Bring on Christmas

We're ready for it around here, especially Henry.

Ta Da! [lights on] [lights off]
Remember my mom's package? Here are the tiny treasures I unwrapped one by one. 27 years of memories and MOST of them I recognized from years passed. Please note the jumbo hideous ball on your upper left, more on that later.

My very first Christmas ornament. I was a cute baby, no?

A few years involved creepy dolls.

1988 was probably one of my favorites. My brother has the male version of each year and I remember the gingerbread man being just as cute.

This is one of our own from last year and really, you can't beat it.

If Nate had to pick a fave it would surely be this one.

So the giant ball was a craft I made when I was a wee one. It's HUGE and pretty hideous but I remember being so proud. I guess I've always been crafty and a Martha wanna be:) This ball would always be strategically placed in front of any bald spots when we were growing up---now that we are using a fake tree it doesn't hold the same value. Fake trees don't have bald spots since you can just twist around the limbs as you please. I miss our real trees and SOMEDAY we will take the plunge to buy one. Just not now, when we'd have to drag it up flights of curving stairs and back down.

Keri's ornament looks fab.

We completely forgot about this ornament from our one year anniversary trip! Of course, I dropped it immediately and Nate had to super glue it back together. Big surprise.

And here is this years ornament. I kept it simple this year and it's pretty similar to last years, too.

I decided to hang the stockings on our built-in buffet this year, and added a garland, too.

My main project this year? Taking these two janky looking wreaths [50% off at Michaels!]....
And turning them into this. I love the end result. The golden pine cones and leaves are a nice finishing touch and were approximately $0.62. Let's hope it stands up to our snow!

So here are our outdoor decorations complete with one fluffy white watch dog.

And here is the whole duplex. My mother-in-law definitely outdid me on the lower level but as a whole it looks pretty fab. Someday, when they replace the missing railing on our porch, we can go crazy with wrapped garland and lights there, too. But for now it's just the unsafest porch ever.

Nighttime, with flash. Yes, that is snow falling. Are you surprised?

Nighttime without flash. Something about this one makes me feel cozy inside.

And speaking of snow, it's still happening. A few more inches Friday night....predicted storm to hit on Tuesday, you know---fun stuff. But I love our street this time of year [not as much as I loved the golden leaves, but whatev].

Henry and snow go together so well, don't they?

I love snow on trees and bushes.
Yep, the 'patio test' is still coming along nicely, growing every day.

And finally, during my non-computer creative streak I finally put together my marathon shadow box. I *heart* shadow boxes and this adds to my collection.
Is that enough pictures for one night? I think so. Hope you enjoyed as much as we did.


  1. Looks great Julia! I made a wreath very similar to that last year! It stood up to all the snow (only got blown off the door once), so hopefully yours does well too!

  2. #1 - I love how big your tree is!!

    #2 - We have that same Packers ornament...except ours is for the Broncos. I also made an ornament eerily similar to your giant ball ornament way back when.

    #3 - The wreath is gorgeous! I love wreaths. I wish I had a huge house with tons of windows and I'd hang one on every window during Christmas time.

    #4 The marathon shadow box is fab.

    #5 - I'm glad you got rid of the spam preventer thingy where you have to type the weird letters (it's got a name, but I can't think of it) It makes commenting so much easier. :)

  3. I think Henry is the cutest dog ever! :-) Also, I love your marathon box - that's a great idea!

  4. I have that gingerbread ornament on my tree this year! Rob and I had a lot of fun going through my childhood ornaments. My mom is a Hallmark Keepsake nut, I have too many ornaments for my own good.

  5. Haha...I love how Kristal is making lists in her comments. She did on my blog too! I am going to be a copy-cat...
    #1. Please frame that first picture of Henry with the lights. Oooh, no...make it into an ornament! It is ADORABLE!
    #2. Can't get over your wreath. I couldn't find one that I liked and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one you made. I might have to copy off of you too!
    #3. I am obsessed with the ornament that Keri gave you and I am going to make Mike make us some. Seriously, I already bought the paint pens and blank ornaments.
    #4. The snow makes me cringe. I just can't believe you can stand it. Looking at your patio set kind of depresses me. Ha...sorry.

  6. Everything looks amazing! Love your DIY stuff - those frames are the cutest and I'm going to come steal that wreath off your dangerous porch.
    I thought you giant ball was a volleyball to commemorate a particularly spectacular season? lol. I see your DIY skills have improved over the years.

  7. Could you please reveal where Keri bought that ornament? Or give us some sort of lesson on how to make our own. Its absolutely ADORABLE and would make excellent stocking stuffers.
    How cute is your wreath?? VERY. Geez, you could totally publish your own Christmas decorating mag.

  8. Erin~you could totally make that ornament, like LC is doing. But a little birdy told me they also sell them on Etsy. Just search for 'personalized ornaments' and you'll see.

    I'm glad you all like my wreath! And yes, the Henry/lights picture is ornament worthy for sure.

    Kristal~I didn't even know I had that spam blocker thing on for awhile. I hate that!

  9. The wreath is fantastic and happy we do not live near each other. Because I would break in and steal the red cup. I love it so.

    Erin, if you live in stl, they sell them at Dazzle boutique in frontenac.....

  10. Gorgeous pics! You did a fab job decorating :) Cute dog!!

  11. Love the ornaments. And I'm so jealous you are an outdoor decorator...We seem to have zero motivation for that. I guess we like to keep the Christmas spirit inside! One day...

  12. I love your decorations, and the snow does make the house look warm and cozy! And Henry is the cutest!!

  13. Everything looks great. I love all of your personal ornaments. You made everything look so homey and cozy!

  14. Your decorations look great as always Julia!

  15. I LOVE your wreath! Such a clever idea!

    And I love that you have one ornament for every year of your life, and that your mom sent them to you so that you could share them with your hubby!

  16. Everything looks so, so pretty!! I love Christmastime. :) Screw all this snow, though!

    And I didn't know you had the built-in buffet like we do - don't you just love it?!

    Merry Christmastime!!

  17. I love your Christmas decorations! The wreath turned out fabulous!! And that picture of Henry with the lights is awesome! :-)

  18. That's it, I am driving up there and stealing Henry. Please make sure he's still wearing his lights.

  19. I have an idea! How about a tutorial on how you make...the CUTEST photo ornament EVER. I love it!

  20. YAY! More snow pictures!! :D

    The dolls aren't creepy! They're totally cute. The picture of Henry in the window from outside is just precious.

    Great job on the wreath and your decorating! This years ornament is totally rad too!

  21. How cute is Henry adorned with lights! Wow, exactly how many lights are on your tree?! It looks as though it's on fire, lol! I don't want to hear any complaining about the snow. Do you have any idea how depressing it is to wake up to 80 degrees and sunny just two weeks before Christmas? Boo!!!


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