[this stands for Weddings On The Brain, in case you were wondering. Not to be confused with the ever-popular BOTB, when visions of babies dance through your mind all day long.]

Maybe it's because I'm forced to stare at beautiful wedding photos in my free time. Maybe it's because I attended three weddings in a span of three months this fall. Or maybe it's because 2009 is going to be a wedding extravaganza. Please observe:

May 2009: Kristen and Will to marry in St. Louis. Her bachelorette party is already set for Chicago in March and I'm preparing myself mentally for the debauchery that will surely ensue.

July 2009: Liz and Dave to marry in Kansas City, Kansas.
August 2009: Kim and Adam to marry in Kansas City, Kansas.

August 2009: Lindsey and John to marry in St. Louis, Missouri. More info below.

October 2009: Kelly and Nick to marry in Bloomington, Illinois. At least this one is semi-close to Milwaukee!

I'm sure most of you have heard of 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' cards. Well take a look at this beaut:

Don't ask me why my face is a iridescent shade of glowing purple. Or why I look half-dead. It's safe to say this might be the most unflattering picture of me in the history of the world. And yet, I'm so excited! I just hope she doesn't choose gold for our dresses. It's obviously not my best color.

Here is Lindsey's other card she used to ask her sister-in-laws:
Funny how they are somewhat attractive but her friends' pictures are hideous!

So Lindsey has been dress shopping for her gown [sqeeeeeee!] and all of her choices are just grand. I don't think I can share them on this blog, just in case John-miester is lurking around but I can share other wedding dress pictures. All of this gown talk takes me back to 2006 when I was shopping for my own dress. Care to talk a walk down memory lane?

First, there was this dress by Jacqueline Bridals.

Here I am in the sample, loving the lace fabric and cap sleeves.
Mom was with me on this day and we both felt really good about our decision. It was surely 'The One', right?

So we bought it. And when the dress arrived something awful happened: the dress was too short for me, it was extremely ill-fitting in the chest region, and I hated the ivory color I chose. I KNEW I should have ordered extra length but the chick at the bridal salon swore I wouldn't need it. Last time I checked someone who is 5'10" qualifies as 'tall' but she just didn't seem to think it would be necessary. Also, I really regretted selecting ivory satin instead of the latte color I tried on at the store. I called the dress shop and they were the opposite of accomodating. And so my eye began to wander.

Even before I was engaged I oogled over Monique L'huiller's gowns. But the realist in me knew I could never plunk down 4k for a dress I would wear one day of my life. Still, I couldn't get this gown out of my mind. Her name is Miranda and she is the stuff dreams are made of [IMHO]:
So one day, I grabbed Keri and made her accompany me to a high-end bridal salon where Miranda happily resided. Oh, she was even more beautiful in person....but sure enough, the price tag was enough to make me cry.
The Alencon lace was everything I had hoped it would be. Those eyelashes, the vintage feel, the way it adds texture without being over-the-top. Sigh.

So I sold my first dress online and decided I needed moral support from Mom. She came to town and we visited yet another high-end salon. Miranda plus this $1100 veil spoke to us both, and Mom was instantly a goner.
So what did we do? We pondered the idea of buying the gown full-price and then selling it online after the wedding to re-coup some of the cash. And then it happened: I discovered a listing for Miranda....in my size.....which had only been worn for a few hours during the previous owner's wedding in Mexico. A few email exchanges later I was the proud new owner of my dream dress, for a fraction of the cost. Mom and I got creative and made a look-alike lace veil and voila: I'm a bride! Here I am at my final fitting before the wedding:
On my wedding day the dress and veil were rock stars. I've never felt this comfortable in a formal dress in my life, nor have I felt this happy.

But what about the other contenders? Well at the first salon with Keri, we also found this beauty by ML--I believe it was called 'Ali' or something.
I liked this flared skirt and of course, the lace. Then the saleswoman pinned this stunner on the sash. DROOL.But don't fall in love just yet, this baby was $400! Gulp. I think the wedding industry was out to get me from day one, don't you? Why do I have champagne tastes on a beer budget? Story of my life.

I also tried on ML's Scarlet, another popular lace style.
Even though it was stunning, the back was SO wide open that I thought my butt crack might hang out if I wasn't careful. Also, it didn't really fit me in the waist and it would've been difficult to alter since it had no back.

Shortly after our wedding, ML came out with a new line of lace gowns and of course, I'm a big fan. If I had to get married all over again [to Nate, duh!] I would try on this baby in a heartbeat:
LOVE the neckline and the ribbon through the lace. Love.

And this gown is the perfect blend of my first lace gown with cap sleeves but with ML's love for details. I think this one is even more me than Miranda, seriously.
The little bows at the sleeves? Genius! And the scallop neckline is to die for.

I guess lace gowns are not for everyone, though. Lindsey said she tried on a few and felt like a giant doilie. But for some reason, I'm absolutely obsessed.

Also, if I had to get married again I would definitely choose J.Crew bridesmaid dresses [and scour Ebay for discounts. These babies aren't cheap!]. Here would be my top picks and I think I'd go with this raspberry color, too.

And I've always had a love affair for Thread dresses, too. But they are even more expensive than the Crew. If I chose long gowns [and if money were no option], I would dress my girls in these:
This is the style of Thread dresses that got me hooked. LOVE it. Even though I'm not a huge red fan [you know, it being pink's step-sister and all] I dig this version.

So that's that. A glimpse into my WOTB. Does anyone else out there love weddings as much as me? Do you ever think about what you'd wear if you got married again? I try not to indulge this guilty pleasure of mine but sometimes I just can't help it:)


  1. um yes, seeing as i am just getting my proofs six months, yes six months later, i think about what i would do if i got married all over again. my friends (who are mostly all single) think im nuts, but i tell them, YOU JUST WAIT. Wait, and you'll be hooked too! :)

  2. I think about dresses ALL THE TIME. We get bridal magazines at work and my boss and I oogle all the different designs. If I "had" to get married again, I'm pretty sure I have my dress and bridesmaid dresses all picked out. LOL.

    But at the same time, something about my dress was SO me.

    You were a beautiful bride, by the way!

  3. This post is GREAT! I love my dress so much, and when I put it on the other day (for Celebrate the Dress of course) it still felt magical. I hope that never disappears. BUT, ever since seeing your amazing dress, I kind of wish I would have tried one on like yours. I know it wouldn't have looked good once I put it on and it's not the look that I was going for but I didn't try anything like it. I'm thinking I should look for a lacy top that kind of has a similar feel to your dress. I'm sure there's something out there. By the way, did you end up keeping your dress or did you re-sell it back to the original owner? I remember you posting about your predicament previously.

  4. The dress is still hanging in my mother's living room, as it was finally cleaned this year! I am still not 100% sold on keeping it but for now I'm okay with it. At least it's out of my closet! :)

  5. Drool! I am in love with the lace, I cannot wait to shop for my gown... in a few years :) Yay for weddings!!

  6. I tried on a lace gown, which I never would have picked on my own, and I loved it! But, ultimately, it just wasn't what I was going for. I love seeing your contenders, too! So fun, but I cannot imagine you in anything else; you looked stunning!

  7. My friend Kristin wore that first dress and it was so beautiful (the ML knock off type with the cap sleeves).

    I tried to not get attached to any dresses in magazines because I got such a screaming deal on my dress...and my intention from the start was to not spend that much money. I knew if I tried on anything like your beautious ML, I would HAVE to have it and then my budget would have gone down the toilet.

    Your dress was/is so gorgeous.

  8. Ahh, weddings! Great Post...Your dress is gorgeous and was clearly meant to be yours! I'm not even engaged...searching for potential grooms as we speak, but I already have WOTB. Probably always will!!

  9. Ah! I'm in the middle of planning mine, and I am overwhelmed!! I love so many different options of some many different things, it's making me insane. I am trying to narrow everything down, and be a decisive person, but it's hard. Being on a budget helps, though!

  10. Holy crap, you have a lot of weddings next year!!

    Your wedding dress is gorgeous!!

    I looked at my mom's pictures from the wedding yesterday and I *heart* my dress.

  11. Love this post! I adore all things wedding! The bridesmaid cards are so fun!!

  12. I couldn't handle the pricetag either and was super excited when I scored mine for nearly half off... already altered to my height, i.e. short. I tried a few of the dresses you listed here, but I'm keeping my final choice a secret. Love the Thread dresses... but again, not the pricetag, so the girls got JCrew dresses via final sale and eBay.

    I love how all of the couples at your wedding are getting married. That is too cute!

  13. THe bridesmaid cards are too funny!

    I'm having a fun giveaway for a great cause on my blog. 4 (maybe 5) bed nets will be going to kids in Africa to prevent malaria and one (maybe 2) t-shirts will be given to the blog reader(s) that are picked. Come leave a comment before 7pm CST and enter to win! (And learn about malaria too!)

  14. I thought I'd end up with a lace dress as well, and tried ML's Scarlet (it looked godawful on me). It's funny that I ended up with a satin dress with a lot of beading and no lace. I stuck with my "no ballgown" rule though!

    Those bridesmaid cards are so funny and creative. I wish I had done something like that back in the day.

  15. I'd much rather having WOTB lol! I'd do it all over again unfortunately, except for the man and videographer! Hah!

    I love your fairytale ending to getting your dress. :) It's gorgeous on you.

  16. Your blog is really neat! My husband was even checking it out with me! I'm writing to also tell you and your friends about the Bridal Mini. It's basically the top half of the gown that you wear when testing your hair etc. You also wear it to the bachelorette party and your friends can sign it. Please let your readers know to type the word Fun into the coupon code and they'll be able to purchase a $79 Bridal Mini for $50.
    Enjoy! Carol

  17. Hey! I gave you a shout-out in my recent post about your marathon post. Just wanted to let you know!

  18. Seriously, maybe you should be my wedding planner...

  19. Hilarious bridesmaid cards! Wish I would have thought of it. I'm a new reader and I love your blog! I actually remember your pictures from STLwed.com. (I was MrsTT) Great dress...gotta love ML.

  20. wow, that's a LOT of weddings next year!! 2009 must be the time to get hitched!

    your wedding dress is amazing. absolutely. I hope I can find something that 'works' with me as well as your dress rocked for you. LOVE IT!

  21. Hey Crafty lady--sorry this doesn't pertain to your post but i have been starting to think about my x-mas decorations for this year, especially since I have a new house and i was wondering if you had any tips or advice on how to make some homemade decorations. In particular, I loved the circles that spelled out Merry Christmas that you hung almost laundry line style. Do you know which one I'm talking about from last year? I love that idea but i would have no idea where to start! Any ideas, tips or suggestions? THANK YOU!

  22. wow you had a stunning dress!!!!

  23. wow you had a stunning dress!!!!


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