Rich and Single

If I were rich and single I would have such a fabulous girlie and expensive home, it would make your head spin. But alas, I am neither rich nor single. And thus I am stuck with compromising my girlie flair for some masculine touches, and our budget constantly affects our decor. Trust me, I'm not complaining....I'm quite happy being married and poor:) But I'm just saying, I found a few inspirational pictures for my alter ego. You can enlarge some of these pictures to fully immerse yourself in all of their glory.

A FAB pink chandelier would be a focal point in my dining room. I mean, come on---it's dripping in bling, pink, and fabulosity:

From Jeanne Bayol, a gypsy goddess. I would need to tone this down a bit but it's quite inspiring. LOVE the bright colors.

From another blogger, Cote De Texas:
And from another cool blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things. I think this is my fave:

Ah, Martha Stewart. Why are you such a genius?

The following by Brocade Home, one of my new found loves in life:
Oh and if you thought I slaved away researching these beautiful photos, think again. I found ONE amazing blog and stole [er, featured] all of her pictures. The blog is called All Things Bright and Beautiful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I promise not to be a copycat blog but I'm just in awe of everything on her site.


  1. Dear transition - you make me laugh!!! am soooooooo glad you're enjoying my blog :-) pls do pop in again ;-)
    I must say - whilst I'm here - I absolutely LOVE your wedding dress - it is GORGEOUS! You made a beautiful bride.
    Also the second picture under the heading you have from Cote de texas is actually from Absolutely beautiful things - you will enjoy this site very much I'm sure as she is one of my favorite blogs:-)

    Take care & happy blogging!

    All things bright

  2. Jules....obviously obsessed...kinda reminds me of the Morans house. I think Andrea would approve. Anyway, keep dreaming.

  3. Julia, I love those chandlers you posted, They are great. Thanks for the blogs for decorating inspiration! You want to come back down to STL and design my guest bedroom? I just love your decorating tastes.


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