Remember when I asked for your input, dear readers? I wanted to know which types of my ramblings you enjoy the most. The results were rather surprising to me---the majority of you like my random/marriage posts the best, even though those are the ones I feel are most scatter-brained and disorganized. Who knew boring newlywed life was so popular? "It's a blog about nothing and everything" seems to fit my theme, right?

Well, the reason I asked about your preference is because I have been asked to be a regular weekly contributor to Elizabeth Anne Designs-Living. In fact, my introductory post went up today so it's official: I'm a blogging fool. Whoo hoo! I'm really pumped to blog over at a 'real' website about living and newlywed stuff because apparently, that is my forte:) But I definitely don't want to neglect this blog in the process....or have both places turn into clones of each other. No, that simply won't do. So because I love lists I decided to break it down like this [or at least attempt to do it this way]:

Random/Marriage posts [your #1 pick]: will be both at EADL and here. There's just so much to blog about, might as well spread the wealth:)

Running [a surprising second place!]: will stay here. I figure my dear readers have endured numerous 'training for a marathon' posts in the past and you deserve a whole summer full of them....again! Aren't you lucky?

Photography [a close third]: will stay here, mostly. I mean, this is the blog with gigantor sized pictures so it's only fitting.

Decor/crafts [fourth]: definitely over to EADL since I'm pretty sure that's what a lot of their readers would like to read. You know, something that actually helps others instead of mindless personal ramblings.

Books: not sure, it's so rare but probably here?

Weather: oh, you know this will be sprinkled in between the two starting in about....October, when it gets cold again. I'll give it a rest until then. Enjoy the break.

So yay for blogging at two places. EADL has asked a whole bunch of us post-wedding bloggers [not sure some of us qualify as newlyweds anymore after two years?] to join the crew. Can't wait to 'meet' the other girls and see what happens with this new adventure. I'm sure you'll be able to find me easily in the group since I'll probably be the long-winded one. I just can't help it sometimes, you know. :)

You should definitely add EADL to your Google Reader if it's not there already...go along now, go explore the site and check out my intro post. As if you haven't read all about me 8 million times by now. Is it getting old yet? :)


  1. i love that you can make a blog about blog posts funny and cute. SO beyond excited to have you as a part of EADL!


  2. Oh my gosh, Julia! Awesome! Like seriously, you are a star. I look forward to telling people, "I knew her when..." when you become the next Pioneer Woman.

  3. Yay Julia! Congratulations! There couldn't be a better pick for something like this. You're an excellent writer and I can't wait to now read your fun, witty posts at TWO places!

  4. This is so exciting!! I'll definitely add it to my google reader...They've got great taste picking you!

  5. Congratulations! That is so exciting...good for you. Happy week!


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