Due Date!

7.8.14: Still pregnant!

(picture from yesterday, actually)
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If you would have told me even last week that I'd still be pregnant on my due date, I wouldn't have believed you. Sure---it's not a huge deal or anything, but the 'badge of honor' in being the most pregnant with my third baby...and also making it to my due date (and likely OVERDUE) is pretty crazy. And cool, I suppose. Yes, I'm in a much much better place mentally today than I was yesterday.

Probably because I haven't timed a single contraction today. I've had a few very noticeable ones but nothing that shook my current 'baby is coming on Friday and that is that' attitude. Truly: I believe he will be induced Friday morning and will be shocked if anything happens prior. And seriously, that is fine by me right now. The mental shift that's been made to expect nothing earlier than my induction has been a healthy one for me. I'm not hoping for an earlier birthday but I suppose if it happens, we are ready for that scenario anyway with packed bags and childcare lined up for each day this week. But I'm banking on a Friday 7/11 baby at this point and will 'plan' on that being The Day. I hate the word 'plan' right now, though.

I guess after the false ( or 'latent' as some label it ) labor from yesterday, I've decided to just let go an enjoy these last few days. What is the point in trying to will this baby out of me if he's not ready? Why bother walking and bouncing and over-exerting myself in any way? I much prefer to sit back, relax, and do fun things with my family of four instead.

Today we all went to the pool and it was awesome. Then to McDonalds for lunch. Then a nap for me and CC. Then we walked to Starbucks. Right now our neighbor offered to take the kids across the street to the playground and Nate is at volleyball----so 'me time' is also happening, even before their bedtimes. I'd say today was a successful and amazing due date!

Baby boy is still moving a ton, I'm feeling pretty good overall aside from being wiped out physically with any and all activities, and any family days are always fun and note-worthy. It's just Nate and I home tomorrow, since we have the kids at Lori's on Mondays and Wednesdays during my maternity leave. The options are endless: wash the cars, go out for lunch, and I want yet another mani/pedi as my daily treat;) I'm not calling these our 'plans' for tomorrow because I don't really think we can plan anything anymore. But I have ideas on how to fill our day at home without a hospital trip. If I'm feeling incredibly energetic, I have big ideas on some deep cleaning to the house....but let's be honest. That will probably not happen because I can use the Overdue Card tomorrow as an excuse to lay around alllll day if I really feel like it. Talk about a badge of honor---being overdue will be a trip. I can't wait to say 'yesterday' when someone asks me when I'm due. Even just saying, 'Today' was really fun at the pool. Gotta love making people's eyes bug out of their heads as they expect a baby to plop out before them.

Also, I found an old suit from when I was 17 years old. It has good butt coverage and I sure do fill it out a LOT more than I did in 1998. Just could not deal with the suffocating fabric of my one piece and decided to rock a super old bikini instead. Why not??
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McDonalds happy meal toys=their favorites.
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Second daily treat-Starbucks. Love this girl so much. Not sure why Truman didn't get in any pictures today, though.
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Due date shadow.
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It definitely makes me feel a little sad to think that Nate took off this week to be at home with a new baby/at the hospital, and it's a total bummer to use my maternity leave without said baby. But you know what? Time off is ALWAYS awesome. Who can complain about having a few more days with 'just us', before the new sense of normal kicks in? As Nate said, we can probably DO a lot more and enjoy it before baby comes anyway. So whatever. It will all work out just fine.

I'm really not trying to convince myself as I type this either. I honestly do feel at peace with however the birth goes down and am so grateful to have an end-date in sight. Do you hear that, baby boy? Your time inside is limited so pick your birthday soon, or else Friday is the day! Cannot wait to meet you and hold you and introduce you to your family. I'll miss carrying you around with me but I'll gladly take the trade off of having a newborn baby on the outside. Pregnancy is awesome but so is having an outside baby. I'm ready. I hope you are, too, sweet boy.


  1. glad to know I'm not the only one hoarding ancient bathing suits.... I have a speedo from 8th grade. It was my last one piece before I started buying two pieces/bikinis and always held on to it in case I needed a sporty suit. It came in handy for pool workouts in college and I would still wear it now if needed. Funny and sad.

    You look great and love your attitude. Thinking about you, hope that isn't creepy!

  2. So glad you had a fun day!! Definitely a good mental shift, and so nice to have a definitely end point.

  3. You are rocking the "how to look amazing at 40 weeks" look, even if you don't feel it, you look amazing! I hope whenever baby boy makes his debut all goes smoothly and the transition to 5 is easy (as easy as wrangling 3 kids can get) :)

  4. Pregnancy is AWESOME and so is having a newborn. I totally go back and forth on which one I want right now. Totally jealous of all my friends with new babies but also know that while inside the baby is low maintenance. You rock for wanting to do all the things with your family. I am feeling lazy and too hot to do anything. You rock momma.

  5. I'm so jealous of how amazing you look at 40 weeks pregnant!!

    And welcome to the overdue club. My 2 year old was born at 41 weeks and I think it was the longest week of my life. I had good days and bad, but I mostly remember it being really hard! I'm sure it's easier knowing that no matter what, he'll be in your arms by Friday! Enjoy these last few days.

  6. Happy due date! (and now one day overdue!) Glad you're feeling better mentally, and girl, I could croak at how good you look in a bikini at 40 weeks pregnant. I feel like I would frighten small children and grown men alike if I were to don a bathing suit right now, and I have nearly eight weeks to go! Ah well. Temporary. ;)

    I've resigned myself to the fact now, too, that'll it be Friday. But maybe sooner?! Can't wait!!

  7. Oh, I so understand this up and down and anxious and calm roller coaster than can come at the end. While going quite late with Bella was hard on me, I think it made the end of the other two pregnancies easier because I didn't really expect much before 40 weeks (although I did have some inkling that I would go same or earlier with Lily, which meant starting at 39 w 6 d, I got a little pissy). Anyway, hang in there and enjoy these days as much as you can!

  8. I know you're probably up and down in emotions but I love how chill you are right now. And I especially love how you are taking advantage of this week and soaking up as much fun with your family of four. You'll look back on these days with much fondness, I'm sure :)

    Echoing Erin's sentiments on the bikini! I wore one yesterday but ONLY in my parent's pool! That's about as far as I'll go at this point :) I love that you went to the pool like that as if to say "Screw you due date!"

    He'll be here sooooooon! Can't wait :)


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