The San Diego Experience: part II

{whoo hoo! Today is our one year anniversary and Nate's first day of class. Much to celebrate, my friends}

THURSDAY, May 22 [continued]

After our mega-marathon hike we decided to explore downtown San Diego, in the Gaslamp district. We ate at a fun little wood-fired pizza place and split a yummy bottle of vino. Nate demanded to check out Urban Outfitters, even though we vowed to stay away from all chain establishments. He ALMOST bought this pimped out 80s hat:

Our parking garage had levels named for foods, and we parked on the vegetable garage! I figured this was a perfect shot considering my new quest for raw veggies [not so much my quest on our vacation, but now I'm back in the swing of things]. Please note my 'slight' sunburn here only to worsen with time:

Next was the hotel bar for some martinis and good conversation with the bartender. I swear the people of San Diego were so freaking nice! They actually make eye contact and say 'hello' when you pass them on the street:

FRIDAY, May 23 [the coldest, rainiest day yet]:

When we woke up this morning we figured the sun HAD to come out just for a bit. But we were wrong and therefore, had to get creative. We decided to visit the Scripps Birch Aquarium, which is a small little university aquarium full of cool fish. We opted out of Sea World and the zoo just because it seemed a bit much for our tastes. At the aquarium I decided I'd make the best of our cold and rainy day by taking a butt load of pictures. For instance:

Besides the fact that it was overrun with grade school children the aquarium was pretty sweet. We then ventured out to Old Town, which is the old Mexican area near downtown. We heard stories of magnificent margaritas and fun touristy souvenirs and the stories were exactly right. Great Mexican food complete with Mariachi bands, margaritas, and sombreros. I think I look like Jim Halpert from The Office in this picture, but I like it anyway:
Speaking of characters, look what Nate found in a shop! It's so him, right?
But this baby would have been mine if I could've shoved it into our luggage for the ride home. Fabulous!
Next we ventured over to Little Italy. I think this picture sums up the weather quite well. Just glorious, no?
But we had a mission and we weren't about to fail. Blogging buddy and San Diego resident, Sharon, suggested that we try a place called Extraordinary Desserts. The name alone sold us despite the fact that we had no idea where this elusive restaurant was located. Of course we didn't bother to look up an address or get a phone number before we left the hotel--bah! After searching for nearly an hour, asking numerous friendly but confused people on the streets, and getting lost on the highway for a bit....we found it. And was it ever worth the trip:

So it was a very busy morning as we explored nearly all of San Diego:) That night we got ready for dinner and headed back over to La Jolla after spotting a local brewery. You can't beat microbrews and good old fashioned American food! It was fabulous and we even caught the tail end of a semi-decent sunset:

The last picture was supposed to be me, contemplating life. We are so artsy sometimes! One more installment covering the last full day-o-fun. I hope you are enjoying!


  1. I have to say...that huge sombrero is fabulous! But I can definitely see the trouble that would have been getting home.

    Poopy weather but it looks as though you made the best of it.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Scott and I were also married on the 27th of a month (October to be exact).

    Something changed in the comments part and it's really hard for me to comment because i don't have a google/blogger account and don't have any of the open ID's either. So I'm leaving my comment with my old livejournal.. can you change who can write comments?


  3. Thank you, ladies! And Kate~I tried to prohibit anonymous posters from commenting because I was getting some odd dude from India commenting a lot. But I didn't mean to prohibit other's without a blogger account from commenting---and I was wondering where everyone was lately! So I changed it back and if I get weirdos again, I'll figure something else out.

    The 27th of the month is always best:)

  4. happy anniversary!!! time flies huh?

    the trip looks awesome!!!

  5. It looks like you both had a wonderful time in San Diego!

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Wow, you guys have been to places I still haven't visited but are right next to my house (Scripps Aquarium)! I'm glad you found Extraordinary Desserts. I first went there when I was just visiting SD and I fell in love with the city after that :)

    Glad you had a good time despite the weather. I promise it'll be better the next visit!

  7. The aquarium pictures are awesome!! And those desserts look so yummy.

  8. LOVE the sombrero! And, too bad about the crappy weather, but it looks like you had a great time regardless.

  9. I'm a day late, but Happy First Anniversary - and here's to many, many, MANY more!! :)

  10. Happy Day to you! Wishing you many happy years ahead.
    Nate so should have bought that hat, esp. with the Indiana Jones movie coming out. Total trendsetter. Speaking of movies, you also should have snatched up that sombrero. Do you realize how much crap you could stuff up there for snacks and sneak in?
    The coffee and dessert looked scrumptious. Why can't we have places like that here......?!


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