Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Turkey Day! These are too funny!

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  1. ok--i have no idea how i got to your blog (this link from this page, then another link, etc!), but wanted to tell you that i read the post below about your wedding gown. it is gorgeous, by the way.
    i wanted to tell you of a tradition that i do w/ my 3 girls on their birthday. although i love my gown, i, too, imagine that it will probably be outdated when they are ready to get married. but, as a special tradition...we pull the gown out once a year.

    on their birthday, they try it on (or lay on it when they are babies!) i take pictures, then choose one of the pictures and put it in a special silk birthday album.

    so, i'll have 1 picture of them, on their birthday, in my wedding gown, every year.

    even though the oldest is only 4 years old, i love being able to see how she's growing...and she loves this special time, too.

    that's a really long comment, but i wanted to give you another idea to think about. what a special keepsake.

    i'll give you the link to that album, too...



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