Things That Happened This Week

Weird, weird things, man.

Alternative titles: Is This the Twilight Zone? Is It Friday Yet? WTF? OMG! Blog Worthy! Where Is My Wine?

This week has been way too eventful for my tastes and deserves a blog post, although if you follow me on Instagram you're probably sick of me whining about the weirdness of these days. Also, since the week isn't even over yet, I worry that maybe I'm jinxing myself into having a particularly horrific day tomorrow but whatever. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully more ordinary than the rest.

Monday drama: a large bird was stuck inside of our exhaust fan in our half bathroom. I thought it was a mouse, or a rat, or a raccoon because of how gigantic and terrifying it sounded. Literally, I almost had a panic attack when I realized a critter was STUCK INSIDE OF OUR WALL, which was predictably about 15 minutes after Nate left for work in the morning. And about 10 minutes before I had to rush the kids and myself out the door for a super early morning with patients. I was a blubbering idiot with them and kept trying to keep Cecelia out of the bathroom since miss curious was bound and determined to see what the 'noi' was. Truman was near tears because 'I don't want a mouse to be in our wall' --um, yeah. Me either, buddy.

Did I mention that I have a major fear of mice running through our walls after a particularly scarring experience in Arkansas? (shudder). All I knew was that a rustling loud enough to be heard from all parts of our house was haunting my soul on this Monday morning. And I had to get the heck away from our infested house before I lost my mind.

I had a friend of Tony's named Mike meet me back at home over lunch and that is when we discovered the startlingly large beak poking out of the fan. OMG. Thankfully Mike caught the bird and set him free and I did not accidentally kill the poor creature when I turned on the fan that morning to 'scare it away from the fan'.  Nate told me to do that over the phone when I was fa-REAKing out before work. The bird's head was totally stuck in the fan by noontime but it was able to fly away properly, so I guess I didn't commit murder that day. A bird. In our wall. I can't even.

Cover is off here--do you see the beak???

(video of the nomad bird's release. HUGE)

Tuesday drama: Cecelia had her first real stomach bug and barfed all over the house three times including once down my shoulder and twice in her crib. She was completely pathetic and sick and sad all day, and had a low grade fever, too. I was a nervous wreck imagining Truman and myself coming down with the bug and made us practically bathe in sanitizer. When CC wasn't puking she was in my arms and we didn't leave the house the entire day, adding to the stir craziness of feeling germs infest one's nostrils. Is that a queasiness I feel? Did I really let her drink out of my water bottle yesterday? Will I die of dehydration from barfing while pregnant, or worse....will Truman and Nate get the bug and cause the entire world to bow to their Mutant Bug Afflicting Men?

So much laundry. So much hand washing. So much paranoia. So gross and sad. Saddest face ever.

Sorry for the mention of manly parts to my family, but this Some Ecard cracks me up and was so fitting. Wanted to post on IG but did not.

Wednesday aftershock: I stayed home with the kids in the morning because I knew I couldn't send Cecelia to Lori's, and was too afraid to put her in the van to take Truman to Lori's by himself. Barf in our brand new mini-van would have done me in. Then Nate came home at noon and I left to see my patients. Tag teaming at it's finest and it made the day feel so different and out of our normal routine. Happy we have the flexibility to make 'sick days' work like this, of course. Happy to have no puke to consider while breathing a bit of fresh air. Happy that Cecelia started to feel better this day, too.

Popsicles for breakfast this day. Duh. Still with the sick eyes.

And it was a great mail day on Wednesday. 4moms sent me some of their products to try (it never hurts to ask, apparently?!) We tried out the spout cover right away for baths and got FANTASTIC pictures showing how wonderful it was. Sarcasm. Actually, we DO love the temperature gauge a little too much and I'm happy I no longer have to stick my hand in the water constantly to see if it's too hot or too cold. Truman is especially excited about this cover because now he wont stick his feet into a scalding tub without knowing it, and he loves the colored lights. Technology is his fave, just like his daddy. But bath time in general was just a disaster that night due to one overtired little lady. Real life pictures, for sure.

Thursday drama: Record number of errands run this morning including dropping Henry off to get his teeth cleaned, a donut treat with me and the littles, library fun, mini-van wash, and a craft trip to Michaels. Then a 5 minute car nap by Cecelia which is normally no big deal, since she will usually turn over in her bed as soon as I transfer her there and sleep like there is no tomorrow. But today it spelled disaster because once we were back at home she would NOT continue to sleep. Truman happily played on the iPad a bit for a portion of his 'quiet time' but my girl who loves to nap more than two hours a stretch? Nope. Not happy and she let me know through frequent check-ins that is just wasn't happening.

This card is funny but not right now. If this becomes a regular thing I will cry. Again, sorry for the foul language.

I'm not sure why this made me want to rage...probably because her nap time is when I get to recharge a bit. It's always a guarantee time in my SAHM days when I can do some paper work, return emails, and spend some 1:1 time with Truman, too. Without that assumed time to re-focus, I honestly felt angry and cheated of my meeeee tiiiiiiiime (said in a whiny voice). It was totally out of my control because my littlest didn't want to nap and therefore I had to continue on the marathon of our day without a breather. Not the end of the world but just enough to teeter me over the edge of reason. Patience runs dry for all of us. Mine was depleted by 3 pm.

It's a good thing they are cute.


Lucky for everyone Nate got home super early compared to his other nights of the week, busting through the door at 4pm with his Super Dad powers and annoying amounts of energy. We went to McDonalds for dinner because putting forth the effort in our kitchen was just not happening. Very good move as it was tasty and easy and the kids had a ball. Other positives from Thursday:  I did get a donut, a hot cup of coffee, and a fantastic workout completed today. Yes. Thursday was not so awful.


None of these ordeals are particularly earth-shattering. Combined they made for a helluva week, and yet? We survived. It could have been worse....especially if that bird had turned out to be a rat. Lord help me.

The baby is kicking like a man man (woman?) as I type this. I'm working on a fun little project for the gender reveal photo shoot which is a mere days away (!!) Our children are sleeping soundly in the same room, like little angels who did not challenge their mama this week at all (ha). Tomorrow is a fresh start. Someday it will be warm again and the snow will melt and we can all break out of this winter funk. It did snow RIGHT on top of my freshly cleaned mini-van, btw. February is such a fantastic month in general. Sigh. But life is still very, very good.


Also of note in the positive remarks arena, Truman had an adorable moment today while eating his donut.

T: "Mom, how did CC and I come out of your belly?"
Me: "Well, we went to the hospital and the doctor helped get you out of me." Easy as that! Riiiiiight.
T: "But what tools did they use?"
Me: hahahaha. "No tools, really. I just pushed you out of me." (praying that wouldn't sound too creepy.)
T: After thinking for a bit, "I think that probably hurt us." (Totally just painful for you, buddy, not me at all). "And I don't understand which way you pushed us." End of conversation.


I mean, adorable that he is starting to think about babies being inside and then coming out. He also asked me what we will do when this baby gets big enough to sit next to him at the table. 'Will we just have another baby then?' Ha. I told him that daddy doesn't want a fourth baby and three will be enough, but Truman did NOT agree. #BabyPusher

There have to be weeks like this to make the boring ones feel celebrated, I suppose. And it sure does feel good to vent about it all on the old blog ;)


  1. "Mutant Bug Afflicting Men" truly made me laugh out loud. I mean right?!?!?! My husband has been sick with a freaking COLD for over a week now and he is killllllllling me with his sad panda act. I just can't take it anymore.

    So sorry it was such a crap week. But this post was totally my favorite.

    Oh and Gus cannot wrap his head around the fact that he was once in my belly. He talks about Louie but looks at me like I'm crazy when we talk about him once being born from me ;) He also recently asked how I go potty if I don't have a penis so IT IS STARTING OMG.

  2. Totally freaking out at the thought if a animal in the walls!! I am glad you were able to avoid that stomach bug. Poor CC. Hope your Friday is a good one... Mines not looking the greatest since a little man decided 4:09 am was wake up time. Grrrrrr

  3. Sometimes (or a lot of time) being an adult sucks. In the last two months: broken garage door, stomach flu, car accident, our neighbor backed into our garage, cracked windshield, cracked living room window from the cold, and our TV speaker broke. I thought my husband's head was going to explode. I didn't think ONE more thing could possibly go wrong each time... and each time it did. More money, more time off to get things fixed, more errands to buy replacement things... Home ownership and adult responsibilities are for the BIRDS. (pun intended)

    At our old home, we had a bird get into the wall and get down to the floor heaters. I was sitting on the toilet doing my business when I heard chirping and then a BEAK poked out. I screamed and panicked, too. So, been there and had the same reaction as you. Ridiculous!

    Anyway, I hope the rest of the month is calmer all around!

  4. Omg!! The bird! I would have died! Thank God you didn't turn on that fan!

    Definitely an interesting week. I'm glad C is on the mend and no one else got hit. I'm in agreement -WORST WINTER EVER!

  5. OMG, I think the story pre-dates our friendship, but we totally had a bird get caught and ESCAPE from our dryer vent in our townhouse. Like bird loose in the house! Traumatizing. A few weeks later we had one get stuck and died.

    I hope your Friday makes up for the rest of the week. Poor CC, hope she's feeling better!

  6. Hope today is a better day!!! Luke had a cold all week and now Annie woke up today sounding bad. I swear at least one person in our house has a cold at all times. Luckily nothing has been TOO terribly bad but still - will be nice when that ends!

  7. Mercury is in retrograde. I have no idea what that means, but it seems to be the most logical explanation for why my life and everyone else's has been a proverbial freak show the last week or so. Don't worry, it only lasts until the end of the month............

  8. The bird in your fan is crazy! I don't even want to think about what would've happened had you just flipped that switch...YUCK! And seriously loving Truman's comments about babies coming out... he so funny! Hope your Friday turns the week around for you!

  9. This post made me giggle. What a week!! I feel bad I didn't email at all to voice my support!!! Been a crazy week over here, too, though thankfully no birds or sick kids!! Glad you got through and can see the positive. :) Excited to see you tomorrow!!

    Also, T asking questions is cute. I've been honest with Henry - he pretty much knows I pushed him out of my "ginus" as he calls it. LOL!

  10. Oh no! Sick kiddies are so tough and I totally understand the feeling of being cheated when the naps stop. I totally felt the same way. Hopefully this is just a fluke.

    I would FREAK out if there was a bird in the wall!!!

    My little guy asked me one morning while we were getting ready "Mommy, is it true that I came out of you like pee?" OMG - the things they learn in school. I didn't know whether to lie or tell him the truth...I told him the truth but it just felt WRONG!

  11. Oh Mama!

    I'm sorry this post made me laugh so many times! I know your week was so far from 'ha ha' funny, but your retelling was really fantastic. I hope things are are on the up and up and that you have a nice (boring) weekend!

  12. We had a BAT in our house two years ago that we never saw again... this week I found it's remains. Ahhhh.

    I love updates like this! And Truman's inquisitiveness. Someday we'll actually have to explain that stuff to our kids... yikes.

  13. A BEAK! NOOOOOOO. Horrors.

    Yeah, not really the most fun of weeks for us over here either, mostly for sick reasons but thankfully no pukes! I think that is the very worst because it's so unpredictable from the toddler/preschooler set and they often want to be facing you and hugged while it happens and EEEEK!

    Ready for warm weather and the decrease in illness for sure!

    PS - Bella has the full scoop on birthing (but she knows it's something not to discuss in casual company) and I didn't realize that Oliver has overheard/picked up on it/possibly discussed with Bella until he shouted "Baby come out your gi-gi!" this week. So then! Guess he knows what's what!! OMG! Thank goodness his speech remains fairly garbled sounding to most :)

  14. Oh man. That was a crappy week indeed. I hate when the no-nap thing happens. Especially when you're looking forward to it sooo much.


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