How many days 'til Christmas?!?!

I've decided that I love Wisconsin Autumns. I have pictures [coming soon!] to prove that it truly is one of the most beautiful places to see the leaves change. I don't even mind that it's getting colder and darker in the evenings...not just yet, but give me another month and I might be sobbing all over the place again.

You see, Christmas is RIGHT around the corner. No joke. I can't even bring myself to count the days....although I love Christmas, I know that means Wisconsin winter full of reDONKulous amounts of snow. Sob.

I say all this because of my album design business [bear with me a second, I'll get back to Christmas in a bit]. I have to show off an album I completed some time ago, but never had a second to gather my thoughts and post about it. Jenna is a bride with stellar tastes: she got married and had her reception at the very same location as moi, just a mere five days after me. We met through wedding planning and it was quite the trip down memory lane to design her album. Jenna used SJMacky, one of the most popular St. Louis photographers, whose talent has grown with her booming clientele. Did I mention that I love to stare at wedding photographer's blogs?

Here are a few of my favorite layouts from Jenna's album, but as always....go to my website under 'examples' for all of the pages.

Fun, right?

But what about Christmas? Since the season is upon us and my side business seems to be taking off, I need anyone who wants an album by Christmas to get on the ball. I'm thinking the beginning of November [a few weeks away!] is a realistic deadline because I only have so much free time to devote to J.Lorene [although if I had it my way, you know I'd ditch the full time real job in a second for this fun stuff.]

So here is my plea: if you are considering using my services for a Christmas gift album, contact me a.s.a.p. [julia@jlorenedesign dot com]. And be prepared to get your images organized and sent to me by the beginning of November. Mama Clause might need to make a few hot dates with Mr. Computer before Christmas....the whole idea of 'sharing the computer' is a little rough lately. I miss the days of our dual-computer household:(

[As a side note, I finally raised my prices ever so slightly. It's about time I took the plunge so take a look on the 'investment' tab. Yay for business growth!]


  1. Urgh, don't even start talking about Christmas... and snow!!!!
    Another beautiful album... :)

  2. Totally unrelated...but I told my SIL who's getting married this Friday to consider you for her album. She seemed really interested. Of course she probably won't get her proofs back for a long time so this whole Christmas thing won't happen..but I thought you'd just be happy to hear that you may have another client on the horizon.

  3. Ugh, Matt's aunt told me how many days there are until Christmas last night (I can't remember now...), and I thought she was nuts! I love Christmas and all, but I'm stressing over gifts this year. Our family keeps growing!

    I've really been thinking about having you design our album... Now I'm just trying to convince Matt that you would do a much better job than I could!

  4. EXCITING!!! That album is beautiful (typical!) good luck with jlorene! I hope it takes off for you!

  5. Wow those albums are so beautiful! And congrats on the business growth!

  6. Hmm, my photog is also shooting for X-mas for our album...but it's been in the works since June:(

    Jenna's album looks beautiful! And I imagine that the falls there are spectacular-you have to have something to hold onto before the onslaught of winter, right?

  7. You are not the only one obsessed with photographer blogs. I LOVE THEM.

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous design J! I hope you book up quick!

  9. Another fabulous design Julia!!! As for Christmas, I'm in denial that it's going to be here before we all know it.


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