We don't have to consider moving again, Nate has a future career, and we are finished with the waiting. The past year and half has been rough but it's all worth it now. And we have a definitive time line for being a two salary household, even though it's still a long ways off.

So we broke open our VERY expensive bottle of wine to celebrate. We got this bottle as a wedding gift and have been saving it for this very occasion. Again, well worth the wait!

The details: he'll start school in June 2008 and be finished in 2011. He already has his B.A. in Biology so it will be seven years total of schooling. He'll earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy and since I 'only' have my Masters, he'll probably rub it in. But I finished in 5.5 years and said "Peace Out" to school.....hopefully forever, unless my profession forces me to get my DPT as well.

Sorry for the rambling, we are so excited/relieved/happy. Partly because of this acceptance and partly for the amazing wine we get to enjoy! :)


  1. Thats great! Tell Dr Nate I said congrats! I know your happy girl!

  2. Congratulations!!! That is so exciting and such a relief, I'm sure! I know the feeling, I still have another year of school left before we can be a two income household! Can't wait!

  3. Spread the love to Nate! Contrats! I am very happy for you guys and I am sure you are extremely relieved.

  4. Congratulations to you and Nate! That is awesome news!
    Our neighbor is a PT professor at SLU and she was telling us about how they are switching over to the doctorate program now. That's big news for the field!

  5. That is amazing!!! Good luck and congrats!

  6. YEAH Nate!!! That is awesome!

  7. Congrats to Nate! That's an awesome way to start the weekend :)

  8. Julia,
    My neighbor is Theresa Bernsen. Do you know her?

  9. Congratulations Nate! We are so proud and you and so very happy for you. We love you!
    Pam and Nelson

  10. WOO HOO! Now the big Hornung PT faceoff can begin! ;o)

  11. Two things:

    1. It's about time!

    2. Boo-ya?

    Seriously, Nate, we (the Miller Fam) couldn't be happier for you! So now that you two will both be PT's does that mean a PT Cruiser is in order? You should probably enroll Henry in a dog rehabilitation program so he can also take part in restoring health to the disabled.


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