a little break from the baby posts

Whew, let's move on for a second, shall we? A little miscellany will do, in 'real time' none the less.

1. Do you guys ever watch Conan O'Brien's 'What if they mated?' segment? Well, Nate gets easily distracted when he takes my weekly belly shots. Last week he was on a mission to get the best cross eyed face ever on camera. He was so proud of himself, you guys. And of course, not to be outdone, I had to try my own cross eyes. But looking at these pictures I just keep thinking, "Are these two really going to be parents?"

Do you think our kid will be cute?
what if they mated?

2. When we were down in St. Louis last weekend, Maggie bought the baby his/her first gift. I am totally obsessed. In fact, it almost made me cry. It's so tiny and perfect and I CANNOT WAIT to have a little human being sporting this thing when we go on long jogs together.
first gift for baby, my maggie

3. Oh yeah, remember how I was in a wedding last weekend? Well, I took about 200 pictures and will show you a few here. Lindsey was a STUNNING bride. She was fairly calm the whole time until we were in the limo on the way to the church. Then she was slightly nervous but of course, us bridesmaids did our best to keep her sane. It was unseasonable cool weather for August and simply gorgeous outside. I could go on, but let's just look at pretty pictures.

Her hair was amazing.

This is my favorite pic from the day. Very 'Linds'.

Isn't her dress gorgeous? And her lace veil (I'm partial, since mine was similar) was her mom's actual veil from 30 years ago. LOVE.

Me and the bride. I will not comment on how huge my boobs look in this picture. I have never filled out a strapless dress before, you guys.

They were married at College Church, St. Francis Xavier---the gorge church on SLU's campus, where we all met in school. Nate took this picture and it's pretty amazing, eh?

Our flowers were fab.

Kim was present in spirit and with her paper head again. Do you see her in this picture, poking out from behind me?

Me and the hubs. It's hard to get a picture with us both in it since a lot of folks are a little frightened of our beastly camera, but I really like this one.

And finally, the last of the Fab Five is married. I've successfully managed to get a picture of the five of us at every single wedding. Thinking of making all of them into a frame of sorts because I just can't get over how 'adult-like' we are now! One of us is living in South Korea, two of us are pregnant, and the other two are newlyweds. So weird. Love these girls.

So that's that. Life outside of belly pics. Hope everyone is enjoying this frigid cold weather in AUGUST as much as me. :)


  1. Great pictures, and I must admit that I'm sorely jealous of the weather you're enjoying.

    I'm in Savannah, and we've been enduring our sticky summer that lasts from March through October.

    What I wouldn't do to have a brisk day right about now. . .

  2. Nate's got some wicked crossed eyes in that pic!!!

    Looks like the wedding was beautiful. Glad you got to hang out with your homegirls again :)

  3. Ummm...your kid will be insanely good looking, obviously!
    And, Nate has you beat on the cross-eyed pic!

  4. I love those bridesmaid dresses! So cute! What is this cold weather? I'll gladly trade you for some of the 100 degree days we've had since, I dunno, June?

  5. Such a cute T-shirt! And you looked so pretty at the wedding, love the turquoise jewelry!

    Oh, and this is the first time I've seen your newest blog header - so sweet!!! :)

  6. i think i may have a mini-girl-blogger-crush on you. [did i just type that???] you are so adorable and glowy! who did YOUR hair? it looks fab.

    not to overshadow the bride, who looked amazing as well! i love that you added your missing friend's face in your pics. so sweet.

  7. Ohhh SLU!!! Love the pics! You guys crack me up with your crossedeyedness ('cause that's a word?)

    Hope you are feeling great!!

  8. The t-shirt is so adorable and that church is stunning as is your aqua jewelry!!


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