Can't. Stop. Posting

So if you are visiting since the first time in a few days, I apologize for the ridiculous amount of posting I've done this weekend. It's so unlike me to post five times in just a few mere hours. Usually this type of thing takes me weeks!

But the next two posts were made so I can link to them up above, on my link bar. It is now full and that makes me happy....blank space on that bar was making me cuckoo.

The blog list:
My no means is this comprehensive or the end-all of my blog world. Please do not be offended if you aren't on the list--it probably just means my eyes began to bulge out of my skull while staring at the computer screen for entirely too long typing that list. You see, I had to refer back and forth to my Google Reader and type in those babies by hand. It sucked and I apologize if I missed you. Feel free to leave me a comment and if I gain the courage to look at that list again, I will add you. I must say that I restrict myself from adding more blogs to my GR account because it's incredibly overwhelming to have 100+ posts to read each evening after work...but I love clicking on your blogs after you leave me a comment. So no hard feelings, okay? Good. I'm glad that is settled. I couldn't stand any cyber hurt feelings.

The FAQs:
I made this post by thinking of the most common questions I get via comments. If you are dying to know something that I failed to mention please leave me a comment or email me. My addy is tucked away in my profile somewhere, I believe.

And with that I am all posted out for now. It's hard work being this post-y.


  1. "post-y" I like that term.

  2. I'm honored that I made it on your blog roll but I am no longer a blogger so you can delete me off your GR and replace me with some other deserving blogger. I may have given up blogging but I will always be a blog stalker:) Your blog is definitely one of my favorites.

  3. I am a Missourian...currently SE Missourian, but this weekend, I will be a STL Missourian foreva.

  4. I love me some "extra" Julia! :)

  5. 1. I'm stoked to be on the blog list!!!

    2. I've loved catching up on your posts.

    3. You and your pictures....with each one my camera envy gets stronger and stronger


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