Alrighty, then.

Thanks for your input, my dears. Very helpful. More to come...

For those of you who were unaware of my decorating posts, I present to you my tags for 'decorating'. Have fun! Even though many of them are all blurry and annoying. Stupid Shutterfly! The bulk of them were from when we moved into the duplex and I had a blank canvas to decorate. Ah, those were good times.....and horribly tiring times, too.

For those of you who are fans of married randomness, I present to you the following two conversations had between husband and wife. Enjoy:


N: "You know that green sweater of yours?"

J: [oh crap....] "Yeah, what about it?"

N: "Is it supposed to have short sleeves?"

[classic question, no?]

J: "Well, they were three quarter length. Did you dry it all the way?"

N: "The tag said I could. You might want to try it on, though. The sleeves look really short."

I love when he does laundry but come on. Isn't this the classic way guys get out of doing chores? They mess things up so that us crazy women take back full control and they are relinquished of their duties? Nope, not going to happen here. He's still going to help with laundry but my poor green sweater might need to be retired.


Upon viewing our pictures from last weekend, and this one in particular:
Nate thinks he looks like Powder in this one

N: " In some of those pictures I have 4 chins and I'm pale as hell."

J: [chuckling] "It's true that you are pretty pale."

N: "It was bad lighting."

J: "Nate, that picture was taken the freaking natural sunlight. I'm pretty sure it's not bad light, it might just be your pale-self. Kind of like when you thought the Browers camera was broken....when you thought you looked like Powder in our engagement pictures."
[Browers Photography, circa 2006]

N: "It's that same bad light, for sure." [he just doesn't get it.]

So yeah, still working on that weekend post full of wedding pictures. Man, I went a little camera crazy this time and even Nate joined in the madness. I remember looking across the room a few times and seeing him whipping the SLR around like a pro.....even without me asking him to do it! It made my heart melt a little bit, I'm not going to lie:)

On another random note, is it Friday yet?


  1. As weird as this is, Jim and I each do our own laundry. I've offered time and time again to do his share but he insists on helping out. Yet, I can't fathom him washing my clothes...I mean he mixes colors and whites for pete's sake!

    Tell Nate not to worry...he's still way more attractive than most men out there.

  2. Speaking of laundry..I just did every single bit of mine. Whew.

    AND...Those pics of you n hubby are so darling. Pale or not..darling.

  3. oh, I totally agree. He is a hottie even without a sun-kissed glow. And he definitely does NOT have four chins....but I love his flare towards the dramatic, don't you?

  4. Tommy puts the laundry in the washer and I put it in the dryer, fold it and put it away. Balanced? I think not. He "doesn't know where things go" Cha-right!

    Maybe Nate is trying to be more like Edward!

  5. Do you know how to help the double chin thing? You have to take the picture from a different level, instead of directly in front of you.

    For instance; when taking a picture at this level, have someone who is standing up take it.

    Does that make sense? :)

  6. Ha Ha Ha! Sometimes men just don't get it! At least your husband was talking about himself being pale! I was looking at a picture of myself once and said to my husband, "gosh, I hate that I have a double chin in this picture" he looked at the picture and looked at me and said "well, you don't have too much of a double chin anymore"!!! What a dummy! I was so mad. I just came across your blog. Super cute pictures that you put up. I'm definitely sad to be missing wedding season this year since we just moved to Germany! But, at least I get to go back for my sister's wedding in July!

    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog right now if you are interested!!

  7. Nothing wrong with being pale!!....


  8. For the most part, Matt and I do our own laundry. I do his on occasion, but he refuses to do mine (probably because the few times he has, he's screwed it up).

    Nate's from WI. We're pale. Enough said.


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