Great newlywed debates

[I'll take a break from my instructional posts for this little gem, okay?]

Life as a newlywed is full of great debates. Although Nate and I are incredibly similar in many aspects of life we still have our differences. And we like to argue our individual points often.

For instance: baking homemade cookies. Sounds simple, right? Please observe.

1. Milk chocolate chips versus semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Me: Milk chocolate all the way, baby. None of that bitter stuff. Ick.

Nate: Semi-sweet is the official type of chip used in all chocolate chip cookies, duh. Why mess with a classic?

2. Do you add 'extras' like nuts and oatmeal to a standard recipe?

Me: Heck, no. I hate adding oatmeal to my chocolate chip cookies! Yuck. Why make it all healthy and dry and disgusting?

Nate: The more random additions the better. Bring on the nuts, oatmeal, coconut, etc.

3. Cookie dough versus baked cookies?

Me: I'd rather gorge myself on the dough to the point that I'm in a diabetic coma, drooling and moaning on the couch. I love dough. I even love the premature version of dough: just butter, brown sugar and white sugar? Fine. I'll eat it in extreme quantities then curse myself afterwards. Can't.Eat.Cookies.Must.Lay.Down.Now.

Nate: Why would you eat the dough when the baked cookies are the whole point? And you know there are raw eggs in the dough, right? You could get sick on that stuff.

4. Big fat cookies versus tiny bite sized cookies?

Me: Well, if I HAVE to eat a cookie I think it's best to keep it bite sized. I'm usually satisfied after one or two cookies anyway, no matter what size. Might as well keep them smallish so I don't blimp out. Plus, I like to make 'cute cookies' in miniature size. Does that make me different?

Nate: If you serve me bite sized cookies, I'm just going to pop about ten of those babies in my mouth. They are too small and so deceivingly innocent...I end up eating twenty in one sitting.
5. The cleaning up procedure?

Me: Do it immediately before the counter top gets too cluttered. I simply cannot handle a cluttered counter top. It makes me anxious and unpleasant in general. So I put each ingredient away after I use it, and wash the supplies while the cookies are baking. A clean kitchen makes me happy.

Nate: Focus on completing the goal first, then worry about clean up later. Who cares if our kitchen counter is cluttered? We are making cookies, you fool. Enjoy it!

So there you have it: a glimpse into our mundane newlywed lives. And yet we can agree on one thing--homemade cookies are the bomb. And adding miniature Reeces Pieces was one of my most superb ideas in the history of the world.


So where do you stand on these serious debates on life? 


  1. 1. Nate
    2. Nate
    3. 50/50
    4. Nate
    5. Finally Julia!

    Sadly, I agree with Nate. :( I don't know why I say sadly, but it seems sadly.

  2. 1. I'm fine with either option, but I usually use semi-sweet. Will have to try milk chocolate next time.

    2. No extras ingredients for me either!

    3. I like the baked cookies right out of the oven. Yummy goey chocolate. :-)

    4. Definitely big fat cookies. I agree with Nate...I would eat a bunch of small ones in one sitting.

    5. I clean up once the cookies are in the oven.

  3. 1. Semisweet
    2. No extras
    3. No to the dough
    4. Regular... not big or little
    5. Clean as you go... it saves time

    Funny how those things come up... usually the response is "Are you serious?!"

  4. Amazingly (and yet somewhat not surprising), I'm with you on every single issue you listed.

    Great minds think alike!

  5. 1. Any chocolate works for me. I am an equal opportunity chocoholic.

    2. No extras. I think it is more important to keep the focus on the chocolate.

    3. Just out of the oven warm and gooey with a big glass of milk.

    4. I have a strange dislike for the outer edge of foods so I like big cookies. They have more middle.

    5. Clean up as I go. Nothing makes me grumpier than a messy kitchen.

  6. I'm with Nate on everything but one thing. The butter and sugar? I will eat it until my teeth rot out of my head. Because that's freaking awesome.

  7. 1. Either
    2. Depends on mood, sometimes you just need the classic choc. chip cookie though
    3. I have to be in the mood for dough, but if I am... it's gone. C always eats the dough, and he is all over the premature version... gross.
    4. I like them in between... not too big, not too small.
    5. I agree with you 100%

    Now I want cookies soooo bad!

  8. J,

    I REALLY want some cookies...!!!!

  9. HA! I agree with you on every single thing. Tell Nate he is wrong!!!

  10. Dang it! Now I want cookies and I'm too lazy/tired to get up. Plus, I'd have to make them.

    I'm about 50/50 on all answers. However, whoever is making said cookies gets to decide the rules.

    So, tell Nate he's wrong about all of it, because he's a boy and boy are gross. ha ha. :)

  11. I'll put in my 2 cents too...

    1. Nate - I like to eat the semi sweet plain right out of the bag actually. I also love the Hershey's Special Dark.

    2. Julia - Why mess with something so great?

    3. Julia/Nate. I usually gorge myself on dough, but manage to gorge myself on freshly baked cookies too.

    4. Julia - love them to be small enough to pop in your mouth.

    5. Nate - The kitchen gets messy when I cook.

  12. 1. Milk chocolate chips versus semi-sweet chocolate chips.
    Semi-sweet all the way!

    2. Do you add 'extras' like nuts and oatmeal to a standard recipe?
    Drool. Yes. Walnuts, oats, coconut. Bring. It. On.

    3. Cookie dough versus baked cookies?
    A couple nibbles of dough and then some slightly undercooked, soft, doughy cookies.

    4. Big fat cookies versus tiny bite sized cookies?
    Big fat cookies please. Gigantic. Mrs. Field birthday cookie sized cookies please.

    5. The cleaning up procedure?
    Get it out of the way so I can sit on my butt and enjoy those cookies!

    Thankfully my boyfriend lets me get my way so long as he gets a decent shot at the final product :)

  13. 1. Julia
    2. Julia (but the Reese Pieces were genius!)
    3. both
    4. in between - don't like them huge but don't like them tiny
    5. Julia (go through this every night at dinner - just get it over with!!)

  14. 1. Milk Chocolate - Julia
    2. Just regular - maybe oatmeal too but nothing else! - Julia(ish)
    3. Cookie dough! - Julia
    4. Either size is fine
    5. Clean as you go - Julia

  15. 1. Milk Chocolate
    2. I love ANY extras!! Oats... anything!
    3. I do not eat the dough.. ewwww! :)
    4. I like small cookies.. but I will of course be happy with any!!
    5. I totally clean as I go! That way its all pretty when they are done!

    Love your blog!

  16. 1. Milk Chocolate
    2. I love ANY extras!! Oats... anything!
    3. I do not eat the dough.. ewwww! :)
    4. I like small cookies.. but I will of course be happy with any!!
    5. I totally clean as I go! That way its all pretty when they are done!

    Love your blog!

  17. Haha I am the same way about the cookie dough and the cleaning and my husband is just like Nate! Funny!

  18. Julia, I just discovered your blog through Leah's Talkaholic Blog. This post cracked me up! My husband (also Nate) and I just had this 'argument' last night. I was eating cookie dough by the spoonful and he was literally gagging on the other side of the kitchen. Raw eggs - who cares? I have been eating cookie dough my entire life and I'm not dead yet.


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