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1. I bought some fun camera-related stuff and tried to emulate Dooce with the ever-popular 'stuff on a dog' shots.

Lens filter that soothes my anxiety about scratching the glass:

Nifty lens pen that will clean both the filter and lens glass with ease:


2. Henry has an appointment for a second opinion next Monday. We are hoping for the best.

3. As if our $200 bill wasn't enough from our current vet, we received a notice in the mail that went something like this: "Thank you so much for paying us $200 of your hard-earned money. But, whoops! We forgot to add another $24 to your tab for the 'fecal flotation test.' Please send the additional fee asap. Yours truly, Rip Off Vet."

To say that Nate was a bit steamed is an understatement. Definitely the last straw and you might have heard things like, "Henry, I promise not to make you see that whore-of-a-vet anymore," and, "I'll float a piece of my own poop for them and ask for another $24 just for fun." I find the whole thing quite entertaining at this point but my husband does not see the humor just yet.

4. We ate some mighty fine grub this weekend. For instance, Saturday morning breakfast:
Cranberry and chocolate chunk scone from a local bakery. Mmmmmmm.

And breakfast Sunday morning:

Homemade cinnamon rolls that put Cinnabon to shame. Seriously, though. Mmmmmm.

5. REI dividends make us a happy family. Because Nate insists we use our REI card for everything we have $300 of free credit to spend as we please. The only reason I agree to this credit card use is because we don't carry a balance month-to-month and I enjoy free stuff just as much as the next person.
It's a weird in-between season time right now, so I only managed to spend a little bit of my half of the dividend. But a new pimp sports bra and camelback water bottle are enough to satisfy me at the moment. And what's that I see?
A new pair of running shoes [not from REI] that are non-Asics?!?! I feel so disloyal and yet rather excited for a new brand. We got fitted at Fleet Feet and this is what they suggested after watching me run on a treadmill with different shoes. Pretty sweet, huh?

------------updated at 5 pm sunday-----------------
Since getting the shoes on Saturday I've pounded out a total of 14 miles with these babies and I think I'll keep them. Breaking in running shoes is always a pain but I think I likey.

And Nate's cool new canteen water bottle makes him happy, too. I just think it's fun to photograph.

6. We are officially running in the STL half marathon next month. I never knew it was one of the largest halves in the nation with nearly 10,000 runners. Can't wait!

7. After I threw myself a pity party due to my lacking closet, I decided to treat my wardrobe with a new jacket from H&M. I love it. Collar popped:

And collar flipped down:

This one didn't get a new jacket but is obviously quite jealous anyway:

8. Am I the last blogger on the planet to give in to this?
I've withheld all this time because I really don't see how a book about vampires can be so fantastic. I admit, part of me wonders if this series can live up to the hype. I have Andrea to thank for lending me the first two books and she promises they will be worth my time. Let the addiction begin...

9. While stopping into PetSmart the other day we observed numerous excited dogs dropping bombs on the floor. Look left: dog pooping. Look right: owner cleaning up a different poop. It is always mad chaos in there.

This must have sparked a memory for Nate because he said, "It's like that time I took Henry to the groomers. I look over to see him shaking from fear, wracked with anxiety about seeing many strangers. But then I look a little closer and see he is assuming the position, dropping monster turds all over the floor. I'm sure the groomer thought we neglected to take Henry out for a whole week, considering how massive the poop turned out to be."

Does anyone else find this visual amusing? :)

10. It's 35 degrees and pouring down rain today, just like yesterday. Why do the weekends have to bring such crappy weather when Thursday and Friday boasted temps in the upper 50s with actual sunshine? Ugh. The only positive I can find: at least it's not snowing. And actually, the rain is washing away most of the snow we had....not all of it, but most of it. Please, Spring, please show your face.

---------updated at 5pm Sunday-----------
Never mind. I spoke too soon. The rain has officially turned into big fatty flakes of snow. You win, Mother Nature. I'm waving my white flag.


  1. I have been drooling over that jacket at H&M for the last couple of weeks. Glad to see it looks as good on as I thought it would!

    I have not given in to the vampire addiction either. I got the books for Christmas along with a borders gift card. Instead of reading them I took them back and got more gift card money. I thought I was the only one left that hadn't read them.

  2. 1)I love the new jacket 2)The vampire addiction is strong, proceed with caution 3)Lola poops at the vet every single time we take her there, even if she has gone SECONDS before we arrive. So embarrassing.

  3. That picture of Henry with the lens filter is hilarious. I can't believe you are just now starting Twilight. You won't be disappointed. I still love Edward (the poster is hanging behind the door in my guest bedroom...shhhhh).

  4. Love all of your loot! And you will LOVE Twilight! Also, where did you get the black&white bedding that I see in that pic?

  5. CUTE jacket! I've been eying one at Target that I may have to get thanks to your inspiration. :-) Good luck with the Twilight books... I have thus far resisted the pressure!

    Also, what camera do you use?! Those photos (especially the close ups) are amazing.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the ONLY one who hasn't read them. I'm going to crack it open tonight so I might not be reachable for a few days:)

    Chelsea~We got the duvet cover from It's awesome and wasn't too expensive, either.

    DCKate~see my 'FAQ' tab at the top of this blog for camera info. Thanks for the compliment!

  7. 1- The fact that you can get Henry to stay still and NOT eat your new camera toys is amazing. My dogs would have gobbled it up in an instant.

    2- Welcome to the Twilight addiction! If you are anything like me, you'll have read them all in a week.

    3- Love the new jacket!

  8. Yay for fun camera stuff :) I love the Henry pics!

    Enjoy Twilight but like I told Erin, remember that I had Edward first ;)

  9. LOVE the jacket! Do you know I tried for about three months to let Miles let me put stuff on no avail. I'm thinking while I could prob get some spaghetti on his head he wouldn't dare sit still for the shot. Chuck is a way cool dog.

    Hope you enjoy having been bitten...I loved it for so long and just ended up being disappointed in the end (boo). I sold my collection just this weekend on craigslist!!

  10. Almost forgot....I thought for SURE when I saw the subject of this post it was going to be about the party you went to! (thank you for posting about henry, jackets, weather and the like!) :)

  11. I will be cheering on a couple runners at the half marathon. I hope we run into each other!!! Not literally of course. :)

  12. Henry is handsome as always. Congrats on the new camera toys and REI

    You MUST share the cinnamon roll recipe!!! =)

  13. Excellent post. I love your new jacket!

    Enjoy Twilight! If you're anything like me, it will suck you in and you'll read them all in a week.

  14. I gave in to the Twilight addiction this past fall, but I have to say the Sookie Stackhouse addiction was even better (which I gave in to not too far after reading all the Twilight books). Enjoy!

  15. LOVE that new jacket! Can't decide whether I like it best collar up or collar down! they both look fantastic! which do you prefer?
    Sounds like a great weekend, and how can you possibly beat free stuff? I love my SS waterbottle, they are awesome!! Good luck with the 1/2 next month! I guess you're doing great with the training! 14 miles since Saturday, they weren't all on the treadmill, were they? yowsa! enjoy the twilight series, I haven't read one yet either.

  16. I got my first pair of Sauconys last May and love them! I had always been put in Brook Brothers, but I can't even compare them to Saucony. I don't run a ton, I think my milage/week is 9-16mi + other types of cardio depending on how crazy life is, but those bad boys still feel amazing on my feet and it's been 11months. Super cute jacket, too!

  17. Sounds like a great weekend! I love my Camelback water bottle. The new jacket is super cute! You're going to love Twilight. I went through the first three so quick but some reason I can't finish the fourth. I'm trying! Enjoy!

  18. I still haven't given into the Twilight books. For some reason, the thought of reading about vampires just doesn't excite me!

  19. Good luck with Twilight! I am obsessed and my husband thinks it ruins relationships :)

  20. 1. Those cinnamon rolls are making me drool.
    2. I have that exact sports bra and it is my favorite one.
    3. My REI dividend was only $20. I am jealous.
    4. LOVE the jacket.
    5. I am just getting over the Twilight addiction. I read them all within a month, and my husband made fun of me every day for being a teenie-bopper. :-)

  21. Love the kleen kanteen, I have one in orange!


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