Brace yourself.

If we still lived right next to the lake, I wouldn't be worried. But since we are a little more west perhaps I should brace myself for the next 24 hours? And is it just me or does Lake Michigan look like a giant jelly-belly-of-doom on this map?

Big fatty flakes on Henry's last outing of the night could only be captured via camera. Sorry for the poor videographer skills but it's really pretty when it snows at night, isn't it? I wish I had a headlight on this puppy or something because you don't get the full effect via the streetlight.

You know how some bloggers suddenly focus every post on wedding planning, or little babies, or cooking yummy meals? Well apparently this blog has morphed into Winter Wonderland zone. I apologize if you are beating your faces into the desk out of boredom but this snowy insanity both frightens me and amuses me.


  1. I love your winter posts! I hate to say it but I kinda miss winters... right now we have ZERO snow on the ground so I am living that weather through you. I am trying to decide if I actually like that weather though... hmmm...

  2. It doesn't bore me-- I live in it myself. It's actually nice to have someone to relate to :)

  3. Yep I guess we are getting a blast of sleet and rain and then snow as it turns colder later today. (I live South of the Wisconsin state line but not by much).

  4. i miss snow. growing up in pittsburgh and now living in coastal nc, i remember the snow days and hope it snows when i go home for christmas this year. but i guess i can see where it gets old.

  5. Lol at turning into Winter Wonderland. I kind of forgot about it's novelty.


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