Now I've really done it.

My open letter to Mother Nature did NOT go over well. Apparently she wanted to show me who is boss, and it's not me.

As I stumbled around our place this morning as I got ready for work, and literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this out our window:
I had to blink, rub my sleepy eyes and take another look. Yep, it just snowed enough to cover the whole freaking road and yard. I was completely caught off guard. Why didn't anyone tell me it was supposed to really snow during the night? We've had a few flurries and one rather crappy ice storm so far this year, but a REAL snow? I suppose it's almost December...

The first 'real' snow of the season snuck up on me, alright. And I knew I'd have to scramble around even faster if I wanted to make it to work on time. Yet, I managed to snap many-a-picture for documentation's sake. After all, the first real snow of the season is always the prettiest and least annoying. After about 5 more months of this stuff it's going to get really old, but for now pictures are in order:
If I had my automatic car starter I could have warmed my cave-of-a-car slightly before scraping it off with haste. At least it was really wet and sticky....not so icey and hard. It would have been the perfect snow for a big fat snowball fight, but instead it made for a nice commute to work.
I thought this was pretty, even though the nasty black street slush is already out in full force. I hate that ugly stuff.

Remember the pretty cemetery boasts gorgeous Autumn colored trees? Yeah, check out the trees now. No more stunning oranges and red....just white. Lots of white. It just looks cold, right? But this untouched patch of snow was begging for a snow angel. I resisted, since I was already walking up to work. But's pretty, right?
Macro shots of snow on trees = my fave.
The berries and snow make me yearn for Christmas. But then I will be completely finished with winter, thanks.
So yeah, we only got about 2 inches of snow which is no biggie compared to some of the mamoth blizzards up here, but it's such a shock to see blankets of white everywhere. It wasn't even THAT cold today, topping out at 36 degrees [the low of 28 is pretty rough, though]. Heck, I even went for a run on Saturday when it was 32 degrees outside! Aren't I such a pimp? Sure, my sweat literally turned to frost on my earwarmers but still--I did it.

You'd think I was adapting to this crazy climate or something. And it only took me 1.5 years:)


  1. OMG - those pictures are crazy! It hasn't started snowing in DC yet... ahh the anticipation :-)

  2. the problem with this first snowfall is that we didn't even get to see it fall! That is one of it's redeeming qualities...we can see it come down and watch how pretty it is. Instead, I was just pissed I had to wake up extra early to brush off my car.

  3. i would love one snowy day here in CA...those pics are so enchanting...sorry, but I lover the idea of snow...

  4. OH NO!!!! Snow already?!?! I would die if I lived there!!! Good luck, you little snow bunny!!!

  5. I am so NOT ready for snow, its not even funny. And your post makes me realize that it is just about the corner for the STL region.

  6. Oh, girl. I am so not jealous of that snow. I was freezing with our 62 degree weather today.
    I think you make a better Milwaukeean (is that a word? What do you 'folks call yourselves?) than you give yourself credit for - walking to work in snow! Bravo!

  7. Oh, no, Dr. Erin. I only walk for approximately 7 minutes each morning from my car to the hospital. We have horrible parking and thus, I have a trek. But it's not like it's really THAT long. Only when it's snowing or raining do I hate it. :)

    And Tonya~Ummm, pretty sure I'd choose to live in CA versus WI any day [if we were just going by weather and scenery, that is]. I'll take plenty of pictures this winter just for you:)

    And yes, STL out. It's coming! :)

  8. First of all, I can't believe it's already been 1.5 years that you've lived here!! Crazy!
    Secondly, I honestly don't know how you do it. I could not live there. It's pretty, sure, but that's just ridiculous.

  9. Hopefully this is the kind of snow that looks pretty and then just melts away the same (or next) day? That would be my favorite kind of snow. You know...if I had a favorite kind. Except of course the kind in Colorado. But that's a whole different ballgame.

  10. Ahhh...this is the snow that I like. What I don't like (and will not miss this year in light of my midwest absence) is the grey mounds of street ice that appears in abundance in Chicago. Pretty photos!!!

  11. N~I cant believe I've lived here so long, either. It boggles my mind. And I'm not sure how I survive either, except I really don't have a choice. I would still pick a 100 degree day over a 20 degree day, always!

    Jamie~Nope, snow is still on the ground. That's the problem with winters up here....the snow NEVER melts. There were still snow piles sitting around here last April. True story:)

  12. It's really another world up there! I'm so glad we haven't had any of the white powder just yet.

  13. I can't believe I'm getting more snow here than is happening there. That isn't right.

    We had a solid 3 days of snow last week, one bad ice day, and are supposed to have 6 inches by tomorrow morning. The joy of living in the "snow belt," I guess. Grr.

  14. Okay, that is depressing. It's really pretty, but still. I've been complaining that I feel like we didn't get any fall weather here. It was unseasonably hot at like 80, then boom! 17 just a week later.

  15. Knowing this is the fate of Michigan in a very short while makes me so very sad. Even though it is gorgeous, I'm dreading walking across campus in that! Yikes.

  16. Hey Girl!! Just a little FYI, I told my good friend (her name is Renee) about you and sent her your website (J.Lorene). She got married in the Summer of 2007, and her photographer went bankrupt before she was able to get her photo album!! Not cool. So anyway, I pimped you out and she was totally blown away by your talents!! (As she should be!) So she is going to show her husband and she may be contacting you in the near future. Just wanted to let you know!

  17. Well I guess I'm the weird one because I'm totally jealous of your snow!! I love it! I can't wait for the first snow here in MO.
    Crazy, I know. I think it may also have something to do with new baby coming soon :)
    Happy Turkey Day!


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