Miscellaneous Monday

Seems like the perfect time for some random thoughts!
  • I just finished watching The Hills and it was awesome. But of course, a cliff hanger [boo!]. I really like Lauren and Brody and thoroughly hate Heidi and Spencer. I also feel like a total loser for being 26 years old and watching MTV. It makes me feel so old.
  • Nate got a part time job today. He's on a roll folks, things are really falling into place around here. He'll start in January and finish in June, just in time for PT school. He might get another part time job to fill the gaps [and fill our bank account] but we aren't sure what his schedule will look like. Either way, this is big!
  • I am officially going home for Christmas. Yep, I twisted my co-workers arms to let me take off Christmas Eve. So we'll drive back LATE on Friday December 21 and have to drive back on Christmas day. Just want I want to be doing for 8 hours on that day, but whatever. I've been homesick lately, so I'll take what I can get.
  • We are going to my work holiday party this weekend and it should be pretty interesting. I just started this job in October so I'm getting to know everyone. We are bringing a white elephant gift, booze, and my camera. Oh and cookies. Nate is going to bake a few batches for the cookie exchange but we can't decide which kind: gingerbread, peanut butter with hershey kisses on top, Mexican wedding cakes, or plain ol' chocolate chip? Which would you want from my Top Chef?
  • Our gigantic "economy sized" peanut butter jar is getting low, according to Nate. That makes me kind of ill to think about how much PB we've eaten in the past month.
  • Henry is now afraid of Nate, only when he puts on his gloves. Hat, giant coat, boots, and even sunglasses are fine. But as soon as the gloves go on his hands, Hank hides under the table. I guess you have to know Henry to see how funny this is. And you should see how mad Nate gets when it happens.
  • We have at least 12 inches of snow on the ground. And apparently more is coming. It seems like we get 4 more inches every 3 days or so. And it's getting old. Real old. Sorry I always complain about the weather but it's freaking unbelievable.
  • What is everyone doing for New Years this year? I have to work on NYE [as if that was an option] but I do have New Years Day off. So we can technically do something that night, but it needs to be inexpensive [ie no driving down to Chicago]. Ideas anyone? Nice dinner? Bed and Breakfast? Wine night? :)
  • Remember how I got married this year? Remember how I have 2000 images from that day? Well it might be fun to show you a few totally random shots every now and then. As in, pictures that none of you have seen before in bios, shutterfly, etc.
Like our rehearsal pictures:
And pictures of me with my biyatch face. There are a few of those mixed in for sure:
That's all I got. Hope you enjoy my randomness:)


  1. I'm not sure whether I'd prefer snow or ice at this point. Either is obnoxious. If it's gonna be bad, it better be bad enough that I can't go anywhere! The ice down here sucks, but I don't envy your snow!

    Oh, and I love your face in that picture!!!

  2. HAHA, love the biyatch face!

  3. Jules, I really enjoy your randomness...it makes me laugh! Also, I am not envious of your weather. I think you better start planning a random trip to somewhere warm to revive yourself!

  4. The only consolation about crappy weather in STL is that everything shuts down...

    For NYE you could turn wine night into an indoor picnic - we've done that for dinner on occasion - can be very romantic :)


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