Miscellaneous Monday

  • Sure enough, I didn't fall asleep until 1 am last night. I was ridiculously tired this morning but somehow managed to drag my arse to the gym after work. This is a special moment in my life considering that I haven't worked out in weeks. And in Julia time, that is like an eternity. Something has shifted with me, since I used to work out five times a week and now I could really care less. I have resigned myself a new role in life: being a non-exerciser. But maybe I'm not quite ready to give up on fitness in general--I still want to train for another half marathon sometime soon. So I'll TRY to hit the gym after work. It's just so damn hard to do!
  • Nate is not pleased because of two things in my blog: 1. My usage of the word "poor" when describing our current financial state, and 2. My constant negative attitude towards the snow. Well, guess what? It's called sarcasm, my dear. Obviously we aren't using food stamps or living on the streets. But if I spent 5 grand on a pink chandelier I MIGHT be kicked out on the streets. And we don't exactly have 50 grand saved away for a rainy day, either. Now as far as the negative attitude about the snow goes, I have no defense. It's just too shocking for me. Oh....and remember that this is MY blog so I can complain if I so desire. Love ya, darling!
  • A fabulous blog called Decor8 mentioned that Zara has launched an interior design company called Zara Home. Seriously? Zara? This store was my mecca when studying in Spain [well, their clothing store not the home decor store]. Zara received a nice chunk of change from my little American pockets. I still dream about that store [sigh] and now look at this home decor!:
  • We received some VERY exciting packages today. First, from my cool Aunt Dana who lives in Texas. She sent us these adorable little monkey ornaments with a Starbucks gift card. Isn't the card holder adorable?

  • So since we scored a gift card, guess where Nate ran off to just a minute ago? Yup, our gift card is partially drained. I got a Chai Latte because I was in the mood for tea and it is the BOMB. I can't decide which of these two little demons I love more. Can you?
  • The other package? Why it's my pimptastic Photoshop book! Cue the choir because I'm in love. I can just FEEL myself becoming a master of our photographs. Not only that, but did I mention that I saved $30 on this book by ordering from Amazon. Cha-ching!
  • Oh and another fun mail discovery? Christmas cards! We have quite the collection topping off around 10. Hey, that's 10 more than I thought we'd get. I stuck them all along our mirror for now. Kind of chaotic but I like it.
  • Guess who is a part of the blog world? Oh, just my biggest celebrity crush EVER: John Mayer. Here is his blog and let me warn you, it's freaking hilarious. Cleverly written. Full of sarcasm and intellect. Oh and there are pictures of his hot self:) Now I know what you are thinking: "John Mayer is not hot. He makes such weird faces when he sings." Well, ladies I hate to break it to you but those faces make him even HOTTER. I'm sorry but I can't help it. I even dreamed about the guy last night. Don't worry, every time he pops up in my dreams Nate is always in them, too. I know, I'm such a good wife. I can't even have naughty dreams without my hubby being there. So here are some of my favorite pictures of dear John:
And he has a new song on I-tunes called "Say." It's alright, but not his best work. I'll be sure to tell him my opinions when I meet him in person and he falls madly in love with me. :)

  • Milldogg dyed her hair red! My mom saw her at church and snapped this picture. If you knew the full extent of her historical hair drama this would be not be surprising. That girl has been through hair hell and back again. I love it! And look at how big Ariana is getting!
  • It's official: my boss knows I want to leave early on Friday to make our fantastic voyage to St. Louis. She said she'll try to get me out of there by 3 pm! Part of me wants to believe her but part of me knows better. I'd LOVE to have some quality time with STL friends that night, but even if we don't arrive until midnight it will still be worth while. :)
  • Do any of you use Google Reader or something similar to organize your blogging? Holy cow this thing is amazing. I added blogs I stalk to my list, and whenever a new post appears on any of these blogs it alerts me. So instead of checking back with each blog the old fashioned way, I can just read the new posts instead. Now my evening routine of checking blogs just got a whole lot more efficient. And don't worry, I now have 64 blogs listed on my Reader, organized into three categories: Friends, Crafts, and Photography. Seriously, I love this feature.
  • We have become Wii stalkers. My mom wants to buy one for my brother and we secretly want to play it, too. The problem is that the entire country wants a Wii and there isn't much time left for our hunt. Any ideas?


  1. Zara Home's been around forever (well in Spain anyway...) Are they coming to the US?

  2. OMG I love Zara!! I shopped there all the time when I lived in Germany. There are a few in the US, and I seriously wish they would make their way to STL.

    Oh, and you best step off my man. FYI, that first picture was taken on MY bed. ;)

  3. I didn't know about the home store when I lived in Spain, probably because I wasn't grown up enough to care. But Zara is an awesome store, isn't it? I think the US may have a few stores scattered around New York or LA only. But I could be wrong. And Kristal, the second picture of John was taken by me as he privately serenaded me:)

  4. J. . .speaking of Zara (kind of)--do you remember in spain when i decided to get a swim suit at Top Shop before Canary islands (obsessed)? and i was in the dressing room and some spainard kept peeking around the curtain. and i kept saying. . .SENOR!! POR FAVOR!!! haha. . .

  5. Thanks for the google reader tip! That really saves some blog-stalking time!!

  6. I love Google Reader!!! I've been using it forever! And now, I have more home decor I can't afford to drool over... thanks Julia. ;)

  7. I almost lost my cupcake (i.e. spit it out) because I was laughing too hard thinking of Lindsey and the perve Spainard! I miss those days!

    Can't wait to see you Friday J! Sampson is so pumped to play with his buddy.

  8. Julia, i definitely share your love for John Mayer

    that guys is the hottest man this earth could bare...


    i told DH that if John Mayer asks me to marry him, I will have to divorce...he looked at me puzzled


    i have a blog now too!!
    check it out!!


  9. I just wanted to say, that I'm in love with your snow banner. Hmmm...could that be the one positive thing about all your snow?

  10. OMG Lindsey I just died laughing remembering that story. You are SO dramatic with the pervert.

    Yara-I'm glad you like JM as much as me. I've told Nate something along those lines, too. He'll get over it. And I already have your blog on my Google Reader! I found it through one of the other girls' links. Great work!

    Jenn-Thanks for the compliment on my banner. Yes, it's the only positive about the real snow:)

  11. Dear Julia - I have to laugh - wait til Nate starts complaining about you getting up to blog at 2 am in the morning!!!
    I love your Zara home photos - I have a post in the wings on them - which I will get to some day!

    Have a great Christmas and don't worry no one has any cash when they're first married (and often don't even after being married for 5 years!!)

  12. How is the photoshop book so far?

    I just bought a Rebel Xti and should start mastering photoshop too

    Let me know how it is..maybe i'll get it too


  13. How wierd, i did not get your first comment, i just saw the second...

    the camera is AWESOME!!!I am so glad we got it...i have been debating forever about spending that kind of money or not on a camera, but we decided to go ahead and splurge...

    as for Photoshop, i havent picked one yet...i had a Elements, i need to get one soon..thank you for the advice!


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