shamrocks, seniority, and sunshine

So on Monday I spent a good hour of my day off sitting outside, reading Twilight, soaking in the glorious sunshine, and watching the two dogs roll around in the muddy grass and sniff the crisp air. 'Twas glorious and I didn't realize how much I missed sitting outside in nice weather until I got to indulge myself for the first time since freaking October. Please, Mother Nature. PLEASE let Spring into Milwaukee once and for all. It got up to 70 degrees today and I almost cried when I got hot during my evening run tonight.

Hot. Like, sweaty and a little flushed. And I wasn't even wearing fifteen layers of running gear either. I'm crying right now just thinking about the gorgeousness of warm weather running. But I digress.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Monday: outside with the dogs and the camera. I feel like Henry is way too spoiled and his ego is getting a little ridiculous, mostly because of the insane amount of face time he gets on my blog. So on this day, I decided to let Sammy---my in-laws' ten year old Bichon---steal the show. Sam is one of a kind and has total seniority over little Henry, which is pretty obvious when Hank follows Sam around like he's a god. Sam is not impressed by the youngin's antics and has this very apathetic look about him most days. Please observe:

sammy, the bichon frise

The two of them together remind me of Bert and Ernie----Henry being tall and lanky Bert, Sammy being short and stumpy Ernie. They really are like an old married couple sometimes, too, secretly obsessed with each other but playing it off like it's nothing.
i have more respect for pet photographers than I did before.

Now back to Sam: he has those wise old eyes I love about senior dogs. I like the blurry background in this one because it seems sorta vintage, just like Sammy:
wise beyond his 10 years.

Then there are his Bichon curls...
lots and lots of butter

And I'm pretty sure this angle is not distorting his rump. He really has THAT much junk in his trunk. I love it.
sammy, the largest bichon in the world.

Sammy the wonder dog, we love you and thank you for helping train our little whipper-snapper Henry. Such the loving big brother, you are.
killer bichon

So I'm just minding my own business, taking pictures of the dogs when Nate rolls up with a mischievous look on his face. Apparently he had a craving for a Shamrock shake:
shamrock shake, colors not adjusted. it's really that green
Now, I don't know about you but these things just gross me out. They are actually this green because I didn't adjust the color at all here. Nothing should be that color, and to make matters tastes like an artificial plant. I would rather suck on a dirty peppermint that's fallen on the ground than eat this thing. Seriously. Am I the only one that feels this way?

In the meantime, my husband is having a regular love affair with the Shamrock shake. I caught him closing his eyes and moaning a little bit and took full advantage of him in this comatose mindset. He was quite annoyed with my paparazzi-style of shooting but he was just too freaking adorable to avoid:
total slob

I realize I could have softened the laugh lines around his eyes here but they were too adorable to touch. And his ear hair, glowing in the sun? My fave.
"you are being so creepy right now" is what he said to me.

Then I went 'wedding photographer' on his arse and tried the 'eyelashes from above' shot. Not quite the same effect on a dude without a professional make up job, no?
trying to do the eyelash shot, like the wedding photogs do so well.

Tell me he isn't the handsomest man around and I'll call you a liar:
fave 3

Again, with the ears. Sigh.

After calling me 'totally creepy' he was all about the pictures and said, "Take a picture of this and see if you can get the green in the straw." Well, apparently I couldn't but I still like the shot.
he made me do it

And me? Little old me, you ask? I got in on the fun, too, and proudly displayed my shades in honor of the bright sunshine.

Now I ask you, dear readers: do you like Shamrock shakes? What about corned beef? Guinness? Because I'm 0 for 3 on the classic Irish dishes [what, a Mickey D's shake is classic, right?]. And I didn't even wear green today because I'm such a scrooge.


  1. Ew! Shamrock Shakes are DISGUSTING! Ugh, I've wanted to scream it for days when it's all anyone is talking about. There, I said it. I feel better now. :)

  2. Ugh, I hate all three. Most people are shocked too. Just because I have an Irish last name (thanks to Tom) does not mean I automatically love all things Irish.

  3. I must live under a rock, I have no idea what a shamrock shake is, but the color makes that a no for me!

  4. something just seems a little wrong with the shamrock shake. lovin' your shades though.

  5. Oh my gosh people, seriously?! I love shamrock shakes! Corned beef I am neutral on. But Guinness? Oooh Guinness, how I love thee. I missed it terribly this year.

  6. I LOVE shamrock shakes! In fact, Jim made a run for me a few weeks ago when I was craving one. YUM!!!

    Then again, I like anything minty. Even if it is artificial :)

  7. I'm 0 for 3 too. But, I'd drink green beer everyday if I could. Heck, I'd drink any color of beer. That makes me pretty supportive of the Irish, don't you think?

  8. I also want to cry at the glorious running weather. Only because I can't.

    Never had a shamrock shake, but I usually don't like things for their hype.

    Nate actually looks like Joe Mauer to me in those pics lol. You've got a fine piece for sure Julia. :) Although I think the ear thing is all you.

  9. Nice pics!

    I don't think I've ever tried a shamrock shake. Generally I don't eat things that come from McD's though.

    Corned beef - eh, I could take it or leave it.

    Guiness not so much, but I LOVE beer in general. I am kind of a beer snob I suppose. :-)

  10. I've come out of hiding to comment that I love Shamrock Shakes! (I posted on my blog about my SS adventure yesterday as a matter of fact!) I love your photography and your hubbie is adorable and I love how he humors you! :)

  11. I hate to admit this but I have no idea what a shamrock shake is! I'll have to go google.

  12. I miss the ability to view "All Sizes" on your Flickr page to see the details on some of your pics.


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