind of my favorite. I think he is still spinning in circles and kicks me in every direction but the doc thought he might be head down. I find myself daydreaming about our fourth baby quite often, wondering who he will look like, who he will act like, who he will be. I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that another little person will be joining our family in a few more months. It's just as surreal this time as it's been all of the other times before him. I'm not really 'preparing' for him like I've done in the past, as I'm not decorating a nursery, and haven't bought any clothes for him...but I think the house addition itself is a big step to prepare for this guy. It will be fun to decorate his own room when he is six months old or whenever the project is finished. We do have a new car seat for him and I'm sure I can find a swing, but he will probably just sleep in the co-sleeper in our room until he CAN'T anymore...then maybe I'll kick Porter out of the existing nursery and let him sleep with Tru and CC. Cecelia offered to sleep in her sleeping bag on the floor and Porter can have her bed if he needs it. I actually think all 3 of the kids together in one room might mean better sleep for old Porter-P somehow. It's going to be a madhouse this summer, you guys. For real.

With Porter: I was already feeling nervous about pre-term labor, was feeling really tired and couldn't walk without contractions. I was becoming a head case about when he'd come (early versus late) and totally called it when I said that because I thought I'd go early, I would surely go late. YEP! I still can't get over the exact timing of this pregnancy with the same due date, either. So we had just celebrated Easter and I was preparing for my birthday...complaining that I'd be 33 which was 'old'. Ah, three years later I think 33 is comparable to a spring chicken! I'd gained 22 pounds and was basically finished with a beautiful nursery. I thought Porter was my most active baby and I think that probably still holds true.

With Cecelia: I was anxious about getting Pre-Eclampsia again, and still reeling from the bleeding scare I had with her in the first trimester. I think Cecelia's pregnancy and birth in general was riddled with anxiety, the more I reflect on that time in my life. It's no wonder, really, after coming off a miscarriage, then bleeding so badly at 6 weeks with her, and then worrying about Pre-E for a second time. I was up 23 pounds with her and carried my girl a lot differently than my boys. We were still working our tails off on this house and I was still getting a lot of incredibly rude comments from people about my body and size overall. I forgot how many strangers thought it was appropriate to remark on me being 'too small' or 'carrying it in your backside.' Maybe this time people can just sense that I'm a haggard mom of almost four, so there's no sense in trying to make ignorant comments?

With Truman: I was up 25 pounds, had just puked for the first time (randomly), had some heartburn, and JUST stopped running because I was having some light contractions. I think the nursery must have been completed a long time before this and I was seriously barely showing. I am so glad I blogged back then because Truman's entire pregnancy is ridiculously foggy...it was a long time ago!

And now? My last pregnancy week in the twenties, and also my birthday is this week. The big 3-6! I think back to last year when we had a big night out with friends for my 35th and we had no clue that I'd be pregnant this year. We had no clue that we'd be doing a house addition, or that I would get a promotion at work, or that Nate would be moving towards a private practice career path. So many changes in the last year, all such great changes and dare I say it? Such 'blessings'.

It's true though: we have no room to complain about anything right now. Life is good, I am enjoying this pregnancy for all it's worth, and we can't quite believe that our family is growing yet again.

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