I have a dog named Henry

Did you know that about me?

No? You've never seen a picture of my furbaby before? Well, you are in luck my friends!

Saturday, the sun shone down on Milwaukee for the first day in what seemed to be many many months. It got up to 50 degrees. I did not have to work. I ran 9 miles outside. And I enjoyed life with Henry and my camera. Until my 1.8 lens comes this kit does the trick, right?

Accidental flare! I know it's probably as ugly as my bokeh but it's enthralling to me just the same:


life is good

flared out

accidental flare take 2

regular flare

accidental flare

The first picture that really showcases his lashes:

Then I got all dreamy eyed with this one. He's like my little angel with blurry edges, no?
little buddy

Will never have enough of these:
the nose knows

Double trouble:
double dose

if looks could kill

Back that thang up, Hank! Mighty fine junk in his trunk....
back that thang up

Likely to pounce on my face if I keep taking pictures:
penetrating your soul...

Do not disturb:

Pooped out from being my model:
tired of the shutterbug

If I had a dime for every time he did this stretch, I'd be buying the 1.2 lens instead:)
patented stretch

Tell me this doesn't make you smile:
love this sandpaper tongue


So that was part one of my photographic adventures on Saturday. Many, many more to come.

And Henry's second opinion is Monday. Wish him luck!


  1. I NEVER get tired of seeing henry pictures. and charlie does that same stretch! isn't it the cutest? :)

  2. Aw, what a cutie!

    Indy is a big fan of the yoga stretches too. I love it!

  3. He's too cute...perhaps the most photographed dog model in America? :)

    I want your camera! Oh, and your photography skills of course. hehe.

  4. i love henry!!! your photography skills are awesome! you're doing great.... wanna give me some lessons?

  5. As much as I love your flare, I absolutely adore the pic of Henry's back. The texture is amazing!

  6. When I was at my sister's a few weeks ago, I totally took way too many pics of her dog too - and after about 20 mins, she started giving me that "I'm going to pounce on you if I hear that click again" look too! ha! I love it.

    and no...never too many pics.

  7. Henry's better at yoga than I am!

    I wonder if some gym somewhere offers yoga classes for dogs. That would be interesting.


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