Earth to Julia...

...I feel as though I've been neglecting my blog and that is just unacceptable. I have been working my rear end off at work but thankfully, I have Friday and Saturday off to relax [before working Sun-Mon-Tues. Then it's time for our pimptastic San Diego trip].

Which brings me to my first fun fact: Did you know that it's going to be in the freaking 60s for a high during our trip? Remember how we chose San Diego for some good beach time, hot/sweltering temperatures, and general warmth? Yeah, not so much. Look here:

Not so bad, right? If we were there this weekend, I could handle those temperatures. But then look a little further, please:
Jigga what? RAIN AND 65 DEGREES ARE NOT 'TROPICAL' ENOUGH! So California better get the kinks worked out before these haggard northerners get cranky. We are leaving on Wednesday and I expect this forecast to change accordingly. How in the heck am I supposed to lounge on the beach and wear cute summer outfits in this crap? I can just smell the over-packing that is destined to occur.

Topic #2: We've been trying to eat more fruits and veggies and hardly any meat or dairy. Want to see proof? I read some seemingly wonderful recipes for 'green smoothies' which involve a handful of fresh spinach, or maybe a few stalks of celery. You can add fruit and water, too. So I figured that three stalks of celery PLUS a handful of spinach would be a great base for our cocktail. Fresh pineapple [that is annoyingly difficult to cut!], bananas, and strawberries also made the cut:
But when blended together, we discovered this:
Let's just say that I added WAY too many celery stalks. Nate literally spit it out and got a bowl of ice cream instead. Gee, thanks, honey. I'm glad you appreciate my efforts and making healthy food! I choked some of it down, then added more juice and fruits to dilute the celery taste. But in the end, I decided that we need to ease into the pureed veggie idea.

But we've been killing us some salads:

And regular fruit smoothies are always a winner, right? So yes, the new way of eating is going well. I can honestly say that I feel more energetic, have less headaches, and my stomach doesn't hate me like it used to [after housing some meat and cheese]. Nate also purchased the biggest, baddest, most ridiculous water filter that looks like a cooler. It's obscene and I'll have to share pictures soon. It takes up an entire shelf in our fridge [slight exaggeration].

I had to get you some pictures of this beast. It's too much:

Oh, and my new favorite snack? Homemade granola full of oats, vanilla, raisins, sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds. Mmmmmm, I'm drooling right now.
Followed by Nate's trail mix: orange/cranberries, almonds, pistachios, chocolate chips, and sunflower seeds. Seriously? It's the bomb.
*********end of update****************

Topic #3: I've been immersed in reading books! Specifically these two:
The first book was recommended to me and Keri by a good friend. Four women who were diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 30 wrote this book and they are from Kansas City [kind of eerie]! They formed a support group and met at Nordstrom's cafe once per month to write this book and they have the biggest personalities since the Sex and the City characters. I cannot put this one down because it's so powerful. I am sending Keri a copy as well, but I must warn you: it's rather difficult to read at times. Two out of the four girls had a recurrence. One of the girls has since passed away. She was only 24 at diagnosis and died at age 29. After reading that chapter I could not sleep and felt physically ill---Nate even noticed that I was out of it the whole next day. But I still recommend the book to anyone affected by breast cancer, especially at a young age. I got it used on Amazon for $4.

The second book is the fabulous one that inspired our new way of eating. I plan on reading it again [after the Nordie's book] and I'll add little quotes and information for your pleasure. It was also an Amazon purchase for less than $5. God I'm tight:)

Topic #4: Henry is still adorable. Enough said.

He loves to contort his body into odd shapes for our entertainment:)

Topic #5: I've mostly been spending my time in the evenings working on ideas for my business. I am 95% sure I found the name for the company, but I want to wait on the dramatic reveal. I am also deciding between a few different website templates to get my site up and running. There are about 8 million other details to think about, then re-think, and then over-think. It's quite fun actually. I can't wait to have an official stay tuned for more information.

Topic #6: In a moment of weakness we went to the Apple store. Why, you ask? To investigate new computer options. Just typing this gives me a slight seizure but I'm thinking maybe it's time to upgrade to an iMac. Economic stimulus, what?
Who am I kidding? I highly doubt I'll fork over that much money for something so frivolous as a second computer. But it WOULD really help me with my future album designing projects. And I'm trying to loosen up and enjoy life a little bit more, so maybe this is the time? Who knows. Maybe I've officially lost my mind.

Topic #7: last Wednesday night we got suckered into subbing on a kickball team. Tonight we did the same for a sand volleyball team. I can say with 100% certainty that volleyball trumps kickball AND softball any day. Maybe it's because both Nate and I can relive our glory days as volleyball jocks [yes, my hubby played male volleyball. I guess it's big up here]. And now my forearms are throbbing from passing the ball so much. I am a wuss, you know. And a has-been.

Topic #8: The Office season finale is on tomorrow night! Because of the stupid strike that means there were about 4 episodes total this season but whatev. I swear to you if Jim pops the question to Pam I might pass out or scream or do both. Probably both:)

Topic #9: My baby brother turned 21 yesterday. This means a few things, 1] I am freaking ancient, 2]I hope he is still breathing after his initiation into adulthood. How is it possible that my little brother is 21? He's not so little anymore, huh?
Topic #10: Marathon training starts very soon, on June 1. So we've been running a lot more lately and I feel pretty good. I'm obsessed with it staying light for so long. It makes me a happy girl. Now if I can just trust the weather and switch out my winter sweaters for summer tank tops [no, I haven't done that yet. Do you realize where I live?]. Such a big step, such a commitment to summer. And I don't want to have my heart broken by the biyatch Mother Nature with some freak May snow or something. You never know.

And that is it, my life in nutshell. I still have one more 'Story of Us' posts for you in honor of our one year anniversary. And I'm sure I have other random tidbits to share as well:)


  1. #1: I was crazy obsessed with checking the weather before I went to Jamaica. called for rain the entire week. called for sun and no rain. I relied on the one that suited me. :)
    #2: That salad looks absolutely DELICIOUS!
    #3: I love new book recs.
    #4: Your dog does yoga! That is definitely a downward facing dog.
    #5: I am eagerly awaiting your business unveiling.
    #6: Lucky!
    #7: Volleyball rocks.
    #8: No comment.
    #9: Happy Birthday Julia's Brother!
    #10: I also hope for warm weather for the rest of the summer. Or February, whatever.
    Ok, sorry for the massive comment.

  2. Don't stress about the weather. For the last week it's said that this Saturday will be a high of 60 with a 70% chance of storms. Happy graduation, right?

    Today? High of 66 with a 20 or 30% chance of rain. It'll change SO MANY TIMES between now and then. Just think positive (I like to think that's what changed the weather for Saturday, but who am I kidding)

  3. Great job on the eating! I love love love salads with yummy stuff on top, I could eat one every single day. Can't live without meat though! And I'm not so sure about that first blended concoction you showed. Ick.

    Your dog is too cute.

    And my baby brother turns 21 this month, too. Where does the time go?!

  4. J- Send me some of those yummy treats! I wish you and Nate were here with me to eat healthy together. It's no fun doing it by myself but it makes a difference. Keep up the good weather.

    And don't worry, the weather will be had a long, hard winter so it has to be for you!


  5. Yay for almost being on vacation! Even if it rains (which it won't), you won't be in WI and you won't be at work!!!

    I am also very excited about the business unveiling. If I can give any "testimony" or anything for the site... let me know!

  6. Don't worry about the weather! San Diego is so fickle and I dont think the weather forecasters can keep up. It's been fabulous so far. Have SOOO much fun. Let me know if you need anymore recs!

    Oh, and kudos to you two for your healthy eating. I'm not sure if I could survive, but I suppose I could try.... :)

  7. I didn't like celery in the green smoothies either. I just do blueberries or strawberries, 2 bananas (if making 2 servings), 2 handfuls of spinach or romaine, 1-2cups water and ice.
    I swear it tastes like a normal fruit smoothie! Just don't pay attention to the color:)

  8. That salad looks awesome - I love fruit in salads, especially during the summer. The trail mix looks yummy too. It makes me want to try some, but I have a weird thing with nuts - most of the time, they give me a headache.

    I'm gonna have to check out those books. I just found out that because I work in the city, I can get a card to the city library, which just happens to be directly behind my building. I'll have to see if they have either of them.

    I'm jealous if you get a new computer. Chad has been begging for a new computer for at least a year and a half, and I keep shooting him down cause I always feel like there are better things to spend the money on (especially considering that he only wants a new one so he can game ::insert HUGE eyeroll::) But I think I'm gonna give in soon...

  9. Oh! What's in the salad? It looks yuumy! I wish we were going on a vacation soon, I am jealous!

  10. Oh, and look at you with your first food post! :)

  11. That was a mega post! WOW!!! That salad looked amazing! I thnk I may have to make it tonight for dinner.

    I love Kris Karr's Crazy Sexy Cancer. I have been reading her blog for months now and I just love it.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that the weather gets better in CA!!!

  12. i love your topic post! so very informative- and those pictures are absolutely fabulous.

    darin has spit out some of the things i have made- usually i will eat them just to let him know he hasn't won- but i can see how you had a problem chugging that drink :0)

    don't stress about the weather in cali- cali is so freakin gorgeous! do yourself a favor when you go there and definately go to the beach- i have pictures of my time in cali on my facebook so you should check those out! even if it is cold walking on the beach is totally awesome and romantic!

    darin and i think we may go to cali this summer for our one year- we'll see how our recent money deboggles go! :0( definately a blog post about that later with some advice needed!

    sorry for the long comment!


  13. Sierra~the massive comment is much appreciated. I love attention to detail.

    Sara~you are right, I need to think positive about the weather. It's just so hard for me to do!

    Erin~I didn't know you had a little bro, too. And yes, we eat salads almost good!

    Keri~your package will be sent this, granola, and all:)

    Hanna~true, CA always trumps WI no matter what. And I might have to take you up on that offer...

    Sharon~make the weather cooperate for me, will ya? We are so excited to visit your city. And I know, what a food post it is!

    anon~absolutely....the fruit must outweigh the veggies. I learned my lesson the hard way:)

    Kristal~I think you'll like the books, but they are geared to women with breast cancer. Very informative, though. And we'll see about the computer. Great [tight wads] think alike!

    Melissa~I think that one was romaine, spinach, cucumber, sprouts, carrots, strawberries, and sunflower seeds with this awesome raspberry dressing that I love. Very good!

    Liz~I read her blog a bit, too. She is pretty awesome I must admit. And thanks for the finger crossing.

    Harmony~rain or shine, snow or sleet we WILL be on the beach. I just think the bikinis and flip flops might have to stay packed away if it's only 65. But yes, the beach is a must for each and every day most likely. I'm obsessed. :)

  14. You're such a sweet blogger to respond to all of your commenters.

    I have two little bros actually! One's 23, one's almost 21. My dad's getting married this weekend so I get to see them both - I'm sure there'll be new pics of them on my site after the weekend. :)

    And speeeaking of my site, I know you're a very busy woman, but you haven't updated my URL in your blogroll yet! I don't want you to forget about me! :)

  15. Sometimes I think that the San Diego having perfect weather thing is a myth. My parents and sister went there a few years ago and had terrible weather. I'm sure it will shape up for you and Nate though:)

    Good luck with the marathon training. I got tired just typing that.

  16. Damn girl! I literally have to take notes reading your gargantuan-sized posts in order to comment on it all.
    I had to laugh about your comment in your most recent post about neglecting your blog. Ha! I've been averaging 1 crappy post a week for the past couple of weeks. What can I say, my life if fabulously dull.
    Anyway....where are my notes.....? O.k. I hope you have a fabulous time in San Diego, and just so you know, I'm writhing with envy. The smoothies like DELICIOUS! I want a Vita-Mix so bad, but for $400, I'll just stick to Jamba Juice. That salad is to die for! I love "everything but the kitchen sink" salads, unlike my sap of a husband who desires lettuce only. Isn't that just weird and sad? Literally lettuce and dressing! Yummy trail mix too. I just made some yesterday, but mine included m & m's (what can I say, I'm weak). The books look great. I'm finishing up 'Prep' and can't wait to delve into something new! Three words for Henry......Too. Freaking. Cute. The imac is hot. Expensive, but hot. O.k., and lastly, did I read something about putting your sweaters away? Really? Wow, it's like a whole different world up there. I sadly put all my sweaters away in February............
    Have a wonderful trip!

  17. Holy crap, there are like 4 type-o's in my comment!
    Haste makes waste and all that....


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