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So remember my little friend Keri? This is my new favorite picture, one that I might be tempted to use quite often in these posts:)
Keri has been sent numerous books in the past month. And one of them called Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips really hit home for me. Maybe it was the pretty pictures or the fabulous organization of each chapter. Maybe it was because Diem from The Real World is a part of the book. Or maybe because it makes cancer less taboo while using fantastic vocabulary. You may have heard of the documentary on HBO before but I can assure you that this book is top notch. In fact, I just ordered myself a used copy on Amazon for $4:)

I realize that I do not have cancer, nor do I plan on letting Keri's diagnosis consume my life. However, Keri and I have similar lifestyles. We are active, healthy girls who eat well and exercise. Keri's diagnosis proves that this could happen to ANYONE out there and that frightens me. Cancer's cause is not fully understood but most research points to some form of environmental toxins [for those of us without a genetic defect.] And did you know that only 10-15% of breast cancer cases can be linked to genetics? That means 85% have no family history. How freaking scary is that? Think about this statistic for a minute:

"The risk of getting breast cancer over the course of an entire lifetime, assuming you live to age 90, is one in 7, with an overall lifetime risk of 14.3%."

Even if it decreases my chances of getting cancer by 1% I am up for trying any and all preventative measures out there. For me, the most empowering chapter in the Crazy Sexy Cancer book was the diet chapter known as "Eat Your Veggies, Shake Your Ass." There is even a forum on the website dedicated to the diet [keep me away!]. The basic idea is this: eat good food. Not too much. And mostly veggies.

The writers condone a Raw Food Diet which I normally pair with smelly hippies who are out to save the world. If I'm honest, I assumed it was another ridiculous fad diet that cut out entire food groups in the name of weight loss. The more I read about this diet the more it makes sense. Once I get my book I can give you better facts but here is my cliff note version: all of the processed, fake sugary foods we eat slow down our digestion. It increases the inflammatory response in our bodies and makes us sicker. Dairy makes our insides mucousy. It inhibits the absorption of healthy nutrients into our bloodstream. Cooked foods lose their nutrients and enzymes that assist our organs to perform vital functions. They get pretty hard core when it comes to animal meats---not just red meat, but chicken, fish, everything. It's pretty wild you guys.

So what in the heck CAN you eat on this diet, you ask? Here is a list. Try not to drool too much:)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Beans
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Dried fruit
  • Seaweed
  • Unprocessed organic or natural foods
  • Freshly juiced fruit and vegetables
  • Purified water
  • Young coconut milk
It doesn't seem like much, does it? There are quite a few of intriguing recipes out there that I might have to try. It's not that I eat poorly right now. My diet is pretty healthy already--I eat PB and honey whole wheat toast, coffee, and milk every morning. I always pack my lunch full of a turkey and cheese sandwich, yogurt, fruit, a granola bar and diet soda. For dinner we eat well and it usually consists of chicken, pizza, or sandwiches. So what is the problem, you ask?

I know I could stand to eat more fruit and vegetables. I'm sure I could cut out the sweets. The ridiculous amounts of cheese that we eat can be blamed on our new state. I swear it's sacrilegious to neglect dairy in Wisconsin:) I'd be willing to bet that red wine and black coffee aren't the BEST things in the world for my body. Maybe I can take the Raw Food Diet and make it work for us, in a realistic way. Less cheese, more soy milk. Less meat and more veggies. Less refined sugar and more fruit. Less diet soda, red wine, and black coffee and more water. I already drink quite a bit of agua but I'm sure I could do more.

Keri has read a lot about bottled water versus filtered tap water. Apparently some research shows that reusing bottles of water, and especially letting them heat up in between uses, may increase your risk of cancer. I know that pretty much EVERYTHING seems to increase your risk these days but I've been trying to rid our house of bottled water for awhile now anyway. Bad for the environment and probably bad for us, too. And expensive! :)

So basically: Less crap and more whole food goodness. Even Nate is in for the challenge on this one, which is pretty cool if you ask me. We went grocery shopping tonight [the horror!] and it was kind of fun. Lots of new fruits and vegetables in our fridge for this week. Wish us luck!

Even if we aren't following it religiously I think we'll probably reap some of the benefits including: more energy [I've been so tired lately], better concentration [yes please], better skin [I'd settle for some color], and better digestion [this never hurts]. There is a whole section on elimination in the book which I won't go into but it's fascinating to me.

Anyone have any opinions on this diet? And remember, I'm not becoming some crazed hippie. But I want to do everything possible to keep us healthy for a very long time. Can't hurt, right?


  1. I would say my diet is pretty similar to yours, but I agree there is always room for improvement. I have just recently been hearing more and more about this whole dairy causes inflammation thing. Quite intriguing actually. And, while I don't think I could ever go totally raw (or anything that extreme) I am always up for anything that leads to a healthier body, mind, and in general a more productive life. Keep us posted on how it goes :).

  2. Good for you guys and good luck.

    I could never give up meat or fish, but the no-dairy thing has truly done wonders for my body. I know you think it's sacreligious, and girl, believe me, as a life-long Wisconsin resident, I can't help but sort of agree. But really, it's amzing what a small change like that can do.

    And there's always room to eat more fruits and veggies! The more you eat them, the more you crave them, so that's a good motivator right there. ;)

  3. And of course, by amzing I meant amazing.

    And I love Keri's shirt!

  4. Ok, I'm sorry for leaving a million comments. But I did the same thing there for each comment, why would it show up as Erin one time and 'Halfthefun' the next? Darn you, Wordpress!

  5. Raw Food makes me think of SATC, when Samantha meets Smith. I heart that show...

    Cutting out or cutting back on dairy is going to make a huge difference. I don't drink milk to begin with (it seriously grosses me out) but when I don't eat a lot of cheese or ice cream, I can tell a big difference. My stomach doesn't get upset and I get less headaches. Adult humans aren't meant to digest dairy in the first place, and actually, a very large percentage of Americans have lactose intolerance to some degree.

    Chad and I eat meat maybe three times a week, sometimes less, and we both eat veggies and fruit like it's going out of style. Plus, we rarely eat carbs that aren't whole wheat. Our (my) biggest downfall? Sugar. Ugh, how can you live without sugar?! I eat it everyday. You know how most people get caffeine headaches when they don't get their fix? I get sugar headaches. Seriously. How sad is that?! And the sugar-free crap just doesn't cut it. I struggle a lot with knowing that I need to stop eating so much sugar, but man, that will be so hard for me to give up...

    Anyway, keep us posted on this. I'll be very interested to see how you guys do!

  6. A guy from a place called Pritikin Longevity Center talked to our company about a year ago about healthy living, and it was very eye-opening. Now there is no way I could afford to go to this place (in Florida), but I signed up for their online newsletter, which has great tips for healthy lifestyles. Here is the web site:

    I also ordered a book on the website called "The Pritikin Principle" which is a very good read as well.

  7. I recently lost a good friend to breast cancer and in her coffin she had a banner and a koozie that said "Cancer Sucks". I loved it!

    I love your friends attitude. It is fantastic.

  8. Awesome picture of Keri :)

    My philosophy about diet has pretty much always been to eat what I like, but to keep everything in moderation. This usually works well since I would rather eat fruits and veggies instead of red meat, etc., but I get into trouble with refined carbs and sugars. I have read a little (but not enough to completely understand the reasons) about the benefits of cutting out dairy, so I may have to look into it more. Anything in the name of better health, right?

    Oh and I love the title of the book!

  9. Easy way to go raw:

  10. The "fuck cancer" shirt rocks my world! I love it and she looks adorable in it!


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