The Everyday

{Here is a pre-scheduled post to keep you entertained while we frolic in San Diego! I'm not actually sitting at a computer right now, don't worry. We'll be back late on Sunday and will come armed with glorious pictures.}

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make me happiest. My life is certainly not exciting compared to some, but the everyday details are enough to make me smile. For instance:

1. A warm SPRING day. Yes, I said it. It's the season of spring. I packed away my sweaters and my bitterness towards Milwaukee. Then I pretended to be a photographer because things are blooming around here! You'll notice these pictures made it into my new blog layout:

2. Totally random websites discovered by old fashioned surfing. Like Natalie Dee and her freaking hilarious cartoons. I don't know why but this made me bust a gut!
3. My boys. Please view the following pictures and try not to gag over the cuteness:
[also note Henry's Playboy pose here. Easy, tiger!]

I must say, life is good. Sunshine makes me happy and I enjoy kissing winter goodbye. And I hope that as you read this we are experiencing some major sunshine in California!


  1. Those are beautiful photos. And yes, I definitely agree that it's being able to appreciate the little things in life that bring the most happiness. :)

    Hope you're having fun in California, lucky!

  2. I love that Natalie Dee web site!! I'm so bookmarking it! That hot dog is hysterical.

  3. beautiful photos! your boys are too cute!

    Natalie Dee is soooo hilarious! love it! she always has what i need to say what i need to say in my blog!

    oh- and when you return please check on my blog- there will be quite a few good pics you will be interested in and a post about the "project" :0) which she should be getting today!


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