Little caveats I forgot to add... could I have missed anything in my mammoth wordy post, right? Are you sick of hearing about the marathon yet? :)

1. My Dad said to me on Monday morning, "I can't believe I have a daughter who just ran a marathon. I thought you hated running. You certainly hated it in high school during volleyball and basketball. And I know you don't get this talent from me." Isn't he cute? He's right, I could line up and do sprints all day for my high school sports but despised the day we ran the mile. Interesting.

2. There were more bloody nipple sightings than I'd like to admit. I think my Mom was secretly amazed at an actual sighting.

3. I saw one dude get some HARD CORE calf cramps. He was running ahead of me and then all of a sudden he screamed out in a blood curdling cry, "I'M CRAMPING UP." And then  he fell to the ground and rolled around a bit. I yelled to a spectator, "Pull his toes up for him!" and then kept running. It was a sad sight, seriously.

4. Mom said she saw one guy at mile 22 go up to his spectator wife and say, "I'm done, that's it, let's go home." And they did. I guess about 60 of the 2000 people did not finish the race. But there were 2750 people who signed up originally, so I guess 750 of them didn't even start---doesn't that seem high to you?

5. Did I mention that the rain  held off until we got back to our cars? Talk about a blessing!

6. While Nate talked me through the last five miles he mentioned two things that made me laugh: "Just think of the awesome blog post you are going to write after this" and "Just picture Henry jumping up and licking the salt off your face when we get home." He knows me so well sometimes because both phrases helped me.

**Unrelated to marathoning, we are going to St. Louis this weekend for the third wedding. I am looking forward to it but I'm still wiped out from the previous two weekends. In fact, my respiratory bug has progressed into a full blown cold or something awful like that. But I will suck it up for Andy and Laura. Can you say Chase Starlight Room for the reception [my STL girls?]


  1. OMG! Congratulations on your crazy marathon!! I seriously can't believe I know of an actual person who ran a whole marathon! It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about running a SINGLE mile, much less an entire 26 of 'em!

    And kudos to your Nate for being such a great cheerleader!

    You GO girl!

  2. I have enjoyed your marathoning posts so much! Somewhat scary side note, I was falling asleep last night and started laughing (again) at your reference to your husband looking like he was twisting his own nipple. Thank you for sharing this with us :)

  3. Wow, how sad for that guy that quit at mile 20. And everyone else that didn't finish. Or even start. I mean, if you're done, you're done and at least they realized it. It's just that it seems like he was SO CLOSE to finishing. :(

    Nate sounds like a great cheerleader!

  4. You have got me thinking marathon... maybe a half would be a better place to start though... We'll see!

    Also, that is super fun about a wedding at the Chase. I have yet to go to one there but have heard amazing things. Be sure to show us some pics!!!

  5. The photo booth pics get a lot of life! I LOVE it (obvi).

  6. I love the marathon posts! Still doesn't make me want to run one....or even a mile....but I love reading about it!

    Side note - I'll be just down the street at the Coronado for a reception, Saturday night!


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