How I spent my Saturday.

Woke up to massive case of bed head.

Drank coffee.

Went for a 8.5 mile run.

Then realized this is what I looked like after the windy run:

bed head plus running

hair from hell II

einstein post-run
Became frightened of my own reflection. Where did those layers come from?

Celebrated Sammy's 11th birthday. He got a bath and was not happy. But he's the senior of the house so he has to put up with our shenanigans.
11 year old bathtime

Took pictures of our little guy.
wise eyes

Told him that sitting like a good boy makes for a good picture.

Still amazed by actual flowers. Spring? Is that you?
aqua love

maroon 5

Fell in love with my 1.8 lens all over again. The bokeh! I adore it!
hello sunshine

bokeh beauty

What a great Saturday.

How did you spend yours?


  1. unfortunately i spent my saturday cleaning the entire house and doing laundry. Oh the joy of living with 2 college men. :/ haha fabulous pictures. may I ask what kind of camera you have?

  2. It looks like you had a great day! I spent mine cleaning the inside and outside of all our windows and doing laundry. Exciting, huh?

  3. I woke up and called work to make sure that it had rained enough that I didn't have to plant. Went to both barns and read my book all day! The most relaxing day I have had in months.

    Also you are really making me want a new lens!


  4. That sounds like a great day!!
    {you look amazing after that long of a run!!!}

    I spent my day walking around the mall, such fun!

    Happy Sunday!

  5. I'd kill to look the great after heaving my body forward for 8.5 miles with my chub trunks!

    Oddly enough, we went to the Cardinals/Brewers game (you should've come in for the series!) with some new friends from Wisconsin that we met while we were visting Miller Park for a game a few weekends ago!

    Now I'm avoiding studying for my Anatomy and Physiology test. Ugh! Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

  6. I think you look great. My 2 year old, however, would tell you that you have "crazy hair". Anytime I wake up or get out of the shower, she tells me I have "crazy hair".

    Your day rules over mine. I spent it listening(crying) to a screaming and complaining 2 year old, who would not take a nap, and who woke her napping sister up early. Just what I wanted to do on a beautiful Saturday. Good times.

  7. Hi again (:

    We DID meet friends there, it was great!

    A&P is one of my Grad classes for Deaf Education. It's actually tailored for the speech mechanism so it's not the whole body. I'm only on the first unit and I'm already completely overwhelmed!

  8. J- Ummm that is what my hair looks like everyday...maybe I should sent you some pics and you can do a tribut to bed head. The other day someone asked "do you do anything to your hair?" to which I replied, "is it that obvious I don't!" Hahah....calling you soon to catch up. Miss you and love you!

  9. My hair is usually a mess. I actually think yours looks pretty cool!

    I am loving that spring has finally decided to show up here. Nevermind that May is almost gone and June last year was a total bust.

  10. You look gorgeous - wind blown layers and all.

    Your day was better than mine up until the point that I got off work and got to come home and cuddle my little man. Then..mine was better :)

  11. You looked great! Please grow your hair long again.

  12. I was out playing with my camera too. I decided biking in 30mph winds didn't sound like much fun, so instead I chased a baby around for the afternoon trying to figure out what all those buttons on my camera are for.

  13. You look beautiful! Oddly enough I always think I look better in the middle of hot yoga. Pink cheeks and healthy!

  14. LOVE that first floral picture. The colors are fantastic!!!


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