Hallmark Holiday

Valentine's Day: a day that is like every other day in the year except Hallmark, flower companies, and restaurants make a killing on this day. Us? We decided to go to brunch today instead of dinner just because 1. brunch is our favorite meal ever, and 2. we are old fogies and wanted to avoid the evening crowds.

I was unaware that we'd be purchasing gifts for each other on our SEVENTH V-day together but when I realized Nate was sneaking around behind my back to get me something, I had to think fast. This is what I came up with and yes, it was a hit:


And he bestowed upon me that padded-cup workout tank that I lusted over last week. Such a good listener, this husband of mine. I taught him well:)

The day begun with a fresh coat of white fluffy stuff:


And even though it was a typical winter gray day, I managed to snap a few shots of my favorite model:




It will never get old. I just love pictures of my dog, okay?

So off to brunch we went and OMG it was good. I mean pink mimosas are a fabulous start to any day, right?


And not to mention stuffed French toast: cream cheese and chocolate this time around. Divine.

After thoroughly stuffing our faces and consuming enough fluids to last all day Nate agreed to my request of a mini photo session outdoors. He must love me a lot, don't you think?


One thing I love about a new camera is that every little detail in the world is suddenly very apparent to me. Love the color on this tree, don't you?

I even handed over my baby for a few frames.

Austin Powers made an appearance.

Warning: if you let your husband take charge of photographic opportunities, this is what you'll receive. At least I was having a good butt day, I suppose.

Lady, how many pictures are you going to take?

Enough to make me happy, duh.

You know those quintessential sandy beach shots? Here's our version.

I'm sorry, I just had to do it.

This was much easier to get with our point and shoot. I get a little anxious about holding the SLR away from my body like this but I somehow managed.
And there you have it: a day like any other plus a little extra fun and a whole lotta pictures. I hope everyone enjoyed their Hallmark Holiday!


  1. I love how your day was so you! The presents were personal, yet not over the top, and brunch looked fabulous! And I for one will not get tired of pictures of your gorgeous furbaby either!! =)

  2. Sounds like a fun day! We planned on massages and brunch, but decided to just wait for our anniversary next month.
    Love your impromptu photo sesh - you two are adorable!

  3. great pics. Wonderful that you have a husband that doesn't run from the camera! Happy VDay

  4. fun stuff. brunch is the best. trocadero rocks too. happy vday!

  5. Sounds like a great Valentine's Day! Love your pictures, you guys are adorable together.

  6. You guys are so cute! And Trocadero has my favorite brunch ever. We are doing brunch this year too, but tomorrow morning since I was running all morning today. :-)

  7. I was going to say -- I know that restaurant! We went there for Easter last year and it was REALLY good! I wish I could start the day with a pink mimosa. Or anything that contained alcohol! haha!

    My fav pic is the one of Nate looking annoyed. How sad. :)

    Glad you had a good V-Day! :)

  8. aaawwww! SO IN LOVE!!

    And your dog is the sweetest =)

  9. Yum...that breakfast looks divine!

    Henry is a perfect dog model :) I don't blame you for taking tons of pictures of him.

  10. Ok, so this totally isn't related to your post topic at all, but I just love the green in your living room. After going back through all your posts (because I remember you posting about your paint choices), is that the Olivine color?

    ps...I love how your holiday was low key but very personal. That's the best way to celebrate!

  11. Your photos from this weekend are beautiful!

  12. What a handsome picture of Nate you got!! And, totally random, but I think I have that exact same pair of jeans. Tag, right? Looks like it was an awesome Valentine's Day :).

  13. So I'm just a lurker on your blog, but I love it. I gave your blog a lemonade award... I hope that's not too stalkerish. :) There are details on my blog.

  14. Gorgeous photos! Between you and Kristal, I am really wanting a new camera...

  15. Nice pics!!! I would have also appreciated those last minute gifts!:)

  16. love the photos! you take good photos. I am lusting after a digital SLR...sigh

  17. Your photos are great. Do you photoshop your indoor pics or are they straight from the camera (white balance)?

  18. simply complex~I usually edit most of my images before putting them on flickr....a boost here, a curve adjustment there. At least a little bit sometimes a lot. I think the indoor shot of the Starbucks stuff in this post might be straight out of the camera though...not sure.


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