Here goes nothing

Well this is it, folks---18 weeks in the making. 

The anticipation and long hours of preparation bring back memories of wedding planning....only I don't get to wear a fabulous gown and dance the night away as my reward. I get to run for 4.5 hours [definitely less glamorous, no?]

I remember the moment I decided to run a full marathon: it was at our old apartment on a frigid cold December night and I decided that I needed to get off my lazy arse and set a goal for myself. A goal that was scary and attainable and difficult all wrapped into one. So I posted about it to make it real because that's what bloggers do, right?

Here is my 'goals for 2008' post and you can see which goal held the top slot [I'll have to address the others in a few months as the year ends....don't make me cry thinking about what the weather will be like in a few months]. Then I went ahead and made it legal in February, 
began training at the end of May, and the rest is history.

If by 'history' you mean a butt load of running, then I guess that statement is accurate. This training made me crawl out of bed on weekday mornings at 4:30 a.m---before the sun or the birds or any logical human being rises for the day---to run for nearly 2 hours before working a full day. This training made me trick myself into running when my inner lazy arse wanted so badly to sit on the couch and down wine/pizza/a combination of all yummy things. I ran when I was tired, ran when I was hungry, ran when I was in a craptastic mood---all because I knew I had to, in order to finish my first full marathon. 

I have this patient who I treated after he had back surgery. He is probably in his 70s and was a hard core marathoner back in his day. I treated him right when my training began and he immediately began giving me advice. I'll see him around the hospital and he always asks how many miles I've run, if I have any injuries, etc. I can tell he longs to run another marathon but unfortunately, it's not possible anymore after his surgery.

A few weeks ago he hunted me down while I was in a patient's room to give me something: two pieces of paper. He informed me that these could be my inspiration, should I need them, because they both hang on his bulletin board at home. One paper holds an article written by George Sheehan, who used to be an editor at Runner's World, entitled "Why Do I Run?" It's pretty fabulous. 

The other piece of paper is hand typed by an old fashioned type writer, and I wonder if my patient took it upon himself to make me this copy.  I think some of you may like it, and maybe you can even gain your own inspiration from it:

"A 26-mile race is miraculous and somehow unexplainable. It requires us to rely on the spirit. It's not instant gratification. The long training hours and the race itself give us more time to look within ourselves."  ~Isaiah McClain 

I really do feel that I've grown as a person through this training. I'm amazed at how far I've come in a matter of months---and as a wise reader once commented, the race itself is like a cherry on top of all the difficult training. I'm excited and nervous and anxious and a little scared but I'm ready.

And just a review for are my goals in sequential order:
1. Do not die.
2. Cross the finish line.
3. Beat Oprah's 4:29 time.

Now, I know they say you aren't supposed to have a time goal for your first marathon so I'll be proud of myself as long as I finish. I'll just be freaking ecstatic if I complete the race in less than 4:30, okay? Especially considering this weird lung issue that just won't go away [I've tried vitamin C and even an inhaler from the doc at work]--I realize that might slow me down a bit:)

And with that, I'll see you on the flip side. The race begins at 8:00 on Sunday morning if you want to send good vibes my way. Thank you for all of your support thus far--your comments are stored in my brain for those dark moments during the race:) 


  1. Lots of good vibes coming your way Julia! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to "hear" all about it.

  2. hai Julia,

    You had a good content! I hope this blog will grow and it become a great blog that heve high page rank.

    My friend, I hoped you always got the sparkling idea for the progress this blog. May your efforts be successful.

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  3. I am sending lots of good vibes your way, but regardless you are my hero for even attempting to run a marathon. Now get out there and kick some ass for all of us to afraid to even try! :)

  4. You have so much to be proud of already! I know you will be a rock star on Sunday and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Congrats! I am already in great awe of you for making it this far.

    You can do this! I'll be thinking of you on Sunday and I can't wait to hear about it.

  6. You're going to do awesome. . .I know it!!!!!!!

  7. good luck! I wish I was going to be around to cheer you on! I love going to those things.

    kick ass.

  8. good luck, Julia! Kinda cool that we'll be running a marathon at the same time :). I know you'll kick some arse!

  9. Good luck! Think of all of us girls you have motivated to be runners and know we are definitely cheering for you.

    And by the way, I did pick out the few "first marathon" you inserted into your post so I guess you have decided to do more. You're such inspiration!

  10. You're going to kick butt! Goal #1 made me laugh. At least you're confident that you're ready. Go out there and rock it!!

  11. GOOD LUCK!!!!

    You can do it, and will be wonderful!

    Kick Oprah's ass!!!!!

  12. Julia, you're such an inspiration!! When I went back and read your "goal post" from 2007, it made me feel like I could do this too if I really put my mind to it. I'm like you, sleeping in, naps on Sundays, a good pizza and wine - so I would literally be transforming myself. It's so encouraging to see how you did this, and I can't wait to hear (read) how it goes! If you start to get discouraged, just think of Dwight Schrute and what he would say to you if you wanted to quit! Good luck Lady!!!!

  13. I'm so proud of you and I know you can do it on Sunday! I'll be thinking of you.

    Can't wait to see you next week and celebrate your finish!

  14. Good luck Julia! You have put in all of the hard work and you are ready! You will do great!!

  15. Good luck! I'll think of you and send you love of running vibes!

  16. Best of luck to you! It is the best feeling in the world when you complete your first marathon. Just don't forget to take me. Your body will thank you the next day! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

  17. Good luck Julia!! I'm sure you'll rock it. ;)

  18. Congrats on all the hard work and training that have gotten you where you are. You are going to do great this weekend! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm using you as my inspiration for next year. Kick ass!

  19. Good luck! What an accomplishment already! You will rock that race Sunday but I'll be saying a prayer for you!

  20. I am delurking to wish you luck, I am using the same training program but my marathon is not until november, so I am anxious to read how the big day goes...Good luck!

  21. I barely know you, but I'm so proud of you for doing all this! It's amazing! Just keep focusing on that finish line. Look out Oprah!!

  22. Julia, you've made me laugh and cry with you throughout your training {no, you probably didn't intend the crying, but I've been hormonal}. And now, I'm probably going to spend way too much time as a stranger thinking about and praying for you this weekend!

    You are awesome woman. You are going to rock this more than anything else and as if it matters I'm extremely proud of you.

  23. Go get 'em! I can't imagine running a marathon! You're hard work will certainly pay off. Best of luck!

  24. Oh you are my hero!!!
    I hope you make EACH goal and blow
    them out..
    just doing the Marathon is HUGE
    good luck..I'll be back to see the results..

    GO GO!!

  25. If I didn't have to work, I would come down to cheer you on somewhere on the course. I think that you will be amazing. Good luck!

  26. Good Luck!!! What an accomplishment; you should be proud of yourself for sure!


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