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It's been awhile since I posted about Keri, probably because she is doing so fabulous these days. She moved back home to Indiana, found an awesome new job and is kinda/sorta dating a new boy [but just don't call him her 'boyfriend', okay?] But I'm going to ask everyone to pray hard for our girl on Friday.

Keri is back in Kansas for her first full body scan. They are looking to see if the cancer is still gone and although Keri feels very positive that she is still cancer-free, it's obviously rather nerve wracking. As I told her, if she weren't freaking out just a little bit she wouldn't be normal. She has her scan at about 9 am and will get the results later in the day....when I hear from her I will update this post. But until then, pray your faces off!!

Also, March 14 marks exactly one year since she was diagnosed. One whole year, can you believe it? In some ways that seems like yesterday to me and in others it's like a lifetime ago---so much can happen in 365 days, you know?

If you haven't read about her full story, here was the first post I made almost a year ago. I realize my pictures have gotten blurry and disgusting, but Shutterfly must have eaten them. This one sums everything up nicely, too, and the picture still works.

And here are all of her tagged posts.

She keeps a Caring Bridge journal and would love to hear from some of you ladies if you have the time. You can always leave her a little love right here, too.

And just because I'm sneaky I pulled this recent picture off Facebook so you can see how adorable her brunette pixie haircut is. Not to mention her perfectly perky boobies....I'm only slightly jealous:)So yeah, pray away. I'll update this once I hear that all is well.

__________________________UPDATED at 5:20 Friday night_____________

All is well!!!!

I got a text message that the scans were clean and I also talked to her on the phone. She sounds SUPER relieved. Whew. The prayers worked, thanks you guys!

She'll go back in 4 months and then again 4 months after's so frequent because the cancer was so aggressive. But she says she feels better going in often to check it out instead of having to worry about it for a whole year at a time.

Thank goodness! Now go and enjoy your weekend just like Keri plans to do in her 85 degree Kansas weather. I thought our 55 degrees was heaven sent...but now I'm supremely jealous of her summer climate. I'm afraid to even look at St. Louis' forecast but it can't be over 85 down there, can it? :)


  1. I will definitely keep Keri in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks for updating us.

  2. Thanks for the update! She looks awesome and is such a bad ass :)

  3. She's got my thoughts and prayers!

  4. I will definitely be thinking about her! :) Please update us as soon as you hear how it went!

  5. Consider it done. Praying away!

  6. I am so praying my face off.
    Keri is adorable! I love that she's rockin' the short hair and her port - such a cutie!
    And, you're such an amazing friend - Keri is lucky to have you on her team!

  7. Wishing you well thoughts, Keri!

  8. She will definitely be in my prayers. It seems like years ago you first posted about Keri. It's wonderful how good she is doing and she looks hot!

  9. I'm a HUGE fan of the pixie! And perkie boobs..ha! Prayers fo sho.

  10. She's sickeningly adorable with the pixie. Love it!

    I'll be praying for her - can't wait to hear that all is OK!!

  11. Definitely keeping her in the prayers- Can't wait to hear a good update!

  12. YAY!!!! So glad to hear that. ;)

    And it was 83 and sunny here today. Freaking amazing. I'm in a tank and flip flops!


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