We're back

....just barely.

I'm taking a break from the 166 new posts I have yet to read on Google Reader to say that we are home. The 'just barely' comes in with the following facts:

~even though the weather was cloudy, chilly, and rainy [more on that later] we managed to get fried yesterday. Not one but two people stopped me in the airport to comment on my crispy chest---'That must hurt". Gee, you think? I quite like emitting heat waves from my body like a freaking radiator.

~Not only am I burnt but I'm sick! Last night I started feeling a scratchy throat coming on but I refused to believe it could turn into anything. I'm rarely sick, but when I am it ain't pretty. So now my head feels like someone opened up my skull and poured in some boiling hot lava. And my left ear is completely clogged---do you know how awful it is to hear your pulse through your ear drum? It's awful. But I'll live.

~My little laptop is living on borrowed time. She almost refused to turn on for me tonight and I have a feeling we'll be going to the Apple store very soon. I'm quite sad about this loss in our lives. She's been a good little laptop.

So that is all the bad news, I apologize for being so negative----the actual 'traveling' part of a vacation totally sucks if you ask me. Thank goodness I don't do it often.

The trip was fantastic and much enjoyed. I took approximately one million pictures and will have to upload them soon [possibly to a brand new computer!] for your merriment. So stay tuned for an uplifting post with pictures and humorous stories.


  1. Welcome back - but sorry you're feelin sick! Looking forward to seeing the pics!

    And it doesn't sound silly to say it'd be horrible if Nate didn't support your blogging - I feel the same way! If Dave didn't like it or read it or feel comfortable with me sharing our lives (and you're right - sharing without OVERsharing), I probably wouldn't be able to do it, at least to the extent that I do.

    Was just curious. :)

  2. I agree...the "traveling" part sucks majorly. I usually feel like I need another vacation after a vacation!

    Sorry you're not feeling well..my ears also get stuffy when I'm sick so I know your pain all too well.

    But yay on the new computer! That's good news :-D

  3. welcome back! Can't wait to see pics. I love San Diego. I must tell you that one of your wedding pics is on a wedding blog I read!

  4. oh shoot, that link didnt work.


  5. Well, at least you had fun! Being sick is not fun, and I know it'll be sad laying your laptop to rest but if you're anything like me, I don't mourn for long over "having" to buy new electronics... I hope you feel better!

  6. Future travel tip in one word: Airborne. I swear by it.


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