Baby #3: 29 weeks

4.22.14: Twenty-nine weeks!

Camera Roll-406

Holy smokes, I'm sort of freaking out by how quickly this is moving right now. Eleven more weeks until my due date (which is 7.8.14, in case I haven't mentioned that in a while)? How?


I've entered the 'I hope I don't have him too early' phase of the third trimester. I mean, this isn't a new phase for me but more of an ongoing concern throughout each stage. Obviously in the first trimester I was worried about a miscarriage. And in the second trimester, I was also worried about losing the baby with super-early labor. Now that it would likely be okay to have him (not OKAY by me, but with a lot of medical help, he would probably survive), I'm worried about pre-term labor. Still.

Mostly because I'm starting to feel really huge, tired, and like my uterus wants to fall out of my body when I'm upright. Not all of the time, but sometimes when I stand up I can seriously feel so much pressure 'down there'. I've never had hemmies before but am nervous this third time around might cause some major issues in the pelvic floor region, if you know what I mean. Pressure. It's there, man. How much worse can it get in the next 11 weeks? Don't answer that. I know I still have a looooong way to go when it comes to feeling tired and big and like my uterus is exploding. Which is why I'm nervous I will never make it to my due date, and that thought in itself is highly annoying to me. Because if I'm already feeling like I'll go early, I surely will not and will be overdue for the first time, and therefore will want to shoot myself for allowing these thoughts so soon.

My overanalyzing annoys me, like most things in life right now, as you can see.

I went for a 30 minute walk with Henry dog over the weekend and was super annoyed by my inability to exercise. I had to stop and pee after 10 minutes and felt like I could go again at the end of the walk, too. Then when I sit down it's fine, so I think it's more about the weight of the babe on my bladder. Then last night I took the kids for the same walk in the double BOB and although I didn't nearly pee myself, I did feel contractions the entire time. So I think I have to really watch it when I walk now, and maybe pushing 60+ pounds of kid plus the mammoth stroller might mean I should slow it down a smidge. I sort of forgot what it's like to dial back what little exercise I'm actually getting because of contractions, but now I remember! The constant tightening sensation with activity was why I finally stopped running in Truman's pregnancy and I do remember that with Cecelia's, too. I miss running all of a sudden, and am looking forward to feeling like a newborn calf that is super awkward with those first few steps. Ah, the pain of getting back into running after a long hiatus. Should be fun.

My OB appointment went well last week. I didn't hear from the office about my glucose screening which means it was negative (hallelujah!) and baby boy was measuring right on track this time. I've gained 22 pounds which was startling at first, until I looked back and saw that is exactly what I had gained with Cecelia at 28 weeks. And with Truman it was already 25 pounds! Sure hope I can slow the weight gain down a bit from now until d-day, like with C's pregnancy compared to T's just getting ramped up for big time poundage. Did I mention I feel huge lately and like I want to exercise but know I can't really push it? Blech. Anyway, the appointment was fun as always because I adore my OB and now I start going every two weeks. Again: woah!

But! The weather has been so nice in the past few days, it's like a little glimpse into heaven. It got up to 77 degrees on Sunday, people. I swear it hasn't been that warm since last August and we truly had forgotten how wonderful warm weather can be. And one week ago it was snowing, so the weekend was especially glorious. Like, 'I can conquer the world when the sun is shining and we don't have to wear 14 layers of clothes,' type of glory. We had an awesome Easter weekend, that probably deserves it's own post, but it was filled with candy, egg hunts, family time, happy kids and parents, sunshine absorption, and fresh air. Thank you, God. I think the official best moment of the week was when all four of us were outside, washing the van together, eating watermelon, and enjoying the weather. It made me so excited for summer when baby will be here! Cannot wait for both the baby and the hot hot hot weather.

Easter pics in place of an actual post:

Feeling cute but a little large on Easter Sunday.
Camera Roll-371

Our babes, all dressed up and happy/on a sugar high. Doesn't get much better.

Fashionista bunny rabbit.

This kid wore his swimming suit all day Sunday. He makes me laugh.

Happy girl in the sunshine.

So handsome in a tie.

Family of four, but not for long!
Camera Roll-381

Nailed it. Wanted one with them wearing their bunny ears and glasses. Hahahahaha.

So I promise I'm not one big ball of complaints this week. Life is still very good and I'm still loving pregnancy. I am just feeling the third trimester now, I think. And I'm turning 33 this weekend so I'm just tired in general with my old age. ;)

The good old days: pregnant with Truman at 29 weeks. Still can't get over how different my belly looks with his baby brother compared to my first rodeo. It really seems like a lifetime ago. Then 29 weeks with Cecelia, and this post made me smile. I still find so many similarities between her pregnancy and this one: sleeping well, not as famished anymore (although Easter = death by Jelly Beans), rapid-fire baby kicks, and warmer weather that is so good for the soul.

Baby movement this time? Still crazy, constant and a little painful. I still call this my most active baby by far. I had taken many-a-videos of him trying to bust out of my belly button last week. I can definitely make out tiny body parts and I wonder when he is going to settle the heck down into the locked and loaded position? Right now he is having a ball doing gymnastics in there. Nate once again said, 'That is so freaky. You have a human being inside of you.' It's a trip, man.


Sleeping is mostly fine, I definitely toss and turn a little bit more than before and can't find a perfect position at night. But I took the best nap of my life on Saturday, with Truman on the other part of the couch snoozing away with his tired mama. I find that most days I hit a wall around 2-3pm and either have to nap or make a conscious effort to keep moving or else!

Big time nursery progress this week, too. I'm feeling like I want to keep some of the projects under wraps so I can properly reveal them in their separate posts (annoying, I know), but Nate hung a few shelves and picture frames for me. And I almost cried seeing it all go up on the walls (annoying, I know). I also ordered the most adorable/awesome/exciting wall art ever this weekend. It will take 10 weeks to arrive so I need to dig deep for some patience, and try to contain my excitement. Enough writing about stuff that I'm not actually going to show you right now...but it was a great nursery week over here. I love his little room so much.

In summary, I feel a little bit crazy at times at the 29 week mark. Overwhelmed with happiness, contentment, and excitement one minute. Overwhelmed with fatigue, annoyance, and lack of patience the next. Feeling big and uncomfortable but then I feel dumb for even thinking that so soon. I am both so far along and have so far to go. Cannot wait to meet this little boy who is using my internal organs as punching bags. Just not yet, of course;)


  1. Well, you look great (seriously!) but I very much remember feeling large and hating that I couldn't really work out and move the way I wanted to counteract the largeness. But it won't be long now!

  2. I know the feeling but I can assure you do not look large but instead are cute and perfect for 29 weeks ;)

    I remember those "zingers" and pressure down below. Whoa! I know it's still 11 weeks away but it's so fascinating how our bodies slowly begin to prepare for the big descend!

    And yeah, I feel like this baby will be here tomorrow. Not like you'll go into labor early but that July 8th will be here before we know it!

    Glad you guys had a great Easter. This weekend was perfect, hey?!

  3. Oh pretty please don't make us wait 10 weeks to see the nursery!! I'll die of the anticipation!

  4. I think you look amazing. I definitely had the same annoyances by 29 weeks. And nodding my head at the feeling that your uterus will fall out. Insane amounts of pressure the third time! I worried my whole third tri that she would be born too early but she stuck it out - even through the horrid sickness ;)

  5. Such extremes of feelings and emotions - I know that all too well over here right now, too!! So excited to see the nursery in person. You look great. Can't wait to meet that baby boy of yours. But not too soon! :)

  6. You definitely do not seem large! At all. Love the Easter pics!! It is crazy to think that my niece and nephew were born at 29 weeks! I don't recommend it ;) But at least at this stage you do know that he will likely end up at least okay, and yes VERY doubtful that he'll come out! Maybe you will get to enjoy the experience of being overdue ;) It is a SPECIAL one!!! hahahaha

  7. Love the photos of the kids with the ears and glasses! Cecelia look so grown up for almost 2! Love her with the watermelon too :)

  8. Love your Easter pictures, so fun! I had a little freak out yesterday because I feel so huge and uncomfortable at 22weeks and I still have the whole summer to go!! Ugh.


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