You all know I'm the world's largest tight wad, right? Painfully tight. Anxiety-ridden when it comes to purchases. Basically a basket case. I'm always preaching 'need versus want' and I still think that thought process is extremely helpful.

Apparently, we NEEDED a new computer. Again. Nate won this battle, my friends. We are a two-computer household yet again [nearly 2.5 if you want to be picky].

You see the born-again laptop has breathed it's last breath, for real this time. She lead a good double life and now it's time to let her spirit fly into Mac heaven. RIP little iBook G4, you were good to us. And speaking of flying, dollar signs flew out of our bank account today all in the name of a new Mac Book.


Although the new addition is lighter and way cooler, it is in fact a little bit smaller, too. All I gots to say is I'm so glad I can claim that big bertha 20 inch screen in the back there. The laptop is all Nate's and now my husband is complete. He can tote his new laptop to class just like all the cool kids do these days. It will be totally bitchin.

Continuing with the toy theme, look what I got in the mail today!

I smell a photo session coming on now that my camera has proper attire. It was well worth the 4 week wait!

And finally, the Mac Book has some really pimped out applications such as 'Photo Booth.' Feast your eyes upon these beauties!



Now I know it's difficult but humor me for a second: which is your favorite picture? Because I'm pretty sure letter E makes me bust a gut every time I look at it. He has an actual potato as a head, you guys. And I cannot even begin to describe his chin.

Although letter H makes me look like I'm pushing something out of an orifice [ either a baby, or a deuce...I can't decide]. And letters F and G provide a glimpse into the future: me as an old lady without my dentures. Frightening!

Ah, good times. I will leave you with this awesome snippet of randomness from our evening: after we bought the Mac we strolled by a clothing store and I spotted THE perfect workout tank. It was racer back [my fave!] and had actual bra cups [ahem....padding.....] on the inside. I mean, it's not like I need tons of support or anything but I hate when I nip out at the gym when I wear one of the tanks with 'built in' support. It's so gross.

I told Nate, "Look, bra cups so I don't nip out at the gym."

To which he replied, "Oh, your little beans?" And then he walked away. What?


  1. I'm sorry...I'm cracking up over here. Those pictures are hilarous!

    B, E and H are no doubt my favorites.

    It sounds like you guys had a fun day.

  2. love it!!! we're about to splurge and get an imac. my husband is hyperventilating. he's the "tight wad."

    so... i should have bought a cuter camera bag and followed your example. i just got a canon bag and it's not stylin at all.

    which extra lense do you have?

  3. Haha...I love the pictures. You should do that to some of Henry's pictures :) Thanks for the book suggestions. I forgot that you added that section to your "new blog" layout!

  4. Oh, it's pretty! So is your new bag!

    Love the pictures! Sad thing is, I actually know people that look like some of those.

  5. I am not sure how I ran across your blog, but it caught my eye bc I have a dog that looks similar to yours, and I am from Missouri too...fixing to move from the bootheel to St. Louis! Thanks for letting me in on your life..

  6. Haha! I love this post! Those pictures are awesome. And that laptop is awesome. This is further proving my point to my man that we need a MAC. PC's have been giving us too many problems.

    And I love the picture of Henry on your desktop!

  7. Congrats on the new addition. And the camera bag turned out fabulous!

  8. That's cruel, Nate. Just cruel! But Jules, be proud of your little beans. 9 months preggo = really big bewbies. Just you wait!

    Love the bag. Very HAWT.

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  10. What a fun post! And such hilarious pictures...they never get old!
    I LOVE LOVE the new macbook. I surprised my husband for Christmas...and I think he may love it more than me...

  11. I LOVE the bag and one day I hope to own a Macbook too.... but it may be years. At least I can eye yours while I wait!

  12. Oh my gosh! This post has me laughing out loud! The pictures are hilarious!

  13. Photo booth is dangerously entertaining!!!

  14. Congrats on your iMac! The bag you got is supercute. I have a ginormous laptop, so I have to settle for the utiliarian backpack for my walks to and from the parking garage at school. I'm jealous of your cute one. As far as the funny pictures, I think A and B are the funniest because you almost look like Cyclops, but not quite.


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