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Hello, my love:

Guess who's going to be reading the owner's manual tonight? I cannot wait to play around with our new addition to the family. And hopefully, those will be the last blurry/overexposed pictures I post on here for awhile:)

Other updates on life:

Nate got a 4.0 last semester! And of course, it was supposedly his most difficult one of the entire three year now I'm calling him Mr. Smart Ass. He graduates in May of 2011 for those of you wondering. I might need to add a ticker countdown to this blog someday, no?

I love designing albums for myself. Our 'everyday 2008' album is coming right along and I'm feeling rejuvenated again. Not that I don't love doing this for other people, too, but I'm digging the fact that there is no pressure to please someone else.

Anyone ever read Peony in Love by Lisa See? I just started it for my next book club meeting and I just can't get into it. Too bad we are meeting next week and there is no way I'll ever finish it in time.

I began my new rotation at work in the big, scary, ICU! It's a whole different world from my last rotation on the orthopedics floor but surprisingly, I like it a lot. I was worried that all of my patients would be extremely ill, near-death, and some might even die on me---but so far so good. I mean, I've got a whopping three days under my belt and all:) Change is a wonderful thing but it causes me SO much anxiety. Is anyone else with me on this one?

Is it spring time yet? Enough said.


  1. I'm totally jealous of the camera! And I hear you about work change being scary. I'm eligible to rotate at the end of May, but I'm scared... I'm just so comfortable in my current job, and my first month with this company was hell because my transition didn't go as smoothly as planned. (shudder) BUT, I do want to challenge myself. Decisions, decisions!

  2. Yay...a DSLR! I am so so happy you bought a Canon too. I own 6 cameras and they are all Canons so I guess you can say I'm brand loyal. My dad would disown me if I bought anything not Canon (he only bought those during his wedding photography days). You are going to LOVE it! I am pretty much obsessed with my 50D. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. I've never owned a Rebel but the bodies are all very similar. Happy shooting!

  3. Mine came today too. :)

  4. Mike just told me that he wants a Rebel too! Peer pressure, huh?! So jealous. I hope to get one of those bad boys sometime this year!

  5. It's gorgeous! Truly.

    And, congrats to Nate! That's awesome.

  6. jealous. my day will come soon though. I mean, between the camera and the mixer, could life get any better? seriously.

    I could not handle the ICU, so I'm glad there are people like you that can.

  7. I totally picked up a Nikon D60 dSLR just before Christmas. It is NIGHT and DAY from my old point and shoot camera. I love being able to manually focus on stuff rather than waiting for a tiny computer chip to decide what it wants to focus on (or in most cases, NOT focus on). Congrats on your new Canon! You'll LOOOOOVE shooting with it! Even the non-automatic settings on the Nikon take superb photos with minimal adjustment. I'm sure the Canon is just as awesome!

  8. I tried to read Peony In Love last year - at the recommendation of a friend who couldn't put it down - and I couldn't get into it either. I made it about half way, hoping it just took awhile to get more interesting, but no dice. If you end up reading the whole thing, I'd be interested to hear what you think! Maybe then I'd actually finish it...

  9. Loving the camera!!!!

    I have a Nikon and it's like my baby - I take it everywhere with me.

    Congrats to Nate for the 4.0!! How exciting :-)


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