Fourteen Weeks

The big one four. A lemon. Almost 3.5 inches. Wow. Just wow.

And are you ready for this belly pic? (I don't think you're ready for this jelly)
Perhaps it's the fact that I was on an airplane for a few hours. Or that I had McDonalds for dinner, ice cream and pizza for lunch, and not a lot of sleep. But one way or another this is a certified bloat fest!
Also, if you look right below my waist band you'll see a true pregnant uterus sticking out through the all-powerful bloat.

Makes me want to look at all of my belly shots from the first trimester to compare....
the first tri
I've already started my second tri grid...I have a feeling it will be a lot more impressive than my first.

Best moment of the week: Finding the energy to 'run' two times in three days. This is huge. I feel like I've returned to an active lifestyle and am less of a lazy bum.

Epiphany of the week: Next time I fly on an airplane I'll be almost 21 weeks. Perhaps the lack of personal space will bug me even more then than it did this time. And my belly might be huge.

Most entertaining statemet of the week: From Keri after I'd already seen her for two days: "OMG, you're boobs really are huge!" and earlier that same day: "Holy cow, I think I actually do see a little bump!" as she felt my tummy mid-stride, as we shopped at the mall. Perhaps it was just hitting her after two days of seeing me? :)

Obsessions? Eating poorly. Hence the pizza, ice cream, and Mickey Dees. Oh, but it felt so good (before I vowed to detox my body of all junk food over the next few days).

What I'm most looking forward to this week: Finding out the sex. I scheduled the appointment for the big US....October 28! Unfortunately the lady wouldn't schedule it any earlier so we have to wait until I'm 20.5 weeks. Ugh. I was so hoping for 18 weeks. Oh well.

What I miss the most: I missed partaking in the vino with my girls this weekend. But I made up for it in pizza and chick flicks....totally partook in those.

Symptoms: Nothing much other than gas and slight fatigue. And I got a killer headache one night when I didn't eat dinner right away. That was awful.

Milestones: Baby is sucking his thumb, wiggling his toes and making urine all while looking more and more human each day. Not only that but his body now boasts 'lanugo' which is a warm downy coat of hair for warmth. Aw, sweetie....grow some extra follicles if you can. You are being born during a Wisconsin winter.

So that's that.
But onto the weekend!
You've heard me talk many-a-times about Keri on this blog, and Allison was another one of my bridesmaids who just so happens to live many states away from me. All three of us went to PT school together and bonded through some major life challenges along the way. These girls are the epitome of true friends and even though we might only see each other once or twice a year it's never hard to pick up right where we left off.

So Allison lives in Maryland with her adorable four year old daughter, Madelyn. Keri and I have talked about visiting them since the day we graduated. We finally took the plunge and bought plane tickets this spring and I'm SO glad we did. What a fun weekend, albeit exhausting!

We played dress up with Madelyn's clothes...

and if you are wondering, 'How is Keri doing?' well here she is....getting stuck in a Kimono. Perfect:) Plus she's blonde again with longer locks and is incredibly happy.

And went to a nice 'Maryland style' dinner.

This means we had ginormus, shelled crab that required real physical labor to eat. Tons of fun but a lot of work and definitely not something us Midwesterners had ever seen.
See? You even use a freaking hammer. That shows just hard core these East Coasters are.

We got to see Madelyn play in her first soccer game and it was quite hysterical. Nothing like a bunch of four year olds running around and falling down and crying to entertain.

Isn't she beautiful?
So yeah, these pictures are awful and grainy and I hate that I didn't bring my SLR but the little point and shoot was all I could handle for this trip.

Whew. Lots of catching up on this post. Kind of makes me want a nap or perhaps a cookie...


  1. YAY! Julia, I finally see your "bump"!!! So adorable!

  2. That's def a baby bump, not just bloat! :)

    Very cute!

  3. Glad you had a good trip!

    That's awesome you're back to running :) And yes, I'm loving this growing bump of yours.

  4. A lemon already, wow!! And October 28, my anniversary - a great day. :) That's not so far away, and it's something huge to look forward to, whoo hoo!! Besides, there's more chance of baby not cooperating or you not being able to find out at 18 weeks. Those extra 2 1/2 weeks will help, I'm sure! Can't wait to find out what's growing in there!

  5. You are adorable and I love that your "bump" only intensifies your ab muscles. :)

    I can't believe you've already set the date! Yay for October 28th!

  6. Cute bump, Julia!
    Looks like a great trip, too.

  7. Aw, I'm from Maryland!! Did you love it!!?


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