Eighteen degrees, yo.

We are experiencing a true heat wave, you guys. Last week the highs topped out below zero. I think one day it got up to -7 degrees....for the freaking HIGH. I was minorly depressed and had to sing mantras to myself repeatedly, like: "I will not look at real estate in Hawaii, I will be content with this miserableness."

And then, today it got up to 18 degrees [above zero!]. It felt like a heat wave, I am not joking. Now normally I run once on a given weekend and yesterday I just so happened to run six miles on the gym treadmill. That has been my norm lately since the treadmills there have their own televisions embedded into them! It's like paradise. I get to watch the following shows without hearing Nate yell obscenities about 'crap on TV": ANTM, Real Housewives of Orange County/Atlanta/New York, Split Ends, Bad Girls Club, The City, The Real World, and unlimited wedding shows of all varieties. It's like my own little slice of heaven and thus, I can stand running in place for an hour or more. Yep, I've officially become a hamster on a wheel, so sue me.

So anyway, since I had my little TV fling at the gym yesterday I was NOT planning on running again today. That would be just plain ridiculous, right? But you see, I had about 4-5 cups of coffee this morning and when I do that I need to run....or risk seeing double all day long, jumping around, acting like a general fool. I had the energy, it was sunny, and relatively warm. I just had to do it.

So I geared up in my new pimped out running attire I received for Christmas. I pulled out this new....device that I thought might be a cowl neck turtleneck thingy. You know, like a dicky? But only for running. I thought it was made to pull over your head and then keep your neck warm while you run. But THEN I really smartened up and discovered that this dicky was actually designed to pull up over my chin and nose to make a mask! My very own running mask I never knew I had! It was meant to be. See?
Don't I look like a mighty Ninja?

I got dressed and decided to do the proper thing, and take some pictures. Never a better time to test out my self-timer, right?
running when it's 18 degrees outside

trying the self-timer

Then I was off to run a planned 6-8 miles or so. I logged 8 a few weekends ago when it was 25 degrees outside, so 18 couldn't be much worse, right? WRONG. I immediately regretted this decision.

You see, my running tights are pretty pimp and all but the frigid wind cut right through those suckers. My butt cheeks were numb within five minutes. Since I was running on crunchy, packed snow the cold seeped through my shoes and socks and made my toes lose all feeling within 10 minutes. This was not good.

The face mask/dicky thingy was awesome but all it really did was trap my snot inside thus rubbing it all over my face. Pretty disgusting, I know, but I feel like I must tell you this so you understand winter running. You know, just in case you thought running in 18 degree weather was painless.

I decided to call it quits after a measly 3 miles all in the name of saving my toes. And when I returned indoors I noticed that there were actual icicles in my eyelashes. I thought only hard core runners boasted those beauties!

You have no idea how many shots I took trying to zoom in on my own eyelashes. It was no easy feat but you can definitely see them on my hat at least.
can you see the crystals on my lashes?

Hi, pores!! Hi frozen sweaty pores!!
after--note the frozen sweat

After a warm shower my circulation recovered and I was, in fact, able to keep all of my appendages on my body. I'm pretty sure I'll stick to my guns and say that 25 degrees [above zero] is my absolute limit for outdoor running. That is, of course, unless I chug lots of coffee again. Then anything is possible.

And what good would this post be without a Henry shot? Sunshine and snow make for some pretty good light cause this one isn't even edited.
henry loves the sunshine

Geesh, lots of posting for me this weekend. It's like I've met my quota for the whole week in just two days:)


  1. You are better than me. I could not run outside in less than freezing temps. Good for you for even making it 3 miles! I probably would have turned around at the end of the block.

    However, I DID actually mutter the words, "oh, it's warm out" when we left to go out yesterday afternoon. That is what you call delusional.

  2. I live in California where it has been pretty pleasant recently. A few weeks ago, I was stepping out the door to go running at about 9:00 a.m. It was about 47 degrees outside and I said, no way! It is damn cold out there and ran my ass to the fitness center at our apartment complex.

    Moral of the story: You are better than me. For I am a California wimp.

  3. LOL, you never cease to bring hilariousness (yes, that's a word, look it up) through your plethora of photos. Love the head dickie. (Ok, that just sounded dirty)....

  4. Way back when, 40 degrees used to be my cutoff between shorts and tights. These days, it is my cutoff for running outside, period. I feel worthless! Good for you for at least getting out there.

  5. Hello ninja daughter. I love the big pictures. What a great look using the frost from your windows to create your header. I've never seen icycles on eyelashes before. You are amazing. We got to experience 3 below the other evening, so I know it was cold for you. Love you! Mom

  6. You've got to be a running saint. I don't run, period. I try to avoid going outside if it's below freezing. You're crazy, but it's a good thing! :)

  7. Haha - I refuse to run in less than 60 degree weather. I'm a wimp :)

    I am loving your Henry pictures by the way! Keep 'em coming!

  8. Girl you are insane! Yes, INSANE!

    How did you add teh booshelf? I love it.

  9. When I lived up North I wore actual tights under my running tights and running pants on top of those.

    I am incapable of running inside, so I will do anything necessary to get a good run in.

    I've also layered running tights.

  10. Okay, I used to think that we were probably cut from the same material, but no longer. Girl you crazy!

  11. Awesome job!!! Love the new layout too :)

  12. Oh, Ally and Michelle and Mrs. Hibit. I was once like you dolls, afraid of the cold. And then I had no choice but grin and bear it. And then blog about it:)

    Brigid~go to that Good Reads site and you can sign up for an account, too. It seems like a lot of fun!

    Mom~how did you figure out your icon? You are so technological these days! :)

  13. That is INSANE! I was complaining because it was in the mid 20's here last week. But, then it was 58 over the weekend and I was happy again :)
    You're a brave woman. I'll stick to the treadmill.

  14. I hate neck gators. Of course, I often wish I had one when I'm skiing and my face is cold. But, I breathe on them and they get all wet and it's on my face and I justcan'thandleit!

    Go you for running outside yesterday though! It really was balmy, wasn't it? ;)

  15. You've got great gratitude and attitude. That's why I nominated you. Come see! http://marymichal.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-first-award.html

  16. love the new blog design! gorgeous!

    And the mask, you do look like a ninja...not sure how you can run when the temp is at 18...you've been very brave, girl!

    New Zealand

  17. We have been having crazy cold weather up here in the Northeast as well...when it was in the 20's it felt downright balmy!

    I'm also glad to learn that someone else loves the trashy tv just as much as I do! And my husband says the same exact things about the shows I watch.

  18. Julia,
    I've been reading you blog for almost a year now and I wanted to finally say hi! I've loved your pictures and hilarious stories. I found you because Darci (@withthisring) is my cousin! I just wanted to say hi and keep up the good posts because I love them :)

  19. Your blog is wonderful! I can't find the place to start following though...am I completely missing it ( that would not be surprising coming from me!! )


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