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I'm excited to be a guest poster on Running from the Law today, where I ramble talk all about photography as a mom. And more specifically, I wrote about the fun concept of photo organization, storage, and 'what to do with all of these photos now?' Sara has guest posted on my blog for the MMIW series, I first found her blog when she asked me to guest post on her blog for the 'New Mommy Confessions' series. I think we like to guest post for each other, huh? ;) This is such a fun series, and you should be reading along.

Photography For Moms (1)

Here is an excerpt from my post (i.e. an excuse to show you pictures of my kids, as if my readers need anymore of them):

Since my beginner days learning manual mode, I have since upgraded the body of my camera to the Canon 60D and I keep my 'nifty fifty' lens (50mm f/1.8) on this baby 99% of the time. Call it laziness if you'd like but I really do love the effects of a prime lens for portraits---which seem to be my favorite type of image to capture with these two sweet baby faces staring into my lens of choice. I never noticed how much I adore a close up shot of my children's faces, with their eyes sharply focused and the background all blurry and dreamy…until I started writing this post. I really do love portraits as evidenced by my 'favorite' images below. I also have my kit lens but to save time and capitalize on a really adorable sibling shot, the 50mm stays put for me. It's fantastic for portraits so maybe that's a part of my laziness in never changing my lens. If it's not broken, don't fix it (?).

In my ideal photography world, I would have both of my children all dressed up in adorable outfits, sitting in our backyard in the summer with beautiful back-lighting, smiling and hugging and being generally perfect photography subjects. I have, in fact, snapped a few 'frame-worthy' shots of my kids in similar settings. Oh, the glory.


For real, though. Here are some of my favorite outdoor pictures of Truman I've taken over the years. None of these photos are edited or near perfect, since I'm WAY too lazy to edit anything anymore. What you see is what you get, straight out of the camera:


And my favorite ones of Cecelia outdoors:

In the real world, in imperfect conditions for photographs, I'm capturing the back of their heads indoors during the longest winter ever. Sometimes I will call them 'artsy candids' showing the chaos of real life, lots of action, and usually not fantastic portraits. I never use a flash so if I don't have enough natural light coming through the windows in our house, I either have to bump up my ISO on the nice camera (which is nice with the 60D versus the Rebel!) or usually I will just settle for a semi-blurry iPhone picture. Again, call me lazy, but I will save up for my favorite type of outdoor pictures once the temperatures get above 20 degrees here in Wisconsin. I suppose I have lucked out and snapped a few nice indoor pictures over the past few years, though.

Favorites of Truman inside:



And favorites of Cecelia inside:



Head on over to Sara's blog to read the rest of my post and to follow along with this great series for moms with cameras!


  1. Awesome post, I'm still using your tips on photo organization and storage from when you posted. Now, I just have to get the book Understand your Exposure (that's been recommended by so many people to me), so I can really learn how to use my camera to optimal settings!

  2. I love reading your take on photography with kids. You inspire me with your beautiful images.

    1. Thanks, Kim! Your comments are so sweet!!!

  3. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)


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