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You didn't think I'd only do one nursery post, did you? Come on now. I have so many ideas floating around in this mushy pregnancy brain of mine I simply have to post some of them so I don't forget in two days.

I'm still going for the all bright color look in the room, natural wood and all. But what about the actual pieces of furniture? And the actual decor? So many choices, my friends. And like anything else in life I have very expensive tastes.

I think a crib is one of the most important parts of the room since it's where the babe will spend the most time. I want it to be sturdy and safe yet modern and sleek at the same time. Oh, and just because I have caviar tastes doesn't mean we'll be dropping an obscene amount of money on one piece of furniture that won't fit the baby in a short amount of time. I'm also a big fan of a sturdy rocker or glider in the room which could definitely be an anchor piece for the entire room, but used again in the future as regular seating. But just for a second, let's visit my dreamland, shall we?

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here are the most glorious, modern, sleek cribs known to mankind. They make my innards quiver and quite frankly, I'm drooling a little staring at their wonder. All of these are from Modern Nursery and part of me wishes I would have never run across this nursery mecca website. Why? Because every single one of these bad boys is approximately $1000. 1k. A freaking G, you guys.
modern nursery cribs
Perhaps we should start playing the lottery?

So let's start at the 'If I were a millionaire' category of inspiration. I would first buy this amazing Oeuf crib:
oeuf crib

Followed quickly the the equally stunning Sleepytime Rocker. Again, this puppy is over $900 and no....I don't think it gives you a back massage or makes you dinner. It's just a chair but goodness, she's a beaut.
sleepytime rocker

Moving onto the 'midrange price/ maybe we could pull it off' category. I am obsessed with this crib from none other than Walmart. Tell me this doesn't look scarily similar to the Oeuf crib but only 1/3 of the price at $300:
baby mod olivia crib

And Target's deep seat rocker is pretty fab:
target rocker beige

And finally the 'supremely inexpensive but still our style' category: of course, we are leaning towards this price bracket and good ole' Ikea is coming through with flying colors for the pocketbooks. We saw this crib in person when we drove down there a few weeks ago and although I was afraid it would be flimsy and cheap in person it really wasn't. I love the rounded top rail and the simplicity of it. What do you think? For $100 you seriously cannot beat it.
I've seen amazing bedding dress this little crib right up and some people will even modify the crib to be less cage-like. I'm not sure I want to go through all of that effort in making extra pieces for a perfectly fine crib, but we'll see. Either way, I'm really not a big fan of the HUGE convertible cribs out there on the market today. Some of them just look like a headboard and footboard to an adult bed smashed together to fit an infant mattress. Not my style, so I'm pretty sure we'll go with either the Walmart or Ikea cribs. But it was challenging to find something different in the market for cribs. Who knew?

For an inexpensive rocker, I'm thinking we'll either use an old-fashioned rocking chair and paint it a fun bright color or maybe just white, then add a nice soft cushion with a funky printed fabric. Or perhaps we'll just get a regular arm chair in the room. Who says babies HAVE to be rocked to sleep? In fact, I've heard if you get them into the habit of always being rocked to sleep they won't be able to fall asleep any other way.

And another Ikea favorite: this pimped out rug. Seriously, this might be my staple piece right here, working everything else off this guy. Love the bright colors since the potential is endless with other matches. And seeing this one in person did not disappoint, either---it's soft and plush and perfect for a little baby to destroy.
ikea rug

Before we move away from Ikea, what if I ditch the idea of a rocker/arm chair altogether and go for a little sofa? More seating, so both Nate and I can sit in the nursery together. Plus, if we got a cute pull out like this one we'd avoid the dreaded air mattress for our out of town guests. I'm still not sold on that idea, but I know we cannot fit a full bed in the nursery with everything else. Thoughts?
ikea sofa bed 1
I mean, any old chair or couch can be dressed up with adorable little throw pillows, such as this one from Etsy seller ManicMuffin Tote's:

For a changing table, I saw this amazing nursery on Spearmint Baby and cannot stop thinking about having my father-in-law make one of these things.
(photo by Gail, on Flickr)
We'd of course need a dresser of some kind, too, and maybe I'll just plop a changing table tray on top of the dresser. But I really like the idea of this style, too.

And as far as accessories and fun decor, I absolutely want to make fun flags like this (and wish our ceilings were vaulted for the same effect):
(found on Spearmint Baby, photo by ourheartbeat and her flickr page)

Then I'll go over to Etsy and go buck wild. For instance, their nursery prints can entertain me for hours on end and inspire me to make my own baby art. Or at least make some and buy a few pieces, too, since I really want the eclectic look to add lots of character. Here are a few of my faves:

( from seller Ferntree Studio)

(from seller babybyrds)

(from seller prettymod)

(by seller trendypeas)

Oh, and the mobiles on Etsy. Don't even get me started.
(from seller giftsdefine)

So yeah, these are just some of my ideas. I have new ones every day but because it's really too early to get rid of our spare bed and convert the guest room into a nursery, I'll just let most of the ideas marinate for now.

Any other ideas much appreciated. Especially thoughts on the rocker versus glider versus stationary chair versus pull out small-ish couch. I'm totally debating this one to death.


  1. The walmart ones are precious! You are right with the cage look of it though! Haha hope you find something you LOVE for that room!

  2. Let craigslist be your BFF... I found an Oeuf crib for $300!!! It was used at the in-laws house, so it was almost new... it took 3 months of intensive search to find it, otherwise I was going for the same walmart one :) A friend of mine is having twins a got two of those and they look awesome!!!

    We are also putting a little sofa bed in the baby's room for guests... our real state in ATL is a little limited :s

    I am now on the hunt for a retro dresser to put a pad on top... so I love that idea :)

  3. Hey I'm not on the baby route yet but I wanted to stop by because I love your blog. I love the changing table fitting on top of the crib, and the print with all of baby's vital stats - adorable.

  4. Fun stuff!

    I could look at baby stuff on Etsy for hours, too. I have four prints in his room from Etsy and I just LOVE them, since they're all so unique!!

    Your baby is going to have one adorable nursery, I'm sure of it!

  5. I have zero baby experience, but I LOVE the idea of a little couch in there, especially one that pulls out. It's genius, really, especially since you frequently have out of town guests. Our whole family lives in Missouri, so we don't exactly need our guest room. But you do!

  6. I would die and go to heaven if I found the Oeuf crib on Craigslist. I have been scouring it for a cool rocker but now I'll look for cribs, too. THAT would be an amazing find!

    yes, nursery decor is fun and addictive for sure!

  7. I love the rug from Ikea.

    I'm really going to have to recommend a rocker or chair for the nursery instead of a couch -- my rocker (from target) was a lifesaver when Ryan decided not to sleep through the night until he was almost 4 months. In fact, that rocker continues to be a lifesaver. I was going to recommend IKEA for a crib, because Consumer Reports rated one of them as a "best buy".

    I do like that crib from Walmart (even if Walmart is evil) and the tray changing table that fits over the crib = genius. we have a changing table that includes a dresser to save on space. We also got a crib that converts first to a toddler bed and then to a full size bed -- more bang for the buck!

    I love all the etsy stuff -- so cute!

  8. I saw that crib on Wally World's website - we ordered ours from there too. You can do site to store shipping with them, which means shipping is free! I prefer the Walmart crib over the Ikea crib BUT I wouldn't pay $300 for a crib. We paid $150 and I think $100 sounds even better. :)

    I LOVE that glider - it's the one we have. :) If you end up ordering it, wait until Target has one of their free shipping on furniture deals and you'll save a bunch of money. When I ordered mine, it was on sale, plus an additional 15% off, plus free shipping so I got a killer deal. And I think that glider in particular would be very comfortable for both you and Nate because you are both tall and it's got a super deep seat.

    I really like the Ikea chair too, but I'm not sure I'd want a stationary chair instead of a rocker, especially since I'll be breastfeeding and be in the dang thing all the time. But that's just me!

    The rug is fab and that changing table tray is awesome. How convenient for in the middle of the night changes!

    Adorable art, but you should definitely make some of your own. And ditto on the mobile. Every mobile I found on Etsy that I liked was $50+ and I think I spent $14.00 making mine. So DIY it!

  9. I have no help with your chair/sofa dilemma but I just wanted to say that I LOVE Ikea. Mike and I will definitely be taking another trip there soon!

  10. You will find what makes your heart melt! As for a glider, never had one and never needed it. We thought it was going to be a must-have and we are glad we didn't spend the money on it. She loves her bouncy chair way more than anything else!

    As for mobiles, check out this site! ::::swoon::::

    Love the blog! Isn't this all so much fun?

  11. Speaking from experience on the nursery chair... When I was pregnant with Emma I fell in love with a cute expensive rocker that "looked" far better than its comfort level. Once she was born, I discovered it was hard to nurse in and the sides and back where very uncomfortable. By the time she was 6 months, we could barely both fit in it. Major downer. So when I got pregnant with Chase I promised myself a big, fluffy, comfy rocker and wasn't so much concerned with the look. And its the best purchase I ever made!
    So be sure that the chair is really comfortable, especially if you are thinking about nursing.
    Love the cute etsy finds!!

  12. I have that futon from Ikea. It's great to have as a quick pull-out for overnight guests, but isn't very comfortable as a couch OR a bed. As a couch, it feels awkward not having arms. As a bed, the mattress isn't awesome because it's folded in such a strange manner.

    If it's just going to be for a night or two, I'd say it's a great purchase to use for guests.

  13. The rocker from Target is actually my favorite one. It looks comfy too. Yikes-having a baby opens up a whole new world of ways to kill time on the internet. Etsy alone would suck up hours! I'm looking forward to seeing how your nursery comes together.

  14. Love the Oeuf crib...super cute and the Walmart version is really close. Everything on Etsy is adorable. Especially the Isabella picture with the birthday and weight info. I am super excited to see what you do with the room!

  15. I love the bright colors idea for a nursery. I wanted to share some of my favorites that could work well with your theme - Oopsy Daisy prints - like the Alphabet with Kooky Birds or Jellybeen Tree, Caden Lane bedding, and wall stickers by Wallcandy (I have the Not Neutral one in Lillie's room).


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