Two years

Two years ago today, this guy and this girl prepared for one of the best days of their lives. It marked the beginning of another journey together: marriage, in good times and in bad. In Missouri humidity and Wisconsin winters. In apartments and duplexes and many-a-U-haul vans. This was the day that began it all.


They took a few deep breaths before seeing each other in the hotel suite. This was their day, finally their day, and they soaked in every single moment. Completely content. Simply happy. And excited. Boy, they were excited.

They vowed to stand beside each other until forever, something that is no small feat and yet one of the most rewarding promises people can make. Standing side-by-side, part of a pair, a team, a married couple. They vowed to give it their all. Nobody ever said it would be easy, right?

Never again will there ever be such an amazing gathering of family and friends under one roof. Every guest can tell a story, everyone touched their lives in some way. Looking back at these pictures of far away friends and family makes their hearts hurt. In a good way, of course, but with a tear in their eyes all the same.

Two years ago, this guy and this girl got married under that altar. And then the fun really began.

As an anniversary gift to you, my readers, I invite you to share in one of the best moments of my entire life: our wedding vows. Nate and I each wrote our own vows and did not reveal them to each other until we were standing at the altar. It was one of the ways we wanted to make our wedding more personal and I believe it worked. Then there is the adorable pastor leading us through the ceremony---that would be my Grandpa, who also married my Mom and Dad. I hope you enjoy this emotional moment as much as I love to relive it.

Here's to many more special moments like these. Two years down...


  1. so so beautiful!!! happy anniversary!

  2. I could cry, you two are so great. Happy Anniversary!! You look gorgeous!

  3. that was so precious! Happy Anniversary!

  4. So, so sweet. :) Happy anniversary again!

  5. ohhh tears! You guys are adorable together.

    kinda weird to hear your voices after reading things you've written. Puts things together, lol

  6. Oh my goodness!!! This is so so so beatiful!

  7. Happy two years (again)! Here's to many many more :)

  8. Happy Anniversary Julia and Nate!!

    Great vows. :)

  9. Congratulation! You were so beautiful! As was your wedding!

  10. my family would laugh if i said i'd admit when i was wrong too... haha happy anniversary!

    and as a fellow chicago lover i love your pictures of my windy city!

  11. You just totally made my heart melt for the two of you!

    Matt and I are on our way to our first anniversary...can't wait.

    And I'm stuck at work where YouTube isn't allowed, so I can't watch the video. Bummer.

    Happy Anniversary!

  12. Happy Anniversary, Julia and Nate!!
    Great Chicago pics!!

  13. What a sweet post! Happy anniversary again!

  14. Oh my gosh, that was so sweet and tender. I loved it! Thanks for sharing.

    I've never heard your voice, so that was really cool. You sound totally different than I heard in my mind as I read your blog.

  15. Happy Anniversary! Love your dress, and can I please have your arms?!

  16. Thank you for sharing such a precious moment with us again. Happy anniversary! You two are the best!

  17. I'm so late on this, but happy anniversary! I loved your Chicago pics too. That first one of the carousel with the lights reflecting-spectacular!

  18. I'm a Loser with a capital L! Sorry I missed your anniversary!! You were such a beautiful bride!

  19. I've had this unread for at least a week now because I wanted to day something more than "congratulations!" I gave up ... :)


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