Nate Quotes from the first Trimester

"I think I'm pregnant. And my baby smells really bad." (after he ripped a major fart at the dinner table. Classic.)

"I'm so cool. I have good sperm, you know." (apparently feeling very good about himself and his little swimmers these days.)

(Upon showing Nate a drawing of a baby at 7 weeks) "The baby has a tail? That's effing bad ass."

"I think I had a baby this morning in the toilet." (disgusting. enough said.)

"Wait, are you still going to let me golf after the baby? Because that's in my clause, you know. " (show me in writing, sweetie. Just kidding....I don't care as long as it fits in the budget.)

"Which is more exciting: having a baby or getting married? You can think about it for a second and I'll be back for my answer." (honestly, I thought I obsessed over planning our wedding but being pregnant allows for even MORE obsessions. Plus the whole new life aspect of having a baby definitely tops dealing with RSVPs to the wedding. Definitely a close call, though.)

{and our 12 week appointment yesterday was awesome. Hearing the heartbeat through Doppler was the best sound ever and I've gained exactly one pound. Whoo hoo!)


  1. All of those comments sound exactly like something my husband would say! Too funny!

    I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I love it!


  2. I'm pretty sure my husband will make the same comments when I get pregnant. He already rips farts at random times so that is done. Hooray for hearing the heart!!!

  3. Chad made similar sperm comments. He was quite proud of his "super sperm".

  4. Those are hilarious! I can picture my own saying many of those same things!

  5. This post made my day! I'm sitting here laughing out loud....even my husband got a kick out of Nate's comments.

  6. I think that Nate and Mike need to meet. Seriously, they have too much in common. I can't get over the fact that you have only gained 1 pound in the last 12 weeks. I gained 1 pound last night after dinner. Damn...

  7. hi-larious! oh my goodness he is hilarious. so are you, of course.

    so glad things are going so well!!

  8. Those are simply amazing. Ha!


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