Thankful indeed.

I was feeling a little down yesterday, sulking around, being generally grumpy and unpleasant. Mostly because I don't get to see my family for Thanksgiving [and it feels like I NEVER get to see them]. And also because I have to work on both Friday and Saturday. You could say I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed and burnt out with everything lately. I'm sure the depressing cold and darkness doesn't help either. Seasonal depression, what?

And then....Andrea sent me our first round of pictures for our little photography session we did on Sunday. Um, I'm slightly obsessed. Okay, majorly obsessed. I'm so glad Nate consented to getting these pictures taken and now I have a plethora of options for our Christmas cards! The creative juices are flowing already and I might even have the time to assemble the cards before the holidays.

Things are looking better around here, no? Take a peek and let me know your favorites. Click on the pics to make them bigger, as always:


3. [yes, that is Henry in a Santa costume. I couldn't resist and I think he secretly loves it.]
This was the day before our first snow. Too bad it didn't come just a wee bit earlier and we could've had some gorgeous blankets of white in the background. Isn't Andrea incredibly talented for someone who is 'just practicing?' She rules, end of story. Can't wait to see the rest from our little shoot.

Although I am far away from my parents, grandparents, extended family and most of my friends, I am truly blessed to have my own little family with Nate and Henry. My boys will always be there for me comforting me when I feel blue. It helps that they are so freaking handsome, too:)

My in-laws are some of the finest people around and I'm one lucky girl to have married into this family. Their generosity and love for us never ceases to amaze me. They have always made me feel like a part of their family and on a day like today, when my own family seems so far away, I am blessed to be with Nate's family. They are my family, too, and I'm proud to share their last name.

Trying to look at the bright side of working ALL THE FREAKING TIME: at least I have job security out the wazoo. There will always be a need for my career. Always. The recruiters who call me and send me obnoxious information in the mail ["Come work for us, we need PTs!] remind me that in a time of economical uncertainty, I can rest assured that I am needed. And being needed is a nice feeling, I suppose.

Have a great Turkey Day and remember to hug your families extra tight today.


  1. You two are the cutest thing ever! I love pictures like this - they're adorable without trying too hard, ya know?
    Hope you have a very happy Turkey Day!!

  2. These pics turned out so great! I love number 2, 5, & 8. You guys are too cute.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. love #10. Great job once again to Andrea. Have a great thanksgiving!

  4. Your pictures are great! I LOVE Andrea's pictures...I want to learn how to do that. Does she live near you? AND...I am so jealous that you have picture to send out in Christmas cards. I don't think I will be getting my wedding pictures until after the holidays:( Finally, don't you love job security. I am in the same boat...people will always need teachers! Happy Thanksgiving, Julia!

  5. i vote 5, 6 or 8. great pics, julia!


  6. #8 cropped to take out your coffee cup.

  7. Loving #8! Did I miss something? Why is their a coffee cup in most pics?

    I feel your pain - this is our first year without any family or friends around. It's a great thing that Thanksgiving is so close to Christmas! Only a few weeks until I can see them all. Are you going to STL for Christmas?

    Happy Thanksgiving lady!

  8. I'm leaning towards #7. It has all three of you in it and you can see the lights on the Christmas tree in the window behind you.

    Regardless, they're all beautiful. Have a great tryptophan filled day!

  9. Lauren~Andrea lives here in Milwaukee and has a blog of her own.

    Amanda~the coffee cups are on purpose because we lurve coffee, and drinking a cup in the cold is the perfect 'us' activity. I think it's very casual and fun, plus it warmed us up:)

    Thanks ladies!

  10. I'm loving 8. All of the pictures turned out wonderful, you had a great photographer. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  11. ok i know this is supposed to be about you two but the henry pictures are SO cute!

    my fave of you guys is 5. :)

  12. Gotcha! I forgot to mention that I love the new layout!

  13. 2, 5, 6, 10!

    They are all so cute!! Love them.

    And I'm sorry you couldn't see your family for Thanksgiving and that you have to work today and tomorrow. :(

    At least you can look on the bright side and realize how great life is - despite dumb work!

    Happy holidays - hope to see ya soon!

  14. Happy (belated) turkey day! I saw these pics on your facebook and they are seriously amazing. Andrea is 'just practicing'? Wow. Major props to her! #7 is my fave...I love how its to the side. But Henry is missing :(

    I'm also working today if it makes you feel any better. Misery loves company!

  15. Oh. I forgot to say I'm sort of liking the scruff on Nate! e has some scruff rocking (he says its to keep him warm while hunting) and I'm digging it!

  16. These pictures look fantastic! Your Christmas cards will rock! I love that you included Henry...he makes a very cute Santa. Great job to Andrea!

  17. I love these pics. #3 and #8 are my favorites.

  18. #8 is my favorite. Cute pictures!!!

  19. Those are the cutest pics EVER!

    Love them!!!! The one with yall kissing (I think) is great!! Looks AWESOME!


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