Go shawty, it's my burfday...

Henry, here, on the day of my birth. I can only assume that my birthday card is still in the mail from you readers, since everyone seems to have forgotten that October 18 is the best day of the year....the day my doggy mother brought me into this world. Today I am three years old. Or in human years, I'm twenty one and officially an adult. Or in other words, pass the brew!

So I have some pictures to show you, beginning with my Dad's new great idea: "Bazooka Dog" as he calls it. I'm thrilled as you can see: 

But onto the good stuff: my presents! Mom said she dropped a pretty penny on my 'furry butt' today but obviously, I'm worth it. 
Oh yeah, those are all gourmet treats...plus a new toy, a stupid hat, and my dry [boring] food. Here is my birthday cupcake:
I go in for the kill, choosing the organic pumpkin cookie first. 
Mom made me pose in front of my toy box. It's overflowing these days, no?
Obviously, my parents don't hesitate to spoil the crap out of me. Can't wait to see how wretchedly spoiled their human children will be. 
So this is my new yarn toy. Mom knows that my favorites are always the messiest [ie anything that leaves the floors dirty = awesome]
But it's hard work being three years old. 

Mom made me go outside for some 'natural light' pictures but I wasn't feeling it. After all, I'm an adult and can make my own decisions these days. 

So we came back inside and it happened: she forced me to wear the stupid hat. 

Grrr, I will kill you.
hold on a second, this reminds me of something...

Flash back: here I am on my second birthday. Yep, this was last year and mom is too cheap to buy me a different hat. She told me not to eat the hat because we need to 'make it last' whatever that means. Something about the economy being crappy, blah blah blah. I think I look so immature here....so young, so naive. And my beard isn't even brown yet!

See, this is me now on my third birthday. Older and wiser, but still ticked off at mom for the hat. Funny how my expression didn't change in a year. 

The hat starts to go....
And it ends up here. FYI: I always win staring contests:
Is it over yet?
Mom, please. So embarrassing. 
Dad, you are such a loser. 

As if that weren't humiliating enough, please look at what they did to me the other night. They are laughing because I'm furious.  They want me to use my paws like hands [their fave]...but I hold out as long as possible. 

So yeah, I'm three years old today and it doesn't feel any different. Besides the satisfying fullness in my tummy from downing so many treats. Tonight might be a fun night with many trips outside, if you know what I mean.

Does anyone else celebrate pet birthdays? Anyone up for a doggy get together, because my party would have been a lot better with other canines:)


  1. LOL.....pic #2 with the hat is priceless! He looks way less than amused. Happy Woofday Henry....you look not a day over 2 years and 8 months!

  2. Happy birthday Henry! My baby Dudley just turned one on the tenth! They grow up so fast! I feel better now knowing I'm not the only one who celebrates my puppies birthdays! He's so handsome!

  3. Happy Birthday Henry! He's too cute.

    Indy loves playing with other doggies. She says "woof!".

  4. Happy birthday, Henry! I hope you had a great day :)

  5. Happy Birthday Henry!!! William and Ellie say Hi too!

  6. Henry, you look so dapper with glasses on! Happy burfday!!!

  7. Happy B-day, Henry! Looks like your parents threw you quite the celebration.


    Looks like your mom and dad got you some great stuff. You look very cute I mean manly in your birthday hat! Shepley has a birthday hat as well and she too does not enjoy wearing it each year for pictures!

  9. Such a cute dog! Great post, love the pics!!

  10. Happy birthday, Henry! It's a good thing your mom got you so many treats, because you look pissed to be wearing that hat;) Oh well, it will be put away until next year.

  11. Poor Henry. I can't believe Mom and Dad made you wear that ridiculous hat. But cheers to many more years of ridiculousness!!

  12. Happy Birthday Henry! Hope you enjoyed your day and your treats.

    Lily has birthday parties every year as well. She is never very fond of the present bow that always ends up on her head.

  13. A very late happy birthday, Henry! You are too cute for words. Tell mama that it's not fair that you have to wear a stinkin' hat when they don't.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Henry! You should eat that stupid hat so you won't have to wear it anymore!

    P.S. Tell your mom to check out dogfoodanalysis.com to find you a better food without as much filler. High quality food might be more per bag but your dog eats less and has to go to the vet less so it usually is cheaper overall. Plus, your dog poos a lot less!


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