Loosen up my buttons, baby.

Not really, but seeing as how I'm attempting to master all of the crazy buttons on my new camera, I thought this would be a semi-appropriate title. It's a stretch, isn't it?

So much to learn on this baby! I decided today would be a day to shoot many pictures with more manual settings, just to see what happens. Want to see?

[Why do I love his nose so much?]

[my boys]

[his tongue is so long and rubbery!]

[Gooey Butter Cookies for our work Christmas party tonight...mmmmm]

[A little sip of heaven]

[Sammy, my in-laws dog, comes to pose a bit]

[they have such a love/hate relationship]

[those eyelashes!]

[my new favorite Sammy picture. Such wisdom in those old eyes]

[I'm quite fond of his nose, too, afro fur and all]

[somewhat artsy.]

[I really like this one]

[he loves to pose]

[and now, the shaking series...1]



[another good one of Sammy]
So yeah, mostly the same subjects over and over as you can see. Tomorrow I plan on venturing out into the snowy wonderland that is our neighborhood to try out some more natural light pictures! So.much.fun. Stay tuned.


  1. Cute boys! I am SO jealous! I'm dying to get my hands on a good camera. As much as I love lightroom and photoshop, I can just feel my creativity juices flowing with a good camera... but for now I'll live vicariously through you! :)

  2. when you have a lot of light, try shooting without the flash. i hate my flash and i never use it. ever. i feel like it robs the shot of its true colors.


  3. Wow, these pictures are great. Your subjects are pretty cute too.

  4. Great pictures! They are just so cooperative!

  5. I sooo have that song stuck in my head now lol!

    Based on your pictures, there's good reason to be captivated by the nose! :)

    My favorite shot is of Nate and Henry though, hands down!

  6. off topic - but I ran across this site and thought of you..
    http://www.weddingchicks.com Have you seen it before?

  7. Great pictures...I'm jealous!


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