Typically entertaining moments

Two semi-newlyweds are driving along icy streets on the way to the gym on a typical Tuesday. The John Mayer song 'Say' comes on the radio.

Nate: This is your boy [sarcasm noted in voice].

Julia: Um, duh. I recognized the first two notes of the song and immediately felt my innards quiver with excitement [slight sarcasm here, but not really].

Nate: He's such a wuss. I hate him.

Julia: Why? Are you jealous of him because you know I want his body?

Nate: No way, I just think he sucks. And I could totally beat his ass in a fight.

Julia: [rolling eyes] Puh-leez. He would definitely defeat you in a dual for your manhood. He's so hot and sexy and famous. And just listen to his fabulous self-written lyrics.

Nate: That's like saying Mrs. Jay could beat me in a fight, you know.

Julia: [pause......blink, blink, blink]. Since when do you refer to ANTM? I bet you don't even know which one is Mrs. Jay [and besides, is MISS Jay, but you have to pick your battles.]

Nate: The black one.

Julia: Both of the Jays are black. [laughter ensues over the thought of her husband discussing Miss Jay's ethnicity]

Nate: Well the one who dresses like a....female. And is flaming. Mr. Jay isn't black....he's, like, a Latina or something. He has white hair so he can't be black. Why am I talking about this right now?

Julia: [barely breathing at this point] Do you secretly watch ANTM without me just to analyze the Jays? I thought you hated all of my favorite shows.

Nate: I do. And I hate John Mayer.

And thus is life. Random converstations about nothing that somehow make my cheeks hurt from laughter. I love it sometimes. Do you have random conversations about celebrities like this, too?


  1. HI-larious. Laughing my head off.

  2. I once got scolded for referring to "the list"..you know the list where you can sleep with one of your top 5 celebrities if you got the chance.

    Yeah...I totally learned my lesson.

    However we can watch The Biggest Loser [like tonight] and Jim can go on and on about which girls are going to be hot. I just laugh.

  3. Boys totally love all our shows.
    C will ask me why I watch this garbage, then 10 min. in, he's standing in the doorway watching, then halfway through it, he's asking me to catch him up on it!

    And yes, those conversations are the best.

  4. I just came across your blog & definitely be keeping up! I love your photos.

    I have the same problem with Wentworth Miller... my husband automatically hates him now :)

  5. My husband refers to Shia LeBouf as "my boy," and I have no idea why. Any time we see him anywhere, hilarity ensues.

  6. It started out good and I had no hope it could get better, but it did. :)

  7. The husband hates all my shows, which is fair. But he knows his celebrity gossip, mainly because I read to him from my favorite sites (and I have caught him reading my favorite site by himself from time to time).

  8. Thanks Julia! I love YOUR new layout too! haha. :) Hope you're enjoying the weekend!!!

  9. I love it and I love the Jays. I catch DH laughing at Miss Jay, so he can't deny the fabulousness. And don't hate me for this because I'm no John Mayer fan, but I have to agree with Nate on this one:)


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