Maternity Leave (!!), etc.

Today I saw my patients, wrapped up paperwork, sent out 'see ya in September' emails, and set up my voicemail to direct people to the main office number. Don't call me because I WILL BE BUSY WITH MY BABY. Ahhhhhh, feels so good. I'm actually glad that I didn't have him earlier than today because it was much easier for me to tie up my own loose ends with patients/paperwork, instead of trying to do that once he arrived. (always a bright side!)

It's officially maternity leave time, people. September 29 seems like an eternity---12.5 weeks to be exact. And I'm so thankful and ridiculously excited to have this time away from work to focus on mister man.

All we need is said baby;)

Tomorrow morning I have my last OB appointment and I will be 39+2 days pregnant. I'm going to ask her to sweep my membranes and discuss if I should schedule another appointment for next week, or just talk about induction sometime after my due date. This is basically the exact same decision, with the exact same timing that I had with Cecelia's pregnancy.

Last time had my final day of work AND my final OB appointment at 39+2. Since I wasn't dilated she couldn't do a membrane sweep with the internal, but she did schedule an induction for me 2 days after my due date 'just in case'. I was worried about Nate using up an entire week of vacation that we always have to plan ahead of time, since he has patients booked out months in advance. I felt sort of bad for even scheduling an induction at all and hoped I wouldn't need it, but it did help to know that there was an end in sight. I bled a bit that night after the internal exam, then had nothing the following day at 39+3, and began labor on 39+4 with a baby girl in our arms early the next morning. So yeah, baby boy, no pressure or anything! I realize he is different than his sister but I can hope labor stuff is similar.

This time, I'm not really sure how I want to proceed, either. Nate is off next week Tuesday through Friday. My parents are flying in from Colorado on Friday (can't drive up from MO at the drop of a hat anymore!). So baby boy really really should listen to me when I say he needs to be out sooner versus later. I don't WANT to be induced but I also don't want to miss out on daddy and grandparent time with this child on the outside. I will obviously discuss all of this with my OB tomorrow, but last time she was very confident that my body handled an induction before and would do well again with it.

I know my crunchy friends out there will be anti-induction but I have to go with my gut on this one. I want all of the help I can get from Nate and my parents and of course my in-laws once baby comes out----so next week is ideal for an end-date! I'd definitely wait a few days after my due date to give him some extra time but I don't really think he needs 2-3 more weeks in there.

Plus, I think that if I schedule an induction I might not need it anyway....just like last time. We shall see. One day at a time, I suppose, and I definitely want my OB's input. I had approximately 8 people tell me that I'm going to have a Fourth of July baby. Totally fine by me! American baby boy---nothing wrong with that birthday at all. My OB wouldn't be there and I love her to pieces but I'd still happily embrace another holiday baby--Cecelia was born on Memorial Day.

Ah, the anticipation and the decisions and the waiting. So, so 'fun'.

Camera Roll-75

The basement remodel is almost finished. We have carpeting!!! Big post to follow once it's totally done---should be soon!

Camera Roll-208

Obsessed with double french braiding CC's hair. Did it tonight after a bath and having it wet really helps!

Camera Roll-86

packages from my mom and my Aunt Dana are the best.
Camera Roll-87

My nest of babies;)
Camera Roll-89

Baby boy gifts!
Camera Roll-90

GoGo sent crafts, duh.
Camera Roll-96

Camera Roll-97

And a sneak peek of the awesome quilt mom made for baby 3!
Camera Roll-100

Love good mail days! And maternity leave!


  1. How Exciting! I'm somewhat jealous that you are 1 week ahead of me because that likely means you are 1 week closer to meeting your baby! I want to meet my baby!! NO judgement on the induction, especially if you would schedule after the due date. Who would care about that? I hear you on wanting the family help too! I hope he surprises you and starts this labour business on his own. It's just such a fun surprise to be like" woah...I think I'm in labour!"

  2. The quilt! Oh Julia, it's beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole room. And to see that BABY!!

    And gah, I'm so tired of mommy wars...that you can't even say you will want to be induced, you know, so your mom and HUSBAND can spend time with baby boy without the worry that people are going to judge you for it. Boo. Won't even matter anyway...that baby will be here before your due date. :)

  3. Yay for being done with work!! For the record, I will be so jealous if you have your boy on July 4th! Excited for you, but jealous :) That would be my dream come true but I don't think my guy is ready to come out and play just yet. All of the anticipation is crazy! I will continue my daily stalking and have my fingers crossed that your boy comes any day now!!

  4. Happy maternity leave, girl!! Almost texted you that last night but didn't want to seem obnoxious, as if I'm thinking about you, like, all the time. But, ahem, I am! I can't help it!! I had another dream about baby boy's arrival last night!! He simply must come soon. This weekend maybe!!

    Soooo awesome to be off work for that long. End of September?! I'll have a one-month-old by then! Love that our leaves will overlap. Cannot wait to meet this little man!!!!

  5. Congrats on maternity leave, and can't wait to see the post that he's arrived! Hopefully, he doesn't want much longer!

  6. Happy maternity leave!! You are so not having that baby on your own. Me either. We are both going to have to force these babies out by any means necessary. I just have a feeling. :) But I hope I'm wrong. Keep us updated!!!

  7. Yay, happy maternity leave! No need to explain yourself regarding an induction…anyone who has been pregnant before knows that the option of being induced at some point is nice insurance, just in case ;) Even though it is obviously impossible, it can REALLY start to feel like you could be pregnant forever during the last weeks, lol! I remember being so miserable at the end of my 2nd pregnancy that I was begging my doctor to induce me, haha! He said I had to be TWO WEEKS past my due date :( Luckily she showed up at 39 weeks and 2 days :)
    Anyway, hang in there and enjoy your time off before he shows up!

  8. Hooray for starting maternity leave and being able to just focus on the pregnancy/family (and no more challenging working conditions while pregnant - that sounded rough!) I will be thinking of you and you are the first thing I think of in the mornings right now. I'm excited for you :)

  9. yay for maternity leave!!!. Take every minute and soak it up, it goes by way too fast!!!


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