Miscellaneous Tuesday?

A few bits of randomness for you today:

First, Nate and I scurried down to the Lake on Sunday night for an unplanned photo shoot. The sunset was just too pretty and we had to try and make it before it was completely dark [which isn't until 5:00 these days, whoo hoo! We are making progress towards Spring, I tell you].

So here are some of my favorite shots from that night. If we look disgustingly cold it's because we are, plain and simple:

sunset from the hwy

very milwaukee

coffee man


I like this city sometimes


handsome hubby

picturesque lake shot

a vintage version

cold but pretty
Now I know you Southern Belles from Missouri got some snow today, and I'm quite proud of my old city for representing some winter weather. But seriously, who wants to come up here and experience stupid amounts of snow at all times? Any takers?

Well, actually, we are having some Missouri visitors this weekend [hi, Hannah and Michael!] and we are totally planning on skiing one day while they are here. It's going to be so much fun and very entertaining, since Hannah and I aren't exactly skiing pros. I hope I can take my camera for some pictures without falling on top of it. Hmmmm.....

Also, I've been working like a madwoman on our 2008 everyday album. I'm happy to say that I'm caught up through October....after about 10 pages of the marathon:) I figured I'd show you a few random pages just for fun. I like making albums for myself because then I can use digital scrapbooking products from sites like Two Peas and Jen Wilson, without worrying about copyright stuff. I'm pretty sure if I used their stuff for my little business I'd be breaking the law, so 'personal use only' it is. Here are some random pages for your viewing pleasure:

page from 2008 album

page from 2008 album

page from 2008 album

page from 2008 album

page from 2008 album

And finally, I tried on a potential bridesmaid dress for Lindsey's wedding today. I forced Nate to come and take pictures, which ended up being quite yellow from the horrible florescent lighting, but the dress is still adorable. Ours will technically be black and probably strapless, but you get the idea. I was a bit worried about this shorter tea length, considering I'll probably be the gargantuan bridesmaid amongst other petite dolls, but I kind of like the above-the-knee look. I was just used to all tea lengths being right past the knee or even a little longer, to the calf. What do you think? Never mind the fact that this sample is way too big and I cannot even pretend to fill out the top, okay?

bridesmaid again

Here is the strapless version. Why are models always posing with such odd postures?

Eek! I cannot wait for wedding season. And dress weather. And sunshine. And....you get it by now, right?

And now I'm hosting all of my photos on Flickr, so I think you can just click on any of my pictures in this post and it will take you to my account. Have a look around if you would like, there are more shots from our Milwaukee photo shoot I didn't include here....but pretty much all of the others have appeared on this blog before. Maybe someday I'll be a blogger who only posts one or two pictures each post but for now I tend to get a little crazy with multiples. Must be the bigger pictures or something.


  1. Eek it looks cold! Beautiful pictures though. Question: I see you have a Flickr pro account... do you recommend that over the basic one?



  2. Your pictures and scrapbook look wonderful...of course! Still loving that picture of the Race. I remember seeing that amazing sight of thousands of people. WOW! Cute bridesmaid dress too. I don't understand how it would be strapless though!??!

  3. I love that dress...but I don't get how it would look strapless. hmmm. I also got really excited for spring tonight when I was at JCrew and checked out their new flip flops!!!

    I like the vintage-y curvy road pic too.

  4. Oooh, have fun skiing! Let me know how much fun you had, okay?

  5. Oh yeah, duh. The strapless one has a completely different neckline but it's basically just the same length. That is why Lindsey wanted me to try this one on....because the store next to my house carried this Vneck version and not the other one. Either way the lengths are the same. I added a pic of the strapless one to the post now:)

  6. Your scrapbook pages are gorgeous.
    I am still working on my 2006 one... so daunting to be that far behind. I don't do all the scrapbook-y detailing you do though, so mine probably don't take near as long as yours.
    Anyway.. how many pages is a yearly one, for you? Just curious...

  7. Thank you so much for sharing awesome pictures.!! Your scrapbook is really beautiful. That bridesmaid dress is super cute.

  8. Great photos and scrapbook pages! How fun :) I can't wait to see the rest.

    I love the dress as well. Yes, summer can't come soon enough!

  9. Nice job capturing the frigidness. I love your album pages! I haven't even started on our wedding album yet (7 months later). I promised myself I would get it done before our one year anniversary.
    Have fun skiing, it's actually supposed to break 30 degrees this weekend :-)

  10. Your pictures are getting awesome-er by the day! And I've been loving the fact that the sun is still out (kinda) when I get out of work--much less depressing!

  11. Summer can NOT come soon enough, indeed!

    I LOVE your photos! And scrapbook pages! You're such a talented lady. :)

  12. Loving the new camera. I'm still not over being jealous.

    Your album is enough to make any girl want to take up this hobby.

    CUTE DRESS!!!!


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